In August, 1947, when the Britishers left and India got its independence , the partition of subcontinent happened as India and Pakistan. The partition involved two territory Punjab and Bengal, wide range of non-muslim and muslim population living there. Bengal was divided into two half East and West. Majority Muslim shifted to East Bengal and later it became Bangladesh. In North-west India the punjab was divided into two , half of it became Pakistan and rest of it was Indiaa.This also led to division of British Indian Army,Railway,Indian Navy and Central tressure.This partion outlined the Indian Independence Act 1947 which led to end of British Raj and on 15th August in midnight, pakistan came into legal existence.

The partition displaced 10 to 20 million people, which created refuges in newly constitued territory.There was a large scale violoence happened, estimated huge loss of life. During this,75,000 to 100,000 women were kidnapped and raped, Later they worked and returned 12,000 abducted women to India and 6000 in pakistan. The Indian government claimed that 33,000 Hindu and Sikh women were abducted and Pakistan government claimed 50,000 women were abducted during the riots.Muslim women were sent to pakistan and Hindu and Sikh women were sent to India. Most of the Hindu and Sikh women refused to return to India as a fear that there family would not accept them. 15 million people were crossing borders from Pakistan to India during the violent partition, there were Hindus and Sikhs they were killed by mobs as said the violence was made by muslims community, the train arrived in india with death bodies in it. It is said that mobs rampaged, looted and bombed in every section and compartment of train. Womens, desperate to avoid rap and kidnap, committed suicide. By that time a milion or more have died. This violent nature created a ditance between India and pakistan and has affected a relationship in today’s day.

The India-Pakistan partition is one of an unforgettable history. Most of the people were not only attached to there religion but to there territoy. Britain was hestitated to use there own group to maintain order and law. The situation in punjab was more worse, weapons and demolishes soldiers were kidnapped. Where on the under side pakistan’s population end being more religious than they orginally were.There leader assumed they would be having fair amount of non-muslim population, who’s presencce would safegaurd muslim community in India. All though Pakistan apparently created a homeland for India’s Muslim minority,not all muslim supported this formation. Muslim remained largest minorty in India.there population was 10% in 1951. Gandhi was assasinated in 1958 by a Hindu nationalist who blamed him for suppoting Muslim community during the partition.

Both territory has faced mny consequences and problems in accommodating partition refugees.The number of refugees went up as both the territoy started a war over Jmmu and Kashmir in 1947-1948. This has led to fight and its still going on in 20th century.

As of now,the two countries are not even close to make a healthy relation, Kashhmir remains a flashpoint , both countries are on the verge ofhaving another war. Indian muslims are blamed and suspected for being a part of Pakistan and helping them throughout there plan.