How is blue light affecting us?

Pandemic has made today’s world a 100% digital world. With digitalisation on the peak so, is our daily digital gadget usage. We are spending; 7-10 hours behind a screen doing our work, attending online classes or Netflix and chilling. While doing so, we are exposing ourselves to harmful blue light radiated from these digital gadgets. 

This blue light is causing eye strain and sleep deprivation in most of us. 

Why blue light radiation causes eye strain?

The reason is when someone is exposed to the blue light coming from laptop screens or mobile screens they tend to blink fewer times than usual. This causes eye strain resulting in discomfort in the eyes. Blue light has the shortest wavelength and the highest frequency. So when it enters the eyes it causes much more scattering than any other light. This causes glare disability and discomfort glare at low intensities. 

Blue light causes difficulty in falling asleep

Blue light exposure disturbs the circadian rhythm of the human body. In the olden days, the only source of blue light exposure was during the daylight hours and when the night falls, the body automatically signals the body to sleep by secreting melatonin. But due to the exposure to blue light, this melatonin secretion is suppressed and it thus affects the sleeping pattern. 

Some of the best ways to prevent this blue light exposure is by reducing the screen time, using a blue light filter app on your gadget, wearing spectacles with blue light filter and using the 20-20 rule where you work on the screen for 20 minutes and then take a 20 minutes no gadget break.