I had Crush on someone who had Crush on me.

At the point when you see somebody and have an alternate response to them, you are growing. This is the crush who illuminates you that you are growing.

You’ll never forget those times when you were being incredibly stupid and acting strangely. You may now giggle as you recall such events, but they were priceless.

My clock’s alarm had woken me awake. The time is 4:30 a.m.

“We are going to picnic.”I grumbled as I jumped out of bed and ran directly to my bathroom.

Mom: you’re big girl now of grade 6. You should understand your responsibilities sweetheart.

I brushed my teeth and took a bath quickly.

And then I dressed up my new jeans and t-shirt and walked downstairs. Thank God that my home is just opposite of my school. All of my friends used to come to my home before going to school. Our teachers, juniors and my classmates all of us gathered to go to picnic. There I saw a cute boy and he was, by the way, my junior. I didn’t even know his name and didn’t wanted to. I was just looking him like I haven’t seen any guy before. His hairstyle, his teeth when he smiled and his long sleeved sky blue shirt, it was the most beautiful feeling. It was the first time I have noticed a guy after all.

Wait a minute, what if I say he had Crush on me 2years ago. Back then, I didn’t know about that.

I wish I knew that earlier. But nevermind.

He was so helpful during the whole trip. He used to help everybody even me as and I didn’t know how to react. Silly me. He carried my excursion bag as I was having tough time reaching the destination. We had to climb up hills to reach. On the other hand, he was so active.

Even after arriving at the destination, I wanted to know what he’s eating. While returning from trip, he interacted with my friend and tried to talk to me but I was so shy to talk to him. Obviously I didn’t even know his name. Shy me innocent me. Couldn’t have eye contact. His eyes so deep expressive. I couldn’t meet him or phone them outside of school, which made it even better!

Oh those good old innocent days!!

Each waking hour of my life was spent thinking about my crush. There is certifiably not a solitary second when he isn’t in my thoughts. I continue to replay this in my mind and considering what I might have done any other way, yet I’ve never gotten another putt solidarity since.

After sometime, I was in class and one of my friend was talking about the boy who carried my bag. That was the time I knew his name. One day I went school earlier and just sitting inside the class. My friend told me look who enter the school compound. With no interest I asked who. She said the same guy who carried your bag in trip. I went outside the class but he had already entered his class just next to mine. There was a hole in the wall between our classes. Then me and my friend ran away to the wall and put our faces there to see him. He was looking a bit anxious but there was a cute smile in his face.

And in the recess he came to my class like seriously. After that day, he began to come to my class every day during break and recess.

After few months my cousin sister talked about him. I came to know that she had Crush on him as well. She asked me whether he belongs to my class. I said no he is my junior.

I had my final term examination of 7th standard.

As our school reopened, the excitement of new books, meeting our friends, new classroom 8th standard) seniority however and new admission was on peak. I went to school with full of excitement. Every day was new experience those days. Everyone was gossiping about that guy(my crush) got admission straight to class 8 and he will be our classmate. I was like seriously. Is it possible? Is it true? Then I realized that I was panicking so I kept calm and acted like I don’t really care. But back of my mind I prayed to God whether he came for me. But it was just childish to think like that. Only a miracle can give you what you want right.

We had never talked to each other ever but there was invisible connection that kept us close and knowing each other’s feeling.

One day my friend show me a letter saying that the guy (my crush) gave her this love letter. Listening to the sentence I was shattered and something inside me broke. In a second I burst into tears. She asked me what happened. I said nothing, I am happy for you both. When he entered the class, it was first time I ignored him like I don’t even know him and he doesn’t exist anymore. I can feel that he is getting mad over me ignoring him. But I was sad. I didn’t wanted to look at his face. I kept on ignoring him for months. Somewhere I started healing. I started being happy without him.

Few days after, he indirectly asked my best friend why I was ignoring him. My Best friend said she is shy and introvert so don’t expect anything from her.

One of the important part of school is farewell party. We were in class 9 so it was so special that we can be part of party in school.

We (class 9 students) everybody did decorations planning best for successful farewell party. But something happened to the party that changed my whole life. He (my crush) ate in the same plate in which I ate. I got confused if he gave love letter to my friend then why is he acting weird? The next day i entered the school and what I see is, he(my crush) and senior boys were having fight like literally senior boys were throwing stones on him. All of them were taken to principal room. There were roumor about principal rusticating everyone involved in fight. I can’t say how was I feeling.

During the recess, I came to know that the fight was because senior boys wrote something bad in my desk. Oh shit. Yeah exactly that was my reaction.

Next day, I had no hope of him coming back. I thought I lost him. I hadn’t even expressed my feeling.

Finger crossed!!!

My eyes on the door !!

And he came.

I was happy like anything. He looked at me and smiled. The kids and teens those days had no clear cue about their feeling. I was in mixed feeling happy, sad, anxious, excited, as well as curious. I wanted to talk to him. But again something stroke in my mind he already have someone in his life. And again I started ignoring him.

We were in 10th standard. It was our last year with the same friends. My friend (who told me that my crush gave her love letter) told me that she was telling lie about that letter.

Actually the letter was for me.

He came to my class only for me.

I didn’t know how to react.

I didn’t know what to do.

Later I calmed down myself.

Then it was the time to go to the 3 day tour to Darjeeling from school.

During the whole tour, there was a different sense of happiness. From that time I knew that he also likes me but didn’t know how to react. During the tour a different kind of feeling arises.

Ticklish feeling,

Feeling like flying in the sky.

Whenever he was around me I felt safe. We were not at all in talking terms but make me feel the most beautiful girl in the whole world. My eyes were only searching him. There was a time when I was talking sarcastic about him and replied so softly. It was first time we had conversation. This was the best feeling. Whom I feel for also have the same feeling for me. The distance was only because of a small misunderstanding. Sometimes during the tour I wanted to get disappeared with him. After 3 day tour, it was time to return to our home. I didn’t want to return. I was just enjoying my life like this for the first time.

Yes after the tour we returned to our daily routine. And yes, he then proposed me.

We continued our study we are interested in. Now he is a doctor and I am computer engineer and his wife.

Yes we got married after 10 years of relationship.

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