At the beginning of 2021, a report says that there are 2,755 billionaires in the whole world, with a net worth of 13 trillion. Here, we will talk about the 10 top billionaires according to the Forbes world’s billionaires list.
1. Jeff Bezos is aged 57. He resides in Seattle and is the founder and executive chairperson of Amazon with a net worth of $1.77 billion. In 1994 Jeff Bezos founded and started from the garage and started selling books, shortly after their resignation from his previous company. He did pitch his ideas to his ex-boss David. E. Shaw but he wasn’t interested. Amazon slowly changed from one image to another by taking gradual steps. It is known as ‘Earth’s most customer-centric company. It is evident of the expansion of Amazon through various things like acquiring whole food in 2017 and launching its d. Bezos other projects include aerosol company Blue origin, the Washington Post which is purchased in 2013, and 10,000 years old clock which is also known as long now.

2. Elon Musk is aged 50 and has achieved a lot in few years. He resides in Austin, Texas with a net worth of $151 billion. You’ll know Elon Musk has introduced us to brand new Tesla which he has ake ownership of 20%. He had his hand on many different companies and originally applied for Stanford University. But he deferred his attendance due to the introduction and launch of zip2, a portion from reinvested to make, an online payment system which is later known as Paypal. Musk has maintained his position as CEO and lead designer of his third project, ‘Space Exploration Technology’. In 2004, Elon Musk became the biggest funder of Tesla which led him to become the CEO of an electronic vehicle company. Tesla also produced energy storage devices, automobile accessories through its solar City in 2016.

3. Bill Gates is aged 65, with the highest assets and the worlds known richest person. The net worth is around $124 billion has a 1.3%  ownership stake. He has attended Harvard University in 1975, and alongside, he used to work with his friend Paul Allen to make new software for microcomputers. This project gained a success to Bill Gates so he dropped out of the university in his junior year itself and searched for Microsoft with his friend Paul. Microsoft is the largest company in the world, Microsoft also produces its line of computers, books through Microsoft press and sells video game systems. Gates has two big foundations named the William H gates foundation and the Gates learning foundation respectively, which were merged and became Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Melinda Gates is a Co-founder of this foundation. who is soon to be his ex-wife. This foundation has done wonders for Polio and malaria patients and has spent billions.

4. Mark Zuckerberg is aged 37 and is a billionaire at this age. He is the co-founder, chairman, CEO of the famous social media site Facebook. He developed Facebook alongside attending Harvard with his students Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes in 2004. As Facebook started getting famous and was used by other universities he dropped out of Harvard to focus entirely on his ongoing growing business. Facebook enables large of users to make profiles, connect with a bunch of people from worldwide, connecting families, create groups, it also hosts other brands like photo-sharing apps, Instagram which was introduced in 2012. Facebook earns most of it through advertisements. There are monthly 2.8 billion users, 2021 research says. Zuckerberg and his wife found a foundation named Chan Zuckerberg in 2015 with the initiative of fixing societal ills, like improving the quality of education, refining both the criminal justice system and US immigration system, and improving housing affordability, etc.


Journalism is a study of research, collection, preparation, and distribution of news and stories and features this material through print and digital media, in a form of blogs, newspapers, magazines, books, podcasts, webcast, social media sites, and also through radio, television, e-mails. Earlier, the word ‘Journalism’ was to be meant for those who used to report special events and used to write upon them. But with the evolution of television and radio and not forget about the internet, it coming more in the Digital format with a motion pictures. The 20th century includes all printed and digital formats of communication to spread the voices and stories.  In the new era, journalism seems to be a hardcore professional field of interest. With the advent of radio and television aka digital media, the press has suffered a great loss because digital communication has introduced us with the news bulletin to the public as soon as possible. The speed limit is too high, practically print media could not hope to match. We do not wait for the news like in Earlier times, we tend to know about it as soon as the incident occurs, we people do rely on these sources. Journalist puts public good above all and uses a specific method of investigation to follow the lead on the story so that it can be put in front of the public to know. It benefits the people and they check the stories and lead up to it regularly.

There are a few positives of journalism:

1. It explores the deep areas, unbiased journalism can break society’s laws and can bring the Stories from top to bottom and the deepest secret of it. It speaks about the evilness and darkness of society, which can develop people’s minds.
2. There were many ups and downs in the society due to this, but the benefit it has is to provided people an insight into economic, social, and political theories of the city, state, country, and the whole nation. Because of them, people can gather important information across the globe.
3. the government as journalists needs to help them to keep a political track of ongoing movements throughout the country and the world.

Negativity has gotten into people’s minds. The continuation of journalism is a need of an hour now. people need to differentiate the biased and unbiased journalism, as people can’t doubt and express their views on any religion, culture, or story. They are always on the urge to break the story first, with all the right data and facts. So that we don’t have to check upon it. Studies in journalism have improved and are being the priority subject. There are many types of Journalism, travel journalism, in the movie ‘Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani’ the role of Ranbir Kapoor is as a travel journalist. He travels the whole world and works along with the different channels and explores them. Another is lifestyle journalism, which has every bit of genres, magazine journalism, investigative journalism, business journalism, celebrity journalism, etc. These all have meaning inside their names.
Every type of journalism has its way of acting out and functioning. For some, a person should be extremely focused on and some are kind of chill. So, it’s up to you which kind of Journalism will suit you.


A few years ago all celebrities were the only once, considered as influencers, they were paid to promote their brand and attach their equality. The term celebrities include actors, musicians, and athletes. This is nearly impossible to accept the change in relationship over a few years. It has changed the way of approaching the talent of people. With the change in generation, selection habits, and wants, influencer marketing is taking a high pitch with a new level of potential to navigate the leverage of third-party audiences. Influencers are the new celebrity, they are godly followed by a new generation, ‘The gen Z’s’. They have new tastes with modern twists to attract young and powerful consumers. Research says that almost all of the young crowd are following multiple influencers on social media sites.

There are tons of videos regarding fashion trends, make-up tutorials, what is in trend and whatnot, etc. The reason for watching and following them is inspirational, gaining knowledge about new trends and being exposed to fun, interesting content will increase your confidence and will also let you know about pros and cons. Another reason is people and young crowds are interested in how they live, what do they do in their lives and how much wealth do they have. Nowadays, watching all these influencers and their influencing videos is inspiring tons of people not only teenagers and young ones but also includes adults, kids. Amongst this, most of the men prefer gaming videos, the influencers of the same are also available and getting on a high pitch. And most of the women/girls here are majorly into make-ups, latest fashion trends, cooking, etc. For an influencer to impact consumer’s choice they must be authentic as in appearance, should have an engaging personality, fan following must rank high and with genuine care and interest in people’s choices. These all are the traits that ought to have in an influencer to influence.

For Gen Z, YouTube influence, an Instagram influencer is more popular than major celebrities. Influencers and YouTubers like PewDiePie, Kylie Jenner, Bhuvan Bam, Komal Pandey, Ashish Chanchlani, Mostlysane, Dixie d’amelio, etc, are quite famous for their specific genres. It does say that influencers are more trusted than celebrities. There are many pages on Instagram and Facebook, where they sell clothes, bags, footwear, bags, and many more shopping items. These are worn by Influencers and accordingly get famous and known, from where people buy as they trust the Influencers. Eighty-eight % says that consumer learns about the product through social media.
Consumer themselves has expressed to be an influencer. A category of Influencer is, one should have followers of 5,000 to 10,000 or more. Becoming an influencer is easy than a celebrity. Though no work is easy. Brand partnering with celebrities is nothing new, it is more crucial because of the rising of Influencers. Thus, the decision-making should be strong enough that how to combine both celebrities and Influencers mix.


The book “rich dad poor dad” states a quite wonderful message. It is not important how much you earn it is important how much you utilize the earned penny. One may earn in crores and if not utilized correctly and wisely may turn his revenue into zero There is a famous quote which goes by “the poor works for money and the rich make money work for them” A person if works for money consumes his whole life dedicated to earning and the day he stops his living might hinder but if a person utilizes his money along with earning in simple words if a person invests his money out of the money earned he might never hinder his and his loved ones giving money being very sensitive to us humans, investing in the right place is very important, balancing the risks and returns a person should invest after taking into consideration the drawbacks of the scheme or investment. There is an old saying in Hindi “4 paise kama lo” we would have often wondered why only 4 and not 5 paise or not 3 paises because out of the money earned the person should use his money in 4 places the first place is for his living, his daily necessary expenses The 2nd paisa is for his own business the part of the earnings earned should be again used in his own business to get greater returns in the future. 3rd paisa stands for investing in gold, in olden times when there weren’t stock markets or mutual fund schemes people used to buy gold as a safe investment which may also come at use at important events of life like marriage. Also, gold has high liquidity which, even today proves to be a promising investment. The 4th paisa stands for land, it has given promising returns in the past. In this pattern according to 4 paise, every paisa should be given equal consideration and all should be kept in balance.

A person if does not invest wisely can wipe out its whole revenue. A person should beware of faulty schemes in the market that offer unbelievable returns When a person who for fast money in the investing stages not investing he is just trading and he may suffer losses example of the same is goodwin jewelers first branch being in Dombivali attracted many customers in the next 12 years the firm introduced 12 of its branches in different cities of Mumbai firm later released a scheme giving its customer whopping 6% interest rate which is more than 100% of what bank offers (8%)  Many of its customers the firm built plus other investors due to this attractive scheme invested their hard-earned money in the firm  Also the firm had amazing goodwill in the market due to its advertising projects. Shilpa Shetty D many celebrities from the south film industry being the firm’s brand ambassador many people started trusting on the company. Thousands of people invested in the company only to know that the company declared bankruptcy and did not repay a penny. It is said that the jeweler to pays 200 kilos of gold to the market and 30crores worth of diamonds to the dealers in the Zaveri Bazar. Investors should stay away from such faulty schemes. Sock market has proved to be a promising investment if the investor knows roof esteemed easiest thee most efficient way to invest is in gold it will give you returns more than the inflation rate in the long run and is very liquid .n0’s many people due to lack of knowledge invested  FD even though banks claim to give them 6% per year they face a loss of 2-3% per year as the inflation increases by 7-8%. This may be shocking to many of us because we haven’t been taught this, w haven’t thought about this as well, one of its reasons being FD is the best income for a bank They get to use the money at 6% and further lend the same money at 9-12% giving them a net income of 3-4% per year which is in hundreds of crores taking into consideration the volume of trade and thee landlady good investment but less firm than gold. The land would stay at the same price for years plus the owner needs to pay property tax and light bills. Of course, there have been instances where people’s fortune has changed because of a piece of land but there are safer investments that rented you returns like the MF.

