Sexual Abuse is a crime ?

Nobody knew that being a girl can be so tough and challenging. The hurdles and obstacles faced by girls are very hard. At first stage, you were not allowed to take birth if your gender is identified as female. Such practices are now banned by government and are considered to be illegal. If by chance, you are born as a female gender then society will consider you the weakest gender and will always discriminate. Our society doesn’t accept the factor of being gender neutral.

The confidence of girls starts breaking from their own house. Girls are not safe anywhere be it their homes, offices, schools, public transport, etc. If they get proper respect and motivation then nothing can stop them from being a path breaker. Girls can build their own path without being dependent on anyone else. Their career should depend on what they want to do, not what the society labels them to do.

Sexual abuse is one of the most common problems faced by women of our society. Women are tagged as an object and All men think their right to treat them disrespectfully. Everyday news of rape cases, domestic violence, dowry, sexual abuse is shown in the media. The problem faced by every women of different countries. It is an altogether a task for women to survive in the male dominated society.

Several methods that can help them fighting such serious issues are learning self-defense techniques, get proper education and they shouldn’t trust anyone easily. Girls should always carry black pepper spray or any tool that can help them. One factor is to teach our male gender of the society about respecting every women and treat them love, care and affection. Sexual abuse is something we should never ignore and always file a complaint about the culprit in the police authority. Every single person is responsible for the safety of every women in our society. We should create a safe environment where girls are free to choose what they want to do.


“ Sexual abuse is a criminal offense. “