UFO: Flying saucers seen in America? The Pentagon has not solved the mystery


The Pentagon has set up a task force to unravel the mystery of these events in the sky.PHOTO SOURCE,GETTY IMAGESThe U.S. government says more than a dozen flying saucers seen by U.S. military pilots over time have yet to unravel the mystery of the UFO.There have been a total of 144 records of pilots seeing such vessels from time to time since 2004. The Pentagon released a report on Friday (June 25). A Pentagon report states that all but one of the cases remain a mystery.The report does not rule out the possibility that the object may be extraterrestrial or extraterrestrial.The U.S. military has said it has seen a number of unidentified objects flying in the sky.

The US Congress has since demanded a report on the matter.Proceed from the YouTube post, 1Video caption,Caution: External text may contain some adsYouTube post ends, 1In August 2020, the Pentagon set up an “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force” to investigate the record of all these incidents.The group worked to investigate and classify these incidents. The Pentagon also said it was trying to find out more about UFOs – Unidentified Flying Objects and their origins.Did anything new come out of this report?An interim report was released on Friday. Most of the 144 incidents of strangers appearing in the sky are recorded in the last 2 years.

These entries are made after the U.S. Navy devised a specific method for recording such incidents or scenes.In 143 of the 144 incidents, “we do not have enough information to link or elaborate on what these incidents are,” the report said.However, the report does not rule out the possibility that the report may have any connection to the planet.”There may be no uniform explanation for these phenomena. It could be technology from other countries, such as Russia or China, or natural phenomena like ice crystals appearing on radar systems. It could also be experiments or secret schemes run by US organizations or individuals,” the report said.The subject of UFOs has always been a subject of curiosity for Americans.

The subject of UFOs has always been a subject of curiosity for Americans.”We can say for sure about one of these incidents,” the report said. It was a large, airtight balloon, the report said.The report added that the incident was “a threat to air travel and a threat to US national security.”The task force said it was now looking into ways to gather more information about such incidents. It is also said that if more funds are available for this, more in-depth study can be done.What is the evidence?In April 2020, the U.S. Department of Defense released some videos of these events in the sky. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture.Two former Navy pilots participated in a 60-minute program on the US CBS News Channel. He said that while flying over the Pacific Ocean, he saw an object moving in the same direction as his movements.One of the pilots said that this small object looked like a tick-tack bullet.Video caption,The Pentagon says the video was released to dispel public confusion.”The object was exactly the same, only it was moving very fast, crazy, and we couldn’t predict exactly which way it would turn. We didn’t even know exactly how the object was being controlled, how it was moving forward,” the U.S. Navy said. Alex Dietrich, a former pilot and witness to the incident, told the BBC.”There was no smoke coming from behind the object or a propeller that would push the object forward – that is, no fan. There were no controls or direction-shifting mechanisms on its surface.”