The fact of the matter is a person may dig his own grave if he doesn’t invest wisely. Before investing in any scheme the drawbacks should be considered and the decision should be taken accordingly Investors while managing their money should keep a balance between risks and returns. Money management, if done effectively by an individual or a firm will proceed in its financial journey.


Every day, tons of diversified animal species are killed for their own, people’s purposes, which is known as animal abuse or animal cruelty. Animal cruelty involves harm for no reason, injuring, killing, cruelty, etc. More specifically, causing harm or suffering them for mainly achieving something like killing animals for entertainment, Every 60 secs an animal is abused, especially in this culture of India where we pray, for example, cow and it has a tag ‘Cow is our God’, yet animal cruelty takes place daily and in all kind of places, not only in the industrial animal agriculture. It happens in our neighborhood, neighbors’ houses, but happily, we are not able to see that pain and killing. 

People abuse animals for a variety of reasons with various levels of harm. Most of the time, animals are not exploited for clothing and other needs but also consumption of food like meat and flesh, particularly Leathers and feathers. Apart from this, the main reason for exploitation is skin and feathers which are used in the making of shoes, handbags, clothes, belts, etc. Leathers are a kind of material that is strong, flexible, and prevents tanning and prevent decay, which is used for all the necessities. The Leathers are obtained from cattle, sheep, goats, buffalo, and aquatic animals such as seals and alligators. The leading producer of leather is India and China. The top luxury high-end fashion brands which use leather are Prada, Gucci, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel. Every year, the leather industry slaughters one billion animals and tan their skins. Just imagine the consumption of leather in a year. Another such thing is Meat production is profitable from not just only animal’s flesh but also the co-products include blood and fat which is used for explosives, tires, paints, cosmetics, and heart valves that are used for medicines, etc. The skin of the animal is the significant economy of the meatpacking industry. Cows are used for the production of milk, they are injected to produce fast milk. When the cows are declined to further produce more, then they are sent to slaughterhouses for butchering, and then beef trading is done. India is the highest seller of beef. The economic success of this kind of slaughterhouse is directly dependent on the sale of meat and skin and this leather stuffs. Many animals are used for experiments such as feeding dogs some pesticides, mice, and rats are forced to inhale fumes, and applying some sort of harmful chemicals in the rabbit’s eyes. Even if these products harm the animals, still are marketed to consumers.

This shows how negative impactful we have been towards animals. Its We humans are very cruel towards animals and have made their life a living hell. Animals don’t deserve to die like this, to be treated in this manner. Loving one animal and abusing another called speciesism is done by us humans every day. Is there an end to it? Yes maybe. Many cruelty-free cosmetic brands have been started which seems to be a very great initiative, many people are converting themselves into vegans to reduce the slaughterhouse economy and saving animals.


Is getting a job in India a major task? Millions of young working people from the age group of 20-30 years are in the toughest spot of employment opportunities declining and disruption in India due to coronavirus pandemic and frequent lockdowns. Well, a large portion of employed people is unemployed in April in the previous lockdown. It has been difficult since many people are homeless and many have returned to their native places. It has been tough for them to be back on the payroll as getting a job is been difficult and most of the companies, offices has decreased the staff to 50% quantity for cutting down the salaries of employees and many companies are also cutting cost to maintain the economic slowdown. According to the monitoring Indian economy, 1.8 Crores of salaried people have lost their jobs since 25th March 2020, and 50 lakhs were reported in July.

One of the major issues of employment in India is poor infrastructure, and lack of skill-based schools and colleges. The highest number of unemployed have in Guwahati which is almost 3 lakh. Our education system is mainly concerned with the quality, knowledge, and written examination more than practical knowledge. Because of these reasons, even after graduation getting a job is a difficult task while interviewing many of them face issues regarding confidence and skills. But as we all the world has been changed in few months because of noble corona virus. We all know how students have given their exams, from home and online exams are known to be the easiest as there is no invigilator to check upon kids. Though all are not the same one point we, do know. For example, Today there was this ad in the newspaper regarding hiring new employees. In that ad,  it was 2021 pass-outs are not allowed for this job requirement. This clearly showed what will be the impact on students on not getting any jobs. Another example is, one of my cousins applied for the job in a very big and renowned ad company in Mumbai, perhaps having a good CV and smartness she didn’t get the job there. She’s interning in that company itself but not on the level she deserves. This clearly explains how corona virus has got all of us into it. Within a month, unemployment increased 6.7% in March to 26% in April. It is reported that 45% of the households have been dropped.

Most of the Indian population won’t be able to handle this because there will be no savings for future purposes if the situation continues, which will affect the future generation. All in all our education system is vague and even after one dedicates 15 years of its short life he struggles to get a 15,000 salary. We need to rethink this, the system needs to be changed, our thoughts and beliefs need to be changed.


In the wake of the covid-19 pandemic and frequent lockdown, an Over The Top (OTT) platform has taken over the whole business of theatres and the media industry. Due to this, one noteworthy trend of OTT platforms has changed and compelled the usage of it more innovatively. In the past year, the usage of OTT platforms has increased due to the restrictions on traveling and many other things which led people to seek their entertainment online like never before. The biggest interruption was the accelerated shift of watching content on big screens to small screens. This thing doubled the usage of internet users which led to the increase in subscription of all the OTT platforms. Subscription of top OTTs led to the increment of 55-60 percent. Covid-29 has made it clear about the vital importance to be online and create enormous content to engage with a large amount of audience. As a result, more and more content is being created for the target audience. Netflix, Prime Video, Hotstar among others are the prevailing consumer in the OTT platform. But covid-19 presented these OTTs to many users and opportunities for entry into these platforms.

The emergence of OTT platforms has disrupted the entertainment industry. Although, it does have some positive side and negative side. OTT platforms had made it convenient, affordable, and easily accessible for the watchers to watch their favorite TV shows, movies, etc.  Reports say that the average time spends by each Consumer has gone from 20-50 min during this time. With the extension of Lockwood and the current situation, OTT is seeking a new normal. The big players in the film industry might have been discomfort regarding OTT as the new normalcy. But  Due to this films have been bearing a great loss, numerous big projects are on hold and the loss they are bearing is almost around INR 30 billion. sell ve gone down due to the effective impact on financial services, socio-economic problems. The launch of series, movies, etc on the DTH and OTT platforms will collect billions of viewers worldwide. The production house will make millions in the first week itself. The cinemas can see the multi-million film release but have to take the risk of minimizing guarantee deals for covering the production cost.

OTT platforms are creating more impact in our daily lives.
1. The content which is streamed is only available to those who have access to the internet and they are not available to some of the rural areas.
2. Unstable wife connection will be the disadvantage for the user to watch on HD quality stream as it needs proper connection. A proper network will not be an interruption for media content. If you want to watch in HD quality, you must have 2MBPs of internet connection.
3. All OTT platforms need personal confidential information for paying for the subscription except HBO, Netflix, Prime Video, etc. Any cybercrime can happen on such sites. Though the securities are tight they may sometimes weaken the ropes.
4. OTT platforms are on their own, the government doesn’t have any right to put laws and regulations. As they are non-censored and there is no age limitation, it’s free to age limit. It creates an increase in viewership. This is the greatest disadvantage.
5. Users are more likely to Westheimer time on OTT platforms whether it is during classes, school, college’s or while studying, mostly are kids and teenagers. The Jump from one series to another and let them keep busy in that stuff rather than being active and doing something creative.

The film industry went through ups and down due to shifts in the industry when all the Bollywood mainstream were bypassed to OTT releases. This trend will be continuing shortly as this was going to be our future in the next 25 years, then why not now? As people are afraid of going to theatres for a while. As of now, it’s covid-19 time, so it’s OTT’s time. The whole family can sit together and watch it together. All those impacts have a different place and watching together is a different thing because everything has both pros and cons.


What are memes? Memes are build up upon pop culture and recent issues, current affairs, memes work as a social commentary. It is an idea, usage, and style or an amusing video or photo captioned with an interesting comment that spreads from person to person in a fraction of seconds through social media platforms. Consideration of memes may vary from person to person and from community to community. Memes were considered as the concept of catchphrases but they somehow evolved into elaborate Structures like gifs, video viral, challenges. Memes are the tiniest thing on the internet which has now become a full-blown cultural phenomenon and are part of our lives in the digital world. It is a free form of entertainment and can influence the way of communicating and interacting with others. Memes are made for the reason to entertain people, viraling a message, or maybe made on purpose.
The social world has gone crazy and sometimes these memes may offend persons a community’s religious and social beliefs. Though meant for fun we have seen instances that let us tear apart in the name of community, religion. What should be done? Whether there should be regulations and restrictions, but again who decides them, who assesses them. We have seen stand-up comedians going to jail for a joke. The meme is something a type of joke or rather a variety of it using the same variant. It lightens up the mood and is relatable to a group of people. The concept of memes has grown so drastically that every person using social media follows the memes. There are various apps for creating personalized memes Indeed memes make a group closer You school mates, college buddies get an opportunity to come closer and laugh over.

This form of joke is new and builds a good sense of humor. But it has to be maintained at the right place and used in the right places to be on a safer side You never know who gets offended on the internet Many of the comedians and celebrities while posting on their social media handles think a lot and when not handled properly they may receive consequences. But at the end of the day, a joke is a joke and it should be taken as a joke.


