Women Empowerment

Hello everyone! I am here to talk about Women Empowerment.
It is an issue that we are supposed to be paying attention on long back. Women empowerment is something that is very important for a developed and successful country. Each and every educated one according to my proper knowledge will want women to get empowered as they know the importance having equality in a nation. In the earlier days women were supposed to keep quite in all the problem solving and decision making matters, they were expected to just do household chores. The condition and thinking was so bad that at some households women were supposed to have their meals after the men of the house.
Patriarchy was there on an extent that men were supposed to be the only leaders of their house. They used to take decisions and everyone should go according to what they say and what they feel is right. There was also a Sati system where women were told to die if their husband did. No one asked women if they want to do that or not. Irrespective of how a women feels about a certain thing, she was told to do it without giving any options or choices. People were so ignorant about the feelings of women.
Now as years have passed and people have gained knowledge. Modernisation has led to make women of some regions feel a little bit equal to men. Earlier there used to only be one earning member in the house that is man and women were always playing a role of depending members in the family. As time have passed women are getting chances to speak on certain topics and this is where I feel there is freedom of speech and expression finally given to a woman. In order to make women feel equal to men there are a lot of things we can do individually as well as forming groups and campaigns.
In an individual way we can let woman make certain choices and decisions that are considered really very important which will make them feel happy that they are given importance of taking such decisions for the family or any other matter. The idea of not eating together is however vanished in a lot of places now. Women have meals with their family at the same time but still there are some families who are following same old traditions that needs to be changed in order to see our country make progress. We should think that in today’s economy, to lead a healthy and successful life with luxury there should be more than one earning member in a family. This is where women should be encouraged to do jobs and earn so that even they get motivated and love themselves for being independent.
I feel that women is a very supporting pillar of a country. Other than taking care of household and reproducing, she should also be treated as equal in workplaces. Government has come with so many campaigns related to empowering women. Even we should altogether form groups and donate some amount of our salary for the women who are been thrown out of their houses because they didn’t obeyed those orthodox thinking. With that money we should find women good job opportunities and help them so that they don’t depend on anyone in their lives.
Thank you!