One Piece: Review

Is it really worth watching 900+ episodes ? Is it really worth giving my time?  These type of question may come in your mind before starting One piece which is absolutely natural.

I am going to be really frank and clear to you all,  I myself dropped this series just because it has 600+ episodes,  and when I started there were many series with much better graphics and animation that I could not hold on to one piece  for long,  but that cannot be blamed just because the show started in 1999 and we have to bear it for certain episodes (in starting for graphics) but when story took control over your mind there is no going back , you will be attached with the character to the fullest.

Story Starts with a boy named Monkey D. Luffy or a.k.a The Straw Hat Pirate(title came from his worn-out straw hat that he always have on). he sets off to find Shanks, his pirate idol to return his straw hat as promise and find One Piece to be able to earn the title of Pirate King. Along the way he gathers all kinds of oddballs for his crew, The Straw Hat Pirates . It’s not just the story of pirates and navy , but it’s much more than that , it will carry you on roller coaster of emotions where you will laugh, cry, feel almost all the emotions .

One Piece arcs can be surprisingly amazing. There were times when I rolled over my bed because of some plot twist. It has a very interesting setting as well, from starting it grabs your attention and don’t get loose , in the end of every season it gives you such an arc that you’ll stick to it again because one piece always left some unanswered question for the viewers which make us stick to it. One of the biggest reason for its success is that the shadow of protagonist never overlaps with another character and this enables other characters to put their light on the viewers and we did not get bored seeing the protagonist only . Story also depicts some harsh realities of the world like , how badly humans are treated or how badly humans behave with others  which is distressing to watch but we cannot turn our back from the truth and this makes it more exciting for the audience to watch. From taking you to the green land to rough desert from high mountain to deep sea, the creation  of another world is smoothly choreographed that you will see yourself floating into it.  And that my friend, is what an adventure anime should really be.

This Series have some of the best backstories in the anime world which will not even make you cry but also put so much anger into you that you want to go and punch the villain. Backstories is  one the strength of this anime/manga, you may get attracted towards the villains too with some of the backstories and you will be able to justify their deeds to a some point as well.

Wealth-Fame-Power (yes, we know these words  from the introduction of One piece, right ?), you will come across these three words from the starting of the series but behind these 3 words you will find  Trust-Friendship-Promise  which soak emotions deep into our heart . One Piece knows exactly when to do comedy and when to get emotional they have able to maintain the balance till now and we can hope it will not disappoint us . In search of comedy they never deviate from there 3 unspoken root of Trust-Friendship-Promise and these 3 forces  puts so much adrenaline in the viewers that it is coming from past 20 years and can go for 10 more years.

And that’s where the negative starts of this anime, after so much year when you see closely story has gone only about 60%, they have wasted so many episodes just for the sake world building which can be expected by shonen (it gives priority to setting the new world) and when they have so much episodes in their bag and story is so long then there is no need for filler episodes in my opinion. It has a slow start no doubt about it, some may take 8 episodes and some may take around 280 episodes to get attracted towards it and that is why people complains about it so much.

 So back to our original question Is one piece worth watching?

Obviously it is, once you have watched it surely it’s going to be in your top 5 anime list. If you’re new to this anime world and want to see something unique then this is your anime go for eye, and anime lovers if you’re fan of shonen then how can you miss its one of the best. Don’t get worried about 900+ episodes we all know how it feels when an anime gets over so, what better than never getting finished so watch 2 episodes a day, no need to watch it continuously or wrap 900 episodes in a single blow watch it in your free time, this anime will not leave you/or finishing soon if you start today it will be with you for years. You are not going to regret the time you will give to one piece.

It is an action adventure comedy drama superpower anime One Piece has had a total estimated circulation of approximately 3.1 billion copies in Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine  ,you may understand by the number only it’s not worth missing.. Thank you for reading.