Amazing Animal Friendships

Sea Urchins & Crabs

Crabs carry sea urchins on their backs. The sea urchins are sometimes poisonous and hence provide both protection and because the sea urchins are above the crab, the crab is perfectly secured from the predators. In return, sea urchins get free rides underwater.

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Wolves & Hyenas

As wolves have excellent hunting skills, they help the hyenas to hunt. The hyenas in return help the wolves to find the prey by their excellent olfactory skills and ability to rip off the bones of the prey.

Oxpecker birds & Zebra

Oxpecker birds help the zebra by eating the ticks from the zebra’s body. The zebras get rid of the evil pests from their body and in return, the birds get a delicious meal to fill their appetite.

Also, when these birds sense any type of danger (predators) near, they give out a warning call to the zebra to save themselves.

Crocodiles & Egyptian plover

These Egyptian plovers help the crocodile by cleaning their gums from leeches, as the leeches cause infection to the crocodiles and in return, the Egyptian plovers get some amazing meal for them.

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Warthogs & Mongooses

These Warthogs are groomed by the mongooses. The mongooses pick off the insects from the warthog’s body and feed them themselves and return the warthogs is free from the depraved insects.

Gobies & Pistol Shrimps

The gobies and the pistol shrimps are the perfect examples of best roommates ever. The Pistol shrimp digs a cave in the ground where Goby and the pistol shrimp would stay and in return, the goby alerts the shrimp from the predators so the shrimp can hide. Also, it has been noticed that the goby brings algae for shrimps to eat.

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Humans & Honeyguides

In South Africa, the tribal communities are guided by these honeyguide birds to the honeycomb in the forest. These honeyguides help these tribals to find the honeycomb and in return, the tribals give the birds a part of the honeycomb to feed on it.