Hashtags and Mobilization

Movements are part of changing society and changing holocaust. Social movements have a structure which makes them functional relative to their goals. Activism is action on behalf of a cause, action that goes beyond what is conventional or routine activity. The central theme is to resist authority. The kind of reformation that is taking place through movements is shaking the base root of patriarchy. The patriarchal belief system is constantly negotiating the need of revolution. The action might be door-to-door canvassing, alternative radio, public meetings, rallies, or fasting. The cause of the activism will vary according the type of protests. The cause might be women’s rights, gender equality, opposition to a factory, world peace and so forth. Activism has played a major role in ending slavery, challenging dictatorships, protecting workers from exploitation, protecting the environment, promoting equality for women, opposing racism, and many other important issues. Activism can also be used for aims such as attacking minorities or promoting war.The main purpose of movements is to raise a sought of awareness and to engage the people in deliberation. It makes the people politically aware of the situation and hitherto experiences. The perpetrators of activism are called

A major protest that happened in India was the ‘Nirbhaya’ movement. In December 2012, New Delhi witnessed a horrific crime– a student was violently gang-raped on a moving bus and then dumped onto the highway, injured and unconscious. While she didn‟t survive the attack, Nirbhaya, as she was named by the media, sparked a revolution in India and its neighboring countries. Social movements always stand by the side of marginalized. The Naxalite movements in India exemplify this. The Naxalite movement helps the downtrodden indigenous people to acquire their needs. It is a small group devoted to the left liberal activism.

The Internet helps in coordinating and creating platforms of discussion inside movements. The internet has given rise to social media and the social media in turn gave rise to hashtags and mobilization is an essential part of the movement. Social mobilization is directed towards social change. The Kerala floods were not greatly acknowledged by the national media. But with the influence of Facebook and twitter it crossed the regional differences and help was provided by various people residing outside the state. It is the ordinary people who harnessed social media and their own resources to play a role in relief and rescue efforts. Hashtags such as #KeralaFloods #Verified became trending within hours and helped to grab the attention of the whole world.

Movements are context based and it is up to the people to decide whether it should sustain or not. In today’s world there are both online and offline movements and both of them have their own merits and demerits. A protest that begins in the internet transforms into an offline movement and vice versa.