How do you view the education system of India? The education system plays a crucial role in one’s development. Though the whole education system of India in history has some positive examples. Nowadays we can’t deny the fact that the education system is failing for quite some decades. There are many Indian colleges and schools and that many students have been studying in those schools and colleges. But the quality is important to India’s education system, it turned out to be a failure as compared to a foreign country’s education. Because many of the colleges and schools( larger or smaller) and universities have flaws and lag. Colleges and schools mainly focus on the journey of a student rather than teaching some core disciplines and all-important destination of learning. Majority of the people who manage to learn to tend to shift abroad for earning a better income. Because the mindset of Indian people is, even after studying for 15 years jobs aren’t properly assigned to a person who deserves it.  The government is paying attention to educate every child as a basic right, the illiteracy rate is going high. To study students usually appeal to study under their guru and then the guru invites them to their home, one should stay there. Students get to learn and have detailed ideas about all the subjects from Sanskrit maths to physics. So, earlier everything was related to life and nature and it was not just about learning and juggling up.

Earlier India was considered as richest of all countries, but due to the entry of foreign colonizers, India lost its richness, wealth, and knowledge. The educational system restricted the so-called modern education knowledge, including English, mathematics, philosophy was considered vague in the late 1830s.

There are major downsides to modern education in India. Which is an ongoing system of education that is just not affordable for many students. In India, more than 37% of the people are living below the poverty line, so education is so expensive that it is unavailable for many of them. Many schools have poor teaching systems, many have fluctuating teachers in government schools. The level of education in government schools is just not applicable because they do not possess a proper image among students and people. Instead of focusing on learning new things and focusing on the debate, writing, expressing new ideas, writing, developing mental and critical thinking our education is mainly focused on where is your degree achieved. Absence of proper framework for developing industry with academia. Our colleges lack a multi-disciplinary approach. Private institutions which provide degrees to postgraduate. Even private institutes are expensive and also complicated procedures for common people.

Steps to enhance the recent system.
1. Government should take steps to extend the rate of primary schools in rural areas so that people who are staying in villages have the proper opportunity to study.
2. More emphasis should be given to adult education and teach guidelines. So, that parents become keen towards their kid’s education.
3. There should be strict laws related to cheating and then the system should be created corruption-free.
4. Everyone should be given proper opportunity rather than discriminating on cast, culture, and gender, rich and poor.
5. People should be employed and get jobs according to their results and grades.
6. Education loans should be made available, so that poor families for their kid’s education.
7. Girls’ education should give the highest priority.
8. The condition of colleges and schools should be raised to a reasonable level.

India is a progressive country and the recent education system can be improved. As of now, there’s an urgent need for change in the education system or else India will be more divided and unequal than it is today. There’s going to be a change in the education system.  The sole step to improve education is to help strict laws, education itself, and to penalize those who are against it.


Is it necessary to success fully to get succeed? Not necessary. It is said that even after getting successful, success is the realization of being happy is more important than success. It is saying that winning or losing doesn’t matter, it is more important that you have attempted and then you lose. What do you mean by success? Everyone has a different definition of success, which is, if you are healthy and wealthy you are successful. The actual meaning of success is something you decide for yourself. Success could be the thing you love to do, it could mean career progression also. Success is to do whatever you wanna do which makes you happy. It is true that the more success we receive, the more we tend to expect and the definition of success rises. Which leads to hard work.
As we are living in the society, the mindset of people works accordingly to the society, what society will think? will they judge? ‘if we earn less’. We are focused on what society thinks so in that fear we tend to work hard so that, we can fulfill the expectations they have created for us.
Success is the only thing that doesn’t get without failure. For a lot of people, success seems to be an easy spot. But without embracing, perseverance and learning from the failure, and taking something positive from many people, those who have experienced. Sometimes people get lucky, but success comes in a very short period but with no struggle is short-lived. If success is so easy to grasp, then till now everyone should be wealthy enough.

Failure can be sometimes embarrassing to your ego, but failure doesn’t mean to be sad and quit things up, to be a successful person, one has to face many failures which teach us air flaws and our mistakes which will make us better people and will also cultivate the courage. While being successful there will be a lot of outcomes, some less to learning. This will change us, that is why this is important than outcomes.
Everyone should truly believe that everyone will be and are successful. Success isn’t just essential but it is vital. It should not be increased or decreased for anyone, do whatever makes you happy.


In the era of the 21st century, digital advancement brought smartphones, laptops, Internet, into regular usage which is now become persistently an integral part of society and lives. People now have virtual friends, it is okay for them to not meet in the public world has become a puppet on social media. Earlier when this internet thing was still new to people, social Media networking apps came into notice, which has overturned the things which were previously functioned. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp are the example of social networking sites. These are started on the internet as an online community to connect people from various states and countries of diversified cultures having the same interests and to share ideas. This will lead to nation-building, which is a basic principle of political concept. More people will make connections and talk more will superiority to the strengthening of a relationship. When the internet was created, feasibly no one used to be convinced by the fact that the internet has some level of potential. But by time gone, it is proved that the internet has changed life in every sense. A social media network can be a boon for a particular community and can be a bane.

Let’s see how social media has made a major difference in our lives in today’s generation. BOON. 1. Social media sites help us keep in touch with the outside world, family, and friends in today’s world. In a pandemic, everyone has celebrated their birthday and many events via an online platform, which turned out to be the strongest humanity of all.
2. The initial purpose of social media is to connect with friends and family which is most likely the actual purpose but another good opportunity is to improve the skills, career, motivational videos/ideas by sharing them with everyone on social media. This is the best platform to evolve, as we get many negative comments and positive too, that’s the reason we understand our flaws and work upon ourselves, and we tend to learn more things about our talent. And this kind of thing is certainly not possible physically.
3. Due to pandemics people are on the job hunt, so this has become seamless via LinkedIn, Internshala to find an internship or a job with all the network and opportunities, and it also allows work from home. This internet has been a good help in the covid lockdown when the whole world was falling.
4. It has been a revolutionary change in the process of learning in the history of teaching. School faculties have made social network virtual classes for discussion and learning. It has now been over a year, and some sites help students to solve their doubts in a fraction of seconds.
Overall social media network is a boon in many such essential reasons and has a positive atmosphere.

BANE. 1.  The life of social media is quite different in reality. It makes us believe that we want to be better than usual, it has made people compare their lives with those projects/shows their life as perfect. This creates so much chaos in our lives, and sometimes it makes us doubt our self-esteem.
2. As of now, all sorts of students, many businessmen, employees have been working from home due to covid which has lead to backaches, headaches, stress, eye site-related issues.
3. As a matter of fact, privacy on social media networks are not thorough, there have been many cases related to hacking, information leaking through an online transaction on purpose. Instagram has been on leed nowadays, many accounts have been hacked, and are some serious issues with it.
4. Socialising is all about communicating online rather than face to face, which has affected communication skills and making a serious move on mental health. Social media has created life so addictive. Sometimes it is known as FOMO ( fear of missing out).
There has been an incident recently on Instagram. There was a group on Instagram called ‘bois locker room’ in that they used to send and comment on all the posts of girls and used to leak their personal information. It was later got investigated and that revealed, girl was the sender and boy was the receiver. Girls used to sent messages through a fake account.

Social media is an important tool that is put into the hands of ordinary people. Social media network is a boon or bane is the decision of a user, depends on it is used by one. It is a double-sided sword. However, the use of social media by children and teenagers should be guided before use so that they do not face any allegations and can not manipulate and has a high tendency to be a part of traps, which lead to cybercrime.


Self-improvement is a process of development of oneself, which is mainly focused on the inner process or the attitude towards the world and getting rid of all the harmful habits and behavior which also creates happiness, gives us the satisfaction of one true self, changing oneself into a better person, It improves us to cope the various situations and flaws which we encounter in life, and it mainly focused on the improvement of positive mindset rather having the negative one. Self-improvement is a very time consuming process because improvement doesn’t come to you overnight, it can take a year or more. It is important to prioritize your life for self-improvement, it needs the dedication to work upon yourself. There are some ways for improving like reading books, meditating, try something new each day whether it is painting, cooking or something different. These are the easiest effective way of improving.

There are 5 areas of personal development.
1. Mental personal development is all about growing your mind, how does your mind works, and how to remove all the negativity. Because everything depends on what is actually in your mind. Some examples, from which it can help in development are reading books, news, watching different YouTube videos, watching motivational videos, and maybe can do some interesting course as an extracurricular like for a month or 2,  by setting time for this each week, month and year will help you improve your mental skills which will lead to the first step of self-improvement.
2. Social personal development is all about how you communicate with others. Sometimes, some people are likely introverts, they hesitate about how to start and to end, which also leads them to think they are of no use, why is this difficult for me? But all these thing’s need improvement, skills can be pursued if you try things out. Being social is an important activity to go with. Learning new languages, practicing public speaking skills, and last not least active listening is a must.
3. Spiritual personal development is about being religious or spending time with yourself, which is different for each person, some are atheists and some do believe in it. But it is not only about praying, it is about learning about the particular religion more by reading like Bible, sometimes this helps us meet our inner true self.
4. Emotional personal development can be healthy and unhealthy, it depends on how your emotions are. One can take out their inner thoughts by sharing them with their friends, or by journaling. Because keeping and holding up to your emotion will just make it worse when it comes out.
5. Physical personal development is all about taking care of physical health. It includes eating habits, sleeping habits, working out, regular check-ups, etc. By keeping healthier habits, will keep your physical development intact.

It is important to know that you can’t do everything at once, the whole process needs its own time so that you can improve stepwise and in an appropriate manner. Remember that as we grow and develop our self in life we tend to learn more flaws and list of weakness and strength which will change in every mode of life. It will become better by time but then you will realise other faults, which will seem to be important to improve. So, keep focusing on yourself and keep noticing your flaws so that you can handle it with care and time.


Mumbai: a place of dreams they say but a place to please your tongue they never say.
Mumbai is one of the rear cities in India where one can enjoy all types of cuisines be it south India, north Indian, Chinese or Italian. Khaogali is the hotspot for the Mumbaikars to fill their cravings at pocket-friendly prices. With a diverse culture,  people enjoy all sorts of cuisine at any hour. There are hundreds of places hundreds of restaurants to look in and hog but I’ve managed to shortlist 6 places out of it.

