What is the first comes in your mind when hear about Paris? Love, right? A city filled with french people and also says that this city is called ‘City of Love’,every wedded couple would go to Paris for its honemoon vacation.This places has that essence of love romantic stufs in its thin air. It’s not the random people of gave this place a name ‘city of love, it is describes by those who visited the capital city of France, and says that it give all sorts of romantic vibes. With city og love its been a given name of ‘City of Lights’. The city is well emblazed with lights. The Paris the first city to adopt street light. This is not only the city of love and romance but also home to Art, Music, Fashion, Cafe Culture and it also known for its elegance and its been spreading throughout.

Night of Effeil Tower.


  1. Effiel tower is the French landmark which is easily seen from any corner of the city which is from a garden or a view from a hotel room, the uniqueness about this tower is we can have leisure time on this unique tower from down to dusk and in any sort of season. You may know Effiel tower is the second-best place to propose?! yes it is. It is a must-visit place for couples as it is a lover’s point, a date place and a wedding place too.
  2. There is a love lock bridge in Paris. this bridge is a resemblance to how beautiful this bridge is even though there aren’t any locks. 4 years ago this the bridge where lovers used to attach the locks