The Untold Story of The Easter Island

The Easter Island lies in the Pacific Ocean and is around 4000 km away from the mainland. A Dutch explorer named Jacob Roggeveen rediscovered Easter Island in 1722 and it was nothing but a large wasteland.

The Island was destroyed and there was not much vegetation or other creatures present.
Research excavations found that Polynesian people were the first ones to arrive at Easter Island and start their settlement there. When these Polynesian people arrived at Easter Island the natural resources and food were abundant. With an abundance of food and natural resources, their population started increasing. Soon there was a time when the population outgrew the food and natural resources availability.

On the island, large statues of moais were also seen. They built a lot of structural figures of their ancestors. Which also caused overutilization of the existing natural resources. They cut down almost all the trees present on that island and disrupted the whole ecosystem.

They exploited the existing ecosystem to that level that there came a time that they do not have anything to eat and the food scarcity was at its peak. There was no vegetation, fishes, animals, insects or birds for them to eat because of the large-scale man-made destruction which took place.

With population rising high they had no choice but to adopt cannibalism and the excavations which took place there prove that when there was no natural resource available at the Eater Islands the Polynesians adopted the cannibalism lifestyle which is eating their own species because there was no choice.
In the end, the whole island was collapsed and when after so many years the Dutch explorers arrived, they found dead bodies and remains of human civilization.

Till today many theories have been stated about Easter Island but it is still a mystery what really happened at that place.
But the most famous one is the destruction theory according to which the way they destroyed the environment over the years was the cause of their degradation and dying at the end.

The theory also suggests how we humans are destructing the environment and this destruction may get backfired on us in the end.