1. Khaogali (Kalbadevi) Situated in the proper Bombay city midst the busiest market in the entire country Zaverii Bazar (the gold market) khaogali gives a lot of options to never get bored. Masala khichdi is recommended which is a type of marwadi snack for just under 50 bucks, it is a must-try.

2. Guru Kripa restaurant (Sion) :
Very near to the sion station guru, Kripa provides a great option for fast food chats. Don’t even call yourself a Mumbaikar if you haven’t had guru Krupa’s chole samosa’s, Gadbad is a unique dish that has diff variety of flavors. In front of Guru Krupa, there’s this place called A-1 samosa, they provide 25 varieties of samosa including pasta samosa, Chinese samosa, and much more.

3. Mamledar misal ( Thane ): Amid thane market calendar serves finger-licking misals like kolhapuri misal, puneri misal is quite famous and along with talk ( buttermilk in Marathi ) which is the meal for thousands. Misal is a Maharashtrian dish with pav and sabzi with namkeen over it.

4. The breeze ( Powai )
Powai being the center of nightlife in Mumbai, there are a lot of clubs and pubs to spend a quality night. Breeze being one of them situated at the rooftop of 22 floors tower gives an astonishing view of the city where there are separate sections for dining, enjoying the view, and partying and dancing.

5. Sukh Sagar ( Mumbai ): Situated near the queen’s necklace Sukh Sagar owns 4-5 restaurants in the same lane for different cuisines and served you at any hour The ice paan there is a specialty. Pizza and pav bhaji is famous too.

6. Khaogali (Ghatkopar)
The khaogali in Ghatkopar is completely different from that of Mumbai and has modernized creative options to try It has WTC for pasta, Achija is famous for pav bhaji blossom famous for Chinese but the one that stands out for me is malai gola and rolling ice cream. The concept of rolling ice cream is so creative and mind-blowing. There is a machine which is covered by ice and as the name suggests it keeps rolling where the fruit is smashed and some sweetener ingredients are added and we are ready to go, ice cream made by fresh fruits.

Most importantly, Mumbai doesn’t disappoint anyone whether it’s the foodie or the one who sells for Thousands of people in Mumbai make living by the food industry. It may be by selling mum fail ( peanuts ) on a train, or having a panipuri, or owning the Sukh Sagar restaurants. It is a city where dreams come true.


Divorce in India was always seen as taboo. In India, there’s a long process of litigation and a complicated process of hearing and filing which is very unethical and undesirable, so which ways divorce are avoided here. Last year, Despite lockdown and family courts remaining shut for about 6 months or more due to covid-19 average number of 19-20 divorce cases were filed per day. So, the question here is that “is divorce cases in India are on the verge of decreasing or increasing?” well the statics says that in 2011, the total number of cases was something around 7500 and which remain constant to an extent of nine years. In 2019, up to 7,800 divorce cases were filed before the family court. Last year, during covid around 5,000 cases were filed before the family court but rates have increased from 1,280 to 3,480 after covid-19. Thus, there’s an increase in divorce rates. The highest divorces cases are in Mumbai, Delhi on the second number, continues with Bangalore and then Kolkata.
Research says that divorce petitions are most likely filed by men rather than women, the core reasons for getting a divorce are more of modernization, compatibility issues, rising standard of expectations, lack of communication and understanding between the couple. Because both of them are busy pacing their professional life, a career that leads to all these conflicts. Nowadays, women are getting more career orientated and secondly, they have to be at home handling all the domestic chores at home. Some of them either don’t want to get married or some of them want to marry late at the age of 28-30 or more, after building a powerful career and being independent. Earlier girls used to get married around 20-22 and this education doesn’t matter and at this age young mind can be moulded.

Statics shows that lockdown has changed the life of married couples.
1.  In Indian culture, marriage is all about adjustments and compromises, apparently, with the lockdown, the lifestyle and expectations of married life have been changed. Because people are being self-reliant as they are educated and are not independent of others. The journey of ego starts between both husband and wife.
2. Some of them have an extramarital affair whether is it a husband or a wife. Having affairs can ruin the whole marriage and trust.
3. Not giving equal rights or suppressing each other can lead to conflicts.
4. Family conflicts of a family can affect the relationship of husband and wife, which tends to spoil their relationship. 5. Ego is hazardous for the maintenance of every relationship. Ego is good for one those who deserve it but not good for any sort of relationship. In fights, ego is the only thing that comes in between.

There’s this example from the series ‘The Family Men’, where Priyamani (Suchitra Tiwari) is Manoj Bajpayee ( Srikant Tiwari) wife goes for counseling because Manoj Bajpayee was a very busy person, doesn’t use to give enough time to his family, although he tries his best to make it perfect for their family. The personal spaces got refined and squeezed up. Many couples compromised a little bit more than usual with made it more tricky. There’s an increase in couple counseling by 20% as compared to before. Divorce also leads to the separation of a happy family and kids which may sometimes affect their future.


Is it important to involve youth in critical activities? Many initiatives have been taken in many colleges, schools among students to enter politics. It is said that the field of politics in India is not as suitable for youth and educated masses. This perception is being changed now, by educating them and changing their mind towards politics, and pursuing politics as a career. To select the political representative, everyone should be included, when young people are given rights to put their thought, voice and their influence to put on some right and generous decision. Because important audiences aren’t allowed to put their voices which is the consequence of the power of political representatives.

To make a difference in the longer term, it is important to engage young personalities to formulate in politics to put their voices forward to make today’s and tomorrow’s politics. Political Participation is not only the basic demographic rights but also to build a peaceful society, developing policies that respond to specific needs of youth. For them, they should be given proper knowledge, education, space to speak up, and they should be known of their rights and also the capacity to perform at all times. India is now in the transition stage, So, if there are any obstacles for youth to enter and perform in the political process, they will feel less confident, powerless because they will think that their voice is not heard and given less importance even after trying there level best to make society a  better one. The problem is general, as politicians lose their interest to respond to the needs of young people, sometimes if there are not being voted by that them. This leads to young people excluding themselves from making decisions, debates related to issues of politics, social-economic issues, even after demanding justice, environmental protection, etc. Youth will also increase the dialogue and talks between leaders and the general public.

In India, all major political parties have young youth as their wings, such as Indian Youth Congress, Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad. There has been an ongoing awareness on the importance of youth camps rights and importance of them to represent the need in the country by Youth India Foundation. They are also working on decrease the age of candidacy from 25 or lower. Rishabh Mukati is the youngest politician who is working for the public and also the slogan of public service.
Thus, bring a dynamic change in society and the current political scenario. It can be said that youth participation is not a desire it is much needed for our nation.


We all agree that Corona has made us sit at home spending much time with our family, cooking a variety of dishes with them. But with all of this corona has had us all, it has made us realize the importance of life, the family, and the people we love the most. It has taught us to live together with love & care and helping others where we can.   The pandemic has changed how we used to work, learn and interact and now for all this, first thing first social distancing is a big criterion and to follow the guidelines. Covid-19 has changed everything, Students who were busy with their day-to-day schedule, school, classes, extracurricular classes, have no time to think of themselves, creating new interests adults are getting along with their interests and getting to know about themselves in a much better way. So, it can be said that this pandemic hasn’t done all the bad things but this 1 year of life has become harsh on many people, industries, new startups, students, and many livelihoods. Many sectors are going through the impacts of pandemics. It is unsurprising to know that this pandemic has triggered mental health. and has also led to the great loss of human lives worldwide. There are millions of people who are on the verge of falling into poverty, it has been a great loss of economic and social losses by the pandemic.

Impact of covid-19 in India.
1. In 2020, many migrant workers were left unemployed and were left off their livelihood, because of, because of shutting down of factories, workplaces. So then millions of migrant workers decided to head towards their native places, escorted by their families, friends. Many of them walked 100 kilometers to be in their safe and comfortable place. The Government has helped through all of it, they even announced relief camps for the migrant workers. In May, the central government permitted the Indian railways to launch Shramik Special trains for them to travel. Government-provided free food, transportation to the workers as the problems for them haven’t been solved. 2. There was a drug shortage due to this pandemic as 70% of supplies of the medicines came from china, and in the early stage of covid, the situation in China was worse. Later India banned 26 exports of pharmaceutical companies, which led to the global shortage. During the second wave of the pandemic, India faced issues with important medicines of covid patients, which led their families to enter the Black Market, and the prices of the same were doubled up, and also led to the rise of these cost of raw materials for medicines.
3. when covid-19 cases increased in Mumbai in March, so the government declared the closure of schools and colleges. All the exams like CBSE, JEE, engineering exams were postponed and CBSE released the revised timetables including safety precautions for examinations. There was the cancellation of all the regular exams in college and schools and were promoted based on their prior performance. schools, colleges, and institutions have adapted e-learning and many have adopted this trend.
4. the First wave was a major impact as compared to the second wave. Since covid-19 has started the poverty is increased and many lives have been affected. In the first wave the power demand, labor participation, and railway fright were on-demand, and in the second wave, it wasn’t that much. Indian stock exchange has witnessed a big crash in March 2020. On 12th March 2020, the Indian stock exchange suffered a huge loss since 2017. Sensex fell 4000 points (13.15%), NSE NIFTY fell 1150 points (12.98%). Since October the stock market, it is at a normal pace. 5. In March 2020, the government announced that no International flights will be allowed to India. Indigo and Go first started cancelling flights. Later in March 20202, the government announced the cancellation of domestic flights too. Indian railway put many restrictions due to covid, they removed the curtains, they do not provide blankets, bedsheets, and cancelled 3700 trains. Local trains and metro services were banned and are only open to government officials. 6. Due to the emergence of lockdown, people started panic buying, retailers saw their average sale was doubling. This seems like retailers and consumers good firms pay were doubling in numbers. Which is a good thing for them but others were struggling a lot. People didn’t have anything to eat or buy. 7. Several sporting events were cancelled in India and foreign countries. Many film academy awards were postponed, cinema halls were shut, which led to the boom of the OTT platform as all the movies were releasing on it.

India and other countries are still facing covid-19. Rumors say that there is going to be a third wave as there are traces found in many parts of the UK, the USA, and many other places. We all know that the Olympics has begun in Tokyo, a fear of an increase in cases is still a topic to worry about. Covid positive rate is decreasing day by day. We can’t say this all over India because the highest cases are in Maharashtra. Vaccination has started in India has begun since March and millions of people are getting vaccinated in a day. It is a proud and positive thing for us to fight back with this covid situations.


Is the dowry System still a part of India? Yes, although it is banned by the government but still in some places these practices are still going on. Dowry is a transfer of valuable property or a thing which is given to a bride by the groom or to a groom by a bride, or by the parents of bride and groom to each other. In India, the dowry system is transferring durable goods like cash, movable property, goods, jewelry, furniture, electrical appliances, along with the bride from the bride’s family to the groom’s family as a condition of marriage, to the newlyweds which help in setting up their household.  Dowry is also called Dajeh.

The Dowry system can make major differences in a family in means of financial issues or a burden to the family. In some cases dowry system leads to crime against women like, emotional abuse, injury and can also lead to death in some cases. Dowry has been banned in India under a specific law, the Dowry Prohibition Act of 1961, sections 304B and 498A. Article 3 of the prohibition act of 1961 says that giving or taking presents at the time of marriage to the groom or bride without any demand doesn’t have to pay a penalty for it. In some places, dowries are still demanded and marriages are still finalized based on dowry. If the dowries aren’t fulfilled according to the groom’s side of the family, they end up sending the bride to her place or torturing the bride and her family.

This dowry culture is so popular in some parts of India, but not only in rural areas. Even the educated families living in high-class societies and metropolitan cities are also part of these unethical practices and harassing women for not giving proper money and gold. In 2020, 17 cases of abuse and harassment of women for dowry and was mentioned in The New Indian Express.
In India, this system is still in go because of the patriarchal society and thinking, the values of men are high than women. In this society, boys are seen with the higher card, this is dependent on how much price the bride’s family is paying upon a marriage. Another reason for this system is deeply rooted in the Indian culture, but this mindset is unchangeable as this is normal. Even today people have been reminded about this system, though they ignore it and some of the families do practice it willingly or unwillingly in the fear of judgements and being criticized for not following the customs. It is known that women’s marriage is a big and important event. But if the marriage requires this kind of thing to secure her’s life after marriage or marriage is very unethical and abrupt. This is the major discrimination women are facing but it is never seen as a crime even though it is banned by the government.

The imprisonment of breaking the anti-dowry is 5 years and a fine up to Rs.15000 on the value of dowry given. Although Indian laws have been made against the dowries which are intact. But are ineffective in many states and cities in India, but deaths and murders continue to happen and the government isn’t taking a big step regarding it. This should be focused on the news so that a women can stay without any discrimination
and with safety.


Big Sur is a very famous tourist place in the whole world. It comes under the top 35 tourist destinations in the whole world. Big Sur is known for its intact scenic views and natural beauty. It is called the longest and the most scenic stretch of the coastal line of the United States. Bigs Sur is located on California’s central coast between Carmel and San Simeon, and also surrounds to the east of Santa Lucia and west of the pacific ocean. Research says that this place has the same number of visitors as Yosemite National Park, but this place provides limited services of bus, restrooms, etc. The traffic and congestion here are so normal because of the large number of visitors. This place is incorporated in a village which makes this place more authentic and cultural. Big Sur is an all-season place, every season shows the beauty of the place in its.

There is an iconic and most attractive tourist place to roam around, from hikes to historical sites and waterfalls to scenic views. It is a great weekend trip from San Francisco, this place is absolutely for nature lovers. It is one of the marvelous road trips of California and it comes under the many romantic places.
1. McWay FALLS
It is the best photographic waterfall on the sandy shores of McWay beach. It originally flows straight into the Pacific Ocean but in 1983 an incident occurred, rocks dropped into the water which created a beach. The waterfalls also provide water to McWay creek. Gray whales, seals, and birds like oystercatchers and pelicans can be seen between December to April at the shore.

McWay falls.

2. Pfeiffer Beach
There is a narrow and twisted road to reach Pfeiffer beach, it is a mile from the entrance of Pfeiffer state park. there’s a short walk from the parking lot to a breathtaking sea view, better than any other coast and beach. It just gives the vibe of awesomeness. The main and famous attraction of this beach is Keyhole Rock. This place has a natural arch in between. A popular place for enjoying the sunset view. Seating here at this beach and relaxing is a major vibe check.

3. Point Lobos State Natural Reserve
This location describes the whole marine life. Here there is an abundance of wildlife and marine life which includes hundreds of habitats of sea creatures and is popular with photographers, scuba divers. This place is located at the north end of the coastal line. Hiking is very popular over this place which also navigates the incredible scenic views of the Ocean.

4. Ragged point
For tourists, this is probably the first spot. It will be a great experience at a Ragged point by pulling over at Ragged point inn and resort, it is top of a 300-foot cliff, the view from this place is unbelievable and the feeling of lush greenery and sound of water splashing over stones. Tourists can also have a look at the wildlife habitat within Piedras Blancas State Marine Reserve. In the coastal area, there is this amazing place elephant seal Rookery which provides hundreds of very large and loud elephant seals.

5. Partington Cove
It is a hiking spot, people usually part the vehicles outside go through a metal gate to hike which is a route of the ocean, the route is from between the forest.

6. Point Sur State Historic Park
20 miles south of Monterey and north along the coast from Andrew Molera State Park, the historic park is centered point lighthouse it is there since 1889, the historic lighthouse, which has guided many visitors through waterways to the states.

7. Andrew Molera State Park
It is the largest state park, it is best to explore a variety of things like coastal redwoods, High bluffs, and yes, beaches too. It is a very confusing trek but an adventurous one.

8. Garrapata Park
It offers beautiful beaches, hiking, and it is accessible from Highway 1. Garrapata is on the South end of the park near mile markers 17 and 18. Hiking extends to Soberanes Point, which has less crowd than other beaches.

Garrapata State Park.

9. Henry Miller Memorial Library
this place introduces countless artists, including poets, writers, musicians, etc. This place shows the artistic side of Big Sur with live performances, rotating artwork, etc.

10. Limekiln State Park
This place highlights much of what Big Sur is so special about. It had around 700 acres and provide plenty of things to do like hiking, picnic spots, a campsite, and three historic kilns.

Limekiln State Park.

The one who’s in love with nature and beaches, should this place as it says it’s a romantic place to be in.


Conversion therapy might be a new term for some of them. So, let us get started by knowing what conversion therapy is exactly about. It is a scientific practice of changing an individual’s sexual orientation from homosexual, bisexual to heterosexual. It is done by using psychological, physical, or spiritual interventions. Conversion therapy is a serious offense to an individual with different sex identities, although it is said that there is no evidence of changing one’s sex orientation via conversion therapy. Medical Institute itself declared that performing this task is inappropriate, not healthy, and is harmful in means of mental health.

Many countries like parts of Australia, Canada, Malta, Mexico, etc have banned these foul practices. In Germany, those below 18 aren’t allowed to have this kind of therapy session. 20 US states have also banned it. It is said that the LGBTQ community is treated like this because it is some sort of mental disorder a person is going through.
Transgender who had undergone these wild, unethical practices of gender conversion therapy is more often attempt suicide.

Techniques of changing an individual’s orientation can he worse from talking therapies through to aversion technique. Such as electroshocks, injecting chemicals, and dedication treatments. The report says that there are approx 22,715 transgender adults who live in the US, the report is from 2015. They lived across all 50 states, the District of Columbia, American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, and US Military overseas. On the contrary, they were around the age of 31 and 42.8 percent were assigned male at birth. Into that, 14 percent were been exposed to conversion therapy. Undergoing therapies, likely place a person under a lot of stress by worsening how society makes them feel about their gender equality.

As I wrote gender inequality in my previous article, this therapy would come under the causes and why people have such type of mindset, and why aren’t we developing on this gender-equality thing. India itself is facing major backlash from its LGBTQ community people over the use of conversion therapy.
Last year in May, there was a tragic incident happened in goa. Anjana Harish, a 21-year-old bisexual woman in his, took her life. She posted an online video before her suicide describing herself, she was given 40 injections, and used to be locked in a cell which left her traumatized. This is how she was subjected to conversion therapy in Kerala, which is also her home state. Her family forced her to be in this therapy to become heterosexual. This incident led activists to call for an urgent ban on these unethical practices.

This kind of action just makes this community very uncomfortable. Spreading awareness should be made more normalise, as its high time we accept the fact that homosexuality or queerness is not a mental disorder, in fact it is normal.


Is changing trends in the insurance sector a positive action or a negative towards it? At first, let’s know what is the global insurance industry is. It plays a vital role in helping customers at the time of crisis Today let’s talk about it. It is said the new trends are shaping up the industries and technologies making unrecoverable changes. As of now, 68% of the insurance company are in the process of testing the new trends as much needed for the new generations but by 2025, insurance companies will automate 25% of the process, which are underwriting, claim processing, policy administration, etc. There’s a lot of difference has been made in just one just year. The ongoing pandemic had made a major difference in customers’/people’s choices, habits, and expectations. The deadliest coronavirus has affected the structural change in every sector, including the insurance sector too. Due to things sitting at home, working from home, and attending to clients virtually became the new normal for many industries who rely on to attend the customers face to face. Although like many industries, the insurance industry buckled up adequately and took the best use out of technologies to provide the greatest and best assistance for the customer to but best protection plans.

What are the trends that are shaping the insurance industry?
The digital version of the economy will make accordingly to the demand of all in one insurance lifestyle policy. Costumers prefer customizable policy/product instead of what is currently available.
RPA ( Robotic Process Automation), AI will be the main thing in insurance, it will be done through newer data channels, developed processing capabilities, etc. Bots will become mainstream in front and back both to automate policy servicing and claim management for faster customer service. It is predicted that AI will improve the consumer experience. cost optimization, newer business models, etc.
Premiums will become highly personalized, because of the high-tech internet, data of things, this will help the customer service to improve as there will be close and direct contact through this techno. For example, A European bases company partnered with Panasonic, which provides mobile alerts to both insurers and its the insurer for quick instant reply for issues that customers are facing.
The global insurance market is experiencing great and major changes in the digital business form which can unlock billions of dollars. Increase in focus on premiums and usage-based coverage, insurers are leveraging things. advance learning to develop an individual profile. Collaboration of traditional and modern insurance firms will give rise to newer revenues streams, also higher profitability, and low operational costs.

Challenges faced by insurance companies,
1. Many individuals do not believe in insurance companies, they think it’s like it is a made thing. Many insurance companies fail to pay claims and they don’t provide customer service. Many of them shut down due to financial losses.
2. There are many insurance companies nowadays, people will do believe in a company which is there for a long time and have goodwill. Each company looks for the best possible ways to advertise their company.
3. As the owner of the insurance companies will face losses their employees create any sort of issue, by the time the complaints will increase by time and the goodwill comes down. will later lead to the hutting of the company and their money too.

Although the development and changing trends of insurance companies will lead to high profits and customer satisfaction.


Periods, why don’t we ever talk about periods? Why every women are treated as disgust and impure while they are in periods? today, I’m here to talk about Periods.
periods are marks of feminity and fertility and hug part of women’s life. It is a natural part for women. Its other name is Menstruation, which is normal vaginal bleeding from the female body in every monthly cycle. Though periods are nothing but just bleeding, still they are shamed, just because they bleed. Women and girls in India are taught to hide their periods, it’s just the mentality of people that those who are in periods are untouchables and should be away for few days.

This affects the mental health of women and girls because from an early age itself they are being taught something different which makes them feel there is something wrong with the body. As above I said women are untouchable and said to stay away because there is some sort of weird restrictions held for women in periods. Such as, you can’t go in the kitchen, you can’t return touched stuff, they are not allowed to bathe during three days of their periods, they aren’t allowed to enter the premises of a temple, touching the pickles and many more such restrictions are on the women. In rural areas, after childbirth women are not allowed to meet the child’s father, it continues around 2 months. Sex during periods is also another myth, it’s not about infection or any other hygiene issue but it is a cause of men’s longevity. It is also believed that menstrual blood is used for witchcraft and black magic to cast some spells. These all are devoid of any logic and also the religious myths and superstitions that have disbanded women from all such activities.

Menstruating is not just only bleeding but it is also about the pain, headaches, body aches, bloating weight gain, and many more such things they bear for the next 7 days. It’s just not easy and unerring for the women to handle such mental trauma and such ruthless behavior, they don’t deserve such a thing. Many women in rural areas don’t have proper sanitation and cleanliness, because they have no idea what to do and how to work upon. The prices of sanitary pads are too high, so they tend to use rough/rags for periods, they aren’t able to afford such things and then it leads to infection and diseases. But now our government has made menstrual-related strategies to combat the situation of women’s health. Empowerment of women through educating such things and also the increase in the role of their decision making. The movie ‘Pad Man’ has shown similar problems in it, it showed that women were having issues during their menstrual days, so the man named Muruganatham made his machine for the affordable pads. He travels with his machine from village to village to spread some awareness on this. ‘Padma is the first feature movie that talks about women’s situation during periods.

In India, 8,000 million girls/women are menstruating, and a million of them have dropped their schooling due to periods of poverty and shame. The government is doing a great job in spreading awareness in rural areas so that girls and women stay healthy. So let’s spread the word, break this channel of nonbeliefs and help each other out.


Don’t you think, that it’s very important to know businesses before starting one? It is a yes from my side. Why is that a yes? There are millions and trillions of people who are looking forward to their startups and become an entrepreneur. But it is remarkable to be well versed on what business you wanna run, the experience of the same will help you in future. I would like to say experience is the only thing we won’t ever regret about. Experience is the kind of thing that makes the person uptight, it’s not just only about experiencing a job to start a business, it’s also about experiencing some actions in personal life that would help us to improve. prior knowledge will help you get all the appropriate and vital information on which you are planning to go on with. It will enhance your skills more, by experience you get more discipline, you can acquire the leadership skills if you do not have one you learn to be one. It is well said that, keep making mistakes until you are successful.

Many people nowadays are anticipated in starting something new or walk away to do something of own and resign from the old job. The idea seems interesting and passionate but the dreams look good while dreaming because, in reality, it is quite different from a dream which may create some trouble and also the loss of money put in for investment or setting some business up, this will happen if the person doesn’t know this.

Making a jump from employee to entrepreneur is a big move for one, it’s not only about making money but also about own mindset, also in changing a lifestyle, and the way of thinking.
What’s the thought in mind when we think about being an entrepreneur? will he be able to own a business or is being an employee is the best thing. As we all talked about mindset. Employees have a different mindset than an entrepreneur. Employees think like, they have been given this assignment and they have to finish accordingly. So that person has the level of discipline to work upon as soon as possible. Where, entrepreneurs think like, they know how to do it when to do it independently, as there are no restrictions and pressure from anyone. One can do it with whole lots of creativity and with responsibility.

There are advantages of working before starting your own business:
1. you can learn more about your idea and creativity, get more time to explore different business options and what suits you.
2. Can learn more about the industry and how’s it working and what are the ups and downs in the business. And also get to know where to invest, how much to invest.

This amazes me that everyone in the world wants to be more independent and all that stuff. But there will be some pieces of advice from parents and relatives about doing a job first rather than starting up a business first, and that’s true. But there might be a reason some people got an idea to start while they were working as a colleague. If you have the confidence of converting your ideas into a business then why wasting time.


You all must have heard about Mumbai and its dramatic episodes. Yes, Mumbai, the ‘city of dreams, is this place where all come around to make their dreams come true. It is said that this is a city that never sleeps and not allows us to sleep. Life here is so fast and particular, one should be very adaptive. It is India’s most densely populated and popular city. Mumbai is formally called Bombay and is the financial capital of India, here are some famous and expensive real estate, it is an important centre for commerce & trade, and also for textile industry.

Mumbai, it’s just not the city, it’s a vibe of life. At first, Bombay is the dream for every newbie student, business company, or worker but when we are here, we get to know what is so special about this city.Mumbai is the first city to start with a  railway, It carries 2.2 billion population of passengers in a year. Mumbai has the best train networks (local trains) it helps us reach the right location. Trains were installed in late 1925. The climate here is to live for, it is so blissful around here in the rainy season, the food around here is irresistible, Mumbai is a major tourist attraction, and also the way Mumbai brings all the culture and religion together is amazing. everything is soo good about Mumbai, it just feels so right to be in.

There is a list of many incidents that took place in the past few decades.

1. On 12 March 1993, India’s most populated city was attacked by 13 bombs blast across the city. The first bomb took place in the Bombay stock exchange and continued with many cars and the scooter blast went on regular intervals for 2 hours straight. Which lead to the death of 260 people and 700 people were seriously injured. It was the biggest and major terrorist attack in India.

2. In 2002, another bomb attack was planned by the Pakistani terrorist. The bomb was placed under the BEST bus near Ghatkopar station. It blasted there and there and casualties were, 2 people died and over 50 people were injured.  Later the police defused another bomb in other BEST in Andheri.

Many blasts occurred in the year 2003,
1st was when Atal Bihari Vajpayee was the PM and came to visit Mumbai. The bombing took place near Vile parle Station. It killed 1 person the and other 30 were injured.
2nd one took place on 13 March, The bomb was placed under the seat of the ladies compartment of a local train. The bomb blasted near Mulund Railway station.
3rd one took place in July. The location of it was again in Ghatkopar, Lal Bahadur Shastri Nagar. The bomb was placed on the BEST bus. 4 people died and 28 were injured.
4th one took place on 25th August, it was planned as twin bombing,54 were killed. One was near the gateway of India and another one in the jewelry Bazar, near Mumba Devi temple.

3. Another terrorist took place in Bombay in 2006. It was the 11th of July, series of 7 bombs were fit in pressure cookers in a local train on the suburban side. It all blasted in 11 minutes. Casualties were the same as the Bombay blast, above 200 people were killed, and 700 or above were severely injured.

4. You all must know about the 26/11 serious tragedy, in 2008, Mumbai was again got under a major terrorist attack. 10 Pakistanis entered the country through the Arabian sea, in the city of Maharashtra.  They planned the coordinated shoots and bomb blasts in the city of Mumbai, there were 12 places in total including Taj, the main hub- Chatrapati Shivaji terminals, and a hospital.
Many people were ruthlessly killed. Casualties were 206 were killed and 300 and above were injured.

So, this was the major incidents that took place in Mumbai during this period. The ‘city of dreams’ is not the title, it does make your dream come true. But this attacks have created a major impact and fear in our lives. So let’s stay positive and safe.


Privatization is many focused on private companies. It is transferring of government assets or services from the public to the private sector. Government usually transfers this to work efficiently. It’s where government ceases to be a part of the company or business. India recently announced of union budget which is a government’s plan of privatizing every state-owned company in the coming year. Narendra Modi announced that there will be less involvement of government in business, and monetization and privatization will empower Indian citizens, help in the enhancement of infrastructure, and will be economically good. Many countries have gone through a privatization path, such an agenda helps in the enhancement of the company which benefits the customer. On the other hand, critics argue that it may lead to losing jobs, and private companies may charge higher prices. There is no proper privatization plan that has a good fit but there are many success stories and also failures. For example, water privatization took place in JUSCO(Jamshedpur Utilities and Service Company lt.) Is the largest water supplier, it is a flagship company of TATA groups. So, as per the agreement between the TATA group and the government of Jharkhand JUSCO is bound to provide drinking water to the whole town. A political activist told that they cut thousands of people from their basic rights. There are many places in Jharkhand, Shyam Nagar, Balram Basti, etc where water supply is still not regular and some of them don’t have water connections. JUSCO is a private company, the government itself couldn’t help in this situation, they have no control over it as stakes are too low to get in the discussion. Another example is, Hindustan Zinc, the company privatized is good and a successful example. The Atal Bihari Vajpayee- led the BJP government to sell 45% of the stakes of Hindustan Zinc for 765 crores in 2002. The 30% stake government retained was 20,000 crore. This is the second-largest zinc-lead miner company in the world and one of the top 10 silver producers. This shows that there can be failures and successes. It is just a matter of time and plan. Though there are some effects of it faced by common people.

Effects of Privatization in India.

1. The major effect of privatization is private sectors make hold of if and sell products at a very high rate, which can’t be controlled by any government as it’s all privatized. This is the opportunity of bribery and Corruption for private businesses. Private sectors are not privatized. They are not as transparent as the government. 2. When private companies enter the market, their only motto is to earn profit. So, the prices of the products are too high and the purchasing power of all consumers isn’t that high. So, the demand for the products decreases which leads to a drastic change in the economy. 3. Adding to it, Private owners Raise the productivity and decrease the cost, which leads to losses of jobs and wages for workers.

Hope, privatization is considered to bring more growth and efficiency in a company. There are both positive and negative engagement but let’s focus on what’s coming best for us.

Teen struggles.

Teenage years are a time of rapid growth and change, physically and mentally. Teenagers are between the age group of 13-19 from puberty to adulthood, this is where the crucial stage of people’s life begins where they either make a bad decision or a good one’s. This is the time of adolescence, which may be a rough time for parents to control them with this furious and frustrated nature. Teenage life is difficult to understand as it’s more towards finding themselves out, it’s a period of the span where kids try to indicate themselves. This is due to hormonal changes in them, it changes their set of mind, behavior, frustration, angriness and whatsoever. This may sound crazy but it is okay to be like this in these particular years. It shows the transitional stages in a kids life, but it is a physical, psychological, cultural stage of expression may start soon and end as later as it can be.

Youngsters make early decisions about their schooling, subject, and career which is a lot of pressure for them. Some even think their secondary marks decide the whole future and career.

A major issue faced by teenagers:

Suicide, as we all know teen period is very stressful. They are filled with major changes which include hormonal changes, changes in behavior, and in feeling too. This leads to more confusion, stress, fear, and doubt in themselves. 

For some teens, normal development may be a bit harder when are combined with different events like:- 


change in the families behavior

loved one’s moving out etc. 

This problem doesn’t seem easy to handle or overcome, it leads to suicide in the teenage generation as they are not very developed from the mind and thinking.

Here I have a story for you about the latest suicide in India.

  • 18-year-old boy committed suicide for losing money of 15000 rs while ordering a smartphone from an online site.
  • 16-year-old girl died after committing suicide. She was popular on social media and had many followers.
  • A 14-year-old girl died after being raped by 3 men in Madhya Pradesh.

Depression is common at a young age. It says that 20% of the kids are affected by mental depression at adolescent age and many of them suffer from a year or more.

Depression is a very serious issue, not only in teenagers but also in adults. Depression leads to suicide, depression, and suicide revolves around each other. In simple words, depression or any other harmful action which can not be bared leads to suicide.

Bullying is another thing that hurts an innocent mind and personality. It happens when one particular thing is repeated in front of the same person which is way offensive for the person and is’nt able to handle the insult. Bullying is a deliberate behavior.

Here I have some incidents related to it:-

  • Riddhi Oswal, age 16, resides with her parents in Switzerland. She was traumatized by the same bullying in her school which made her leave the school, and the same thing continued in the next school. Her parents even filed the complaint in court, but nothing happened in particular. So Riddhi and her sister Vasundhra at the age of 22 started with an anti-bullying campaign for those who were bullied and to stop the bullying in general.
  • Here’s the story of an 18-year-old girl, who resides in Ahemdabad, she was cyber-bullied by her best friend. The culprit was her friend, so used to make fake accounts of the victim and used to chat with the boys in a very inappropriate way and there were very weird messages in it and to give victims phone number. Later it got to know that it was all out of jealousy and for fame.

These are not the only problems teenagers are facing. There’s more in it, these were the major part of it. But if the child is facing issues and having stress about thinking negativity, then you must help the child to how to appreciate the good stuff, positive thinking, and gratitude which will change the criteria of thinking. Instead of thinking ‘why didn’t’, will think ‘why and how ‘ things went well.


Transgender are the ones whose gender identity doesn’t match the sex as given at the time of birth. Being transgender is not the same type as being lesbian, gay, or bisexual. Transgender people can be identified by what’s inside them as male, female, or none of these. Whether lesbian, gay, or bisexual people get to know by whom they are attracted to and to who you are feeling attached to emotionally, romantically, and sexually. There are many different terms used for transgender people to describe themselves, which are Hijra, Chhakka, Jagappa, Kinnar, Aravani, etc. They are biologically male who then identify themselves as women or not men. Transgender people showcase them in a very different kind of ways, Some dress up differently, some have different their behavior, and also manners which makes comfortable to which who they are. Some stay as unidentified as they reject to understand the differences between ‘male’ and ‘female’. so they are called transgender, genderqueer, genderfluid, etc… Some people also have surgeries so that can match their gender type.

India’s parliament has passed a bill to protect the rights of the transgender community, but the latest laws are inadequate. Trans activist has analyzed various trans rights since the first bill was passed in 2016. The new law will violate the rights of their community rather than respect. In India, trans people deserve more government recognition without any intervention and discrimination. In 2014, the supreme court gave an order that transgender will be enjoying the title of the third gender and can have equal rights as others without any further due and discrimination, while also being entitled to a special education system which also improved the status of the transgender community. And ordered that they have the right to decide or choose their unidentified gender and should be accepted by everyone. In 2015 an essential link of right to legal recognition and equality. A 19-year-old transgender man publically opened up about being harassed by his parents. so the inspector in return wrote about every person has the right to be recognized in their own gender. The new law recognizes people specifies intersex people but offers no protection. It’s the law for protecting people from doing unnecessary surgeries. Such in 2019 it got banned in Tamil Nadu.


Naaz Joshi is India’s first transgender to come out to be known in India. She is the first transgender international queen, a trans rights activist, and a motivational speaker. She was born in 1984 in New Delhi. Naaz is a proud mother of 2 daughters, she adopted them when her family abandoned her. She told in an interview that the younger daughter is the daughter of a 16-year-old girl who threw her child in a dustbin.

There are many more famous transgender in India:-

  1. Laxmi Narayan Tripathi was assigned as male at birth. She is the most inspirational and influential transgender person. She is a Bharatnatyam dancer and a social activist, her parents accepted her when she came out as a transgender woman.
  2. Gauri Sawant has fought for transgender rights. She left her home at the age of 18 as she didn’t want to disappoint her father. She is an activist and she is a director of Sakshi Char Chowghi trust who runs to provide counseling sessions to assist newly trans women and those with AIDs and HIV.
  3. Sathyashri Sharmila is the first Tamil Nadu’s first transgender lawyer in 2018 came out in public, in 2007 when she finished law studies. After that she waiting for over a decade to get registered as lawyer so that she can help the trans community who all are facing issues from decades.
Laxmi Narayan Tripathi.

Transgender people faced many problems for the past few decades, they were given names, they were getting opportunities and are excluded from many things, and were called ‘impure’. Instead of supporting, they were looked at with pity. Then though they have proven themselves in every mainstream and what others were able to do, was done by these people. So here was the few of the famous transgender who broke the barrier and proven themselves as equal.


What is the first comes in your mind when hear about Paris? Love, right? A city filled with french people and also says that this city is called ‘City of Love’,every wedded couple would go to Paris for its honemoon vacation.This places has that essence of love romantic stufs in its thin air. It’s not the random people of gave this place a name ‘city of love, it is describes by those who visited the capital city of France, and says that it give all sorts of romantic vibes. With city og love its been a given name of ‘City of Lights’. The city is well emblazed with lights. The Paris the first city to adopt street light. This is not only the city of love and romance but also home to Art, Music, Fashion, Cafe Culture and it also known for its elegance and its been spreading throughout.

Night of Effeil Tower.


  1. Effiel tower is the French landmark which is easily seen from any corner of the city which is from a garden or a view from a hotel room, the uniqueness about this tower is we can have leisure time on this unique tower from down to dusk and in any sort of season. You may know Effiel tower is the second-best place to propose?! yes it is. It is a must-visit place for couples as it is a lover’s point, a date place and a wedding place too.
  2. There is a love lock bridge in Paris. this bridge is a resemblance to how beautiful this bridge is even though there aren’t any locks. 4 years ago this the bridge where lovers used to attach the locks to the railing for their remembrance. there were hundreds and thousands of locks on it which encouraged tourists and couples to click selfies with it which led to some serious accidents. This bridge was constructed in 1801 and connects the institute de France and the central square of Louvre.
  3. The French language is known as the romantic language of the world. This language is so mesmerizing and every phrase of it is romantic and soothing in its own way. henceforth, French is an expensive language. This language is quite attractive, it says that those who speak french has different facial expression while speaking and has hand gestures while speaking.
  4. The best thing about France is its food. The baked goods served around are the best things. It smells so good and seductive, one can’t resist stopping by a patisserie. The aroma of vanilla and caramel is wholesome and spread around the city. The famous of all are:- bagauttes, macarons, croissants, eclair, etc……..
  5. The calm and soothing atmosphere makes afternoon or evening date best and perfects at Parisian bistros, the outdoor sitting gives the essence of liveliness. Most bistros have red or dark lovable themed interiors.

So, guys this was my queue. Do like and share. And yess Paris is a beautifull place to travel for the ones, those who are in search of love, art, culture, and romance.


When it comes to Bollywood, romance is the topmost genre over the past few decades.

The basic plotline of every Bollywood rom-com is, ‘A guy falls in love and he makes her fall in love with him, the couple faces some objections and refusal from family so they either do court marriage or run away for to get a perfect ending. Sounds familiar right? Back in the 2000s. many love stories were being produced, if you were a kid or the 19s kids you must have watched many Bollywood movies back then. Those were the most iconic and supreme level of movies were produced which has marked their legacy, unlike others.
What do you mean by love? let me tell you, it’s a feeling of deep affection, falling in love all over again with the same person and with one’s emotion is love. These same feelings filmmakers have woven into a script that is being shown in cinema as iconic ones. From the Legendary one Mughal-le-Aazam to Dilwale Dulhaniya le Jayenge, Bollywood rom-com has told us about many fascinated love tales. Excluding some of the films, Bollywood has given a moderate amount of storyline about lovers fighting to break the barriers. It is now that Bollywood is making the remakes of the same old scenes of mustard fields, the father being strict, etc. that have been played in front of us many times. Now Bollywood needs new stories with more realistic perspectives.
Some of the exceptional movies which are evergreen movies from the past few decades are:-

1) Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge.

It’s is known by name of DDLJ which a 1995 Hindi rom-com film. Starring Shah Rukh Khan a ‘King of Bollywood’ and Kajol. This film is the leading light in the history of Bollywood cinema. Raj and Simran met during a trip to Europe and fell in love. This movie was shot from beautiful mountains to dense greenery in Punjab. The performance and chemistry of them were stellar and outstanding.

2) Jab We Met.

Jab We Met is a 2007s film, is the iconic movie of Imtiaz Ali, which showcased the love journey of Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor Khan in a very conservative way. It showed how two people from opposite backgrounds and cultures came together to evolve feelings for each other. It is cute and innocent love chemistry that was an advantage for the movie. Kareena’s Punjabi character and the way of delivering in the Punjabi accent was the best part of the movie.

3) Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani

In 2013 Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor starred in the film called Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani, also known as YJHD. This movie has explained the importance of love and friendship. This is the most loved film by the youngsters. This film also features Aditya Roy Kapoor, Kalki Koechlin, and Kunal Roy as supporting actors which made a good collection at the box office. Ayan Mukerji the director of the film has managed to show the interconnection between friendship and love which gets intensified later on.

4) 2 States

Arjun Kapoor and Alia Bhatt started in 2 States in the year 2014. This movie is about how a guy and a girl from different religions, cultures fell in love, while the boy is from north India a Punjabi Munda, and a girl is from South India. Abhishek Varman is the director of the film and has maintained the pitch which is bases on the novel of very famous writer Chetan Bhagat. This movie not only shows the love between two people and family but also how the whole family in a marriage is an essential thing.

5) Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

This movie was starred, Ranbir Kapoor and Anushka Sharma. This movie written by Karan Johar showcased the one-sided love, where Ranbir Kapoor loves Anushka Sharma who thinks of him as his very good friend. The film has also starred Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, a Pakistani actor Fawad Khan and Lisa Haydon. This film is a famous movie as it showed the painful side of love and friendship.

6) Barfi!

This movie at starred Ranbir Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Ileana D’cruz, and was their hit film of 2012. It was written and directed by Anurag Basu. This film showed the love angle between deaf and mute. The girl was deaf and the boy was mute. It was a very wholesome and sweet movie. The acting of them was outstanding, it’s just not the audience who loved it but the critics also loved it and also praised them for their outstanding performance.

7) Love Aaj Kal

This movie was released in 2009. A young take between Deepika Padukone(Meera Pandit) and Saif Ali Khan(Veer Singh). Basically, this movie has explained the contemporary love of them. The title ‘Love Aaj Kal’ is well explained in the movie, no matter what are the circumstances, ups , and downs, melodrama, love prevails. It’s a movie that it would make every lover skip a beat.

These were the movies which showed the love is beautiful. Obviously there are some more of it which couldn’t make it to the list. Which are the best Bollywood movie according to you?


The view of this magnificent place, which is a part of India.

Looking for a paradise to travel? Here’s what I have for you today. ANDAMAN, yes you’re right a Union territory. What it feels like to be on Andaman and Nicobar island? I would love to tell you about this with my experience, me being a travel passionate had an amazing and rewarding experience in Andaman. Living in Andaman is all about nature-nature-nature, it is all about dense forests and wast island including flora and fauna. This place enjoys a moderate climate as there is no boiling weather nor chilly & frosty weather. It is a place of the rich biodiversity of people. Besides being home to the Indian population, it is also home to Sentinelese people and many such unknown tribes. Sentinelese is the much-known tribe.

Andaman and Nicobar Island are a Union Territory of India which consist of 572 Islands, out of which 38 Island are colonized at the interface of the Bay of Bengal and Andaman sea. The territory is in the north of Aceh in Indonesia and separated from Thailand and Myanmar from the Andaman sea. It is divided into two islands, 1- Andaman Island and 2- Nicobar Island. The capital of it is Port Blair.


The main atraction of this places is beaches, you’ll ought to find many beautiful beaches and here. The most famous ones are here :-

Port Blair is the capital gateway to visit Andaman and Nicobar Island. It is known for historical museums and beaches it is the entry way for the variety of flora and fauna. It is connected to all sorts of beautiful island through land and by the water ways obviously. The main attraction here is firstly Cellular jail, its been a crucial historical part of port blair.Unforgettable fighters such as Veer Savarkar, Yogendra Shukla, Batukeshwar Dutt, were some of the prisoners here. This the places where all the freedoms fighters were treated very inhumanly, staverd,tortured and britishers used to isolate them till there last breath. One can roam around in day and can hire a guide for the history and in night dont miss the light and sound show. Its’s one of an amazing sound and light show. There are some museums, a shopping place, and water sports too. Ross Island was too one of the places to reside in Andaman for Britishers. It is situated in the east-central of Port Blair. it was a headquarters for the British colony. There are numerous amount of churches, houses, clubs which explained British life back then. North Bay island is a few minutes away from Port Blair. It is a fascinating place to enjoy the serenity of nature with its cold brew and enjoying a variety of water sports and has beautiful coral reefs. This place the one magnificent underwater view.

The Cellular Jail/ Kala Pani.

Havelock Island is a few hours away from Port Blair. The only way to reach havelock is by water, by the air-conditioned ferry. There are also 2 kinda ferries, the government ferry, and the private ones. My personal choice is the government ferry and it takes 2.5 hours to reach. The journey from Port Blair to Havelock Island was one hell of a beautiful and memorable journey in my whole trip. Havelock is known for its beaches like elephant beach, Radhanagar beach with its coral leaves. Havelock is the best place to water sports and scuba diving, it is natural and pleasant. Elephant beach is for water sports and it is a good trek from havelock to elephant beach, the trek is reckless and is full-loaded adventurous. Radhanagar is a crescent-shaped beach with a view of the beautiful sunset. Stunning Kalapathar beach is embedded embedded in the corner of havelock with a cloudless, sky-blue, and crystal clear water with the white sand shore. Scuba diving is a wonderful experience, diving underwater with all the marine diversity. The water is so crystal clear that is make certain for divers to dive in with a beautiful view and great visibility.

Kala Pathar beach, Havelock Island.

Baratang Island is a very beautiful island in north and middle Andaman. It takes almost 3 hours to reach Baratang by cab from port Blair. It is known for mud volcanos, caves, and mangroves. This place divine nature and a quiet place through adventures.

So to conclude, here what I had for you guys. Andaman Island is a must-visit place with stunning tourist attractions mentioned over with a modest budget. must say a pocket-friendly trip whole lot of luxury amenities.


In August, 1947, when the Britishers left and India got its independence , the partition of subcontinent happened as India and Pakistan. The partition involved two territory Punjab and Bengal, wide range of non-muslim and muslim population living there. Bengal was divided into two half East and West. Majority Muslim shifted to East Bengal and later it became Bangladesh. In North-west India the punjab was divided into two , half of it became Pakistan and rest of it was Indiaa.This also led to division of British Indian Army,Railway,Indian Navy and Central tressure.This partion outlined the Indian Independence Act 1947 which led to end of British Raj and on 15th August in midnight, pakistan came into legal existence.

The partition displaced 10 to 20 million people, which created refuges in newly constitued territory.There was a large scale violoence happened, estimated huge loss of life. During this,75,000 to 100,000 women were kidnapped and raped, Later they worked and returned 12,000 abducted women to India and 6000 in pakistan. The Indian government claimed that 33,000 Hindu and Sikh women were abducted and Pakistan government claimed 50,000 women were abducted during the riots.Muslim women were sent to pakistan and Hindu and Sikh women were sent to India. Most of the Hindu and Sikh women refused to return to India as a fear that there family would not accept them. 15 million people were crossing borders from Pakistan to India during the violent partition, there were Hindus and Sikhs they were killed by mobs as said the violence was made by muslims community, the train arrived in india with death bodies in it. It is said that mobs rampaged, looted and bombed in every section and compartment of train. Womens, desperate to avoid rap and kidnap, committed suicide. By that time a milion or more have died. This violent nature created a ditance between India and pakistan and has affected a relationship in today’s day.

The India-Pakistan partition is one of an unforgettable history. Most of the people were not only attached to there religion but to there territoy. Britain was hestitated to use there own group to maintain order and law. The situation in punjab was more worse, weapons and demolishes soldiers were kidnapped. Where on the under side pakistan’s population end being more religious than they orginally were.There leader assumed they would be having fair amount of non-muslim population, who’s presencce would safegaurd muslim community in India. All though Pakistan apparently created a homeland for India’s Muslim minority,not all muslim supported this formation. Muslim remained largest minorty in India.there population was 10% in 1951. Gandhi was assasinated in 1958 by a Hindu nationalist who blamed him for suppoting Muslim community during the partition.

Both territory has faced mny consequences and problems in accommodating partition refugees.The number of refugees went up as both the territoy started a war over Jmmu and Kashmir in 1947-1948. This has led to fight and its still going on in 20th century.

As of now,the two countries are not even close to make a healthy relation, Kashhmir remains a flashpoint , both countries are on the verge ofhaving another war. Indian muslims are blamed and suspected for being a part of Pakistan and helping them throughout there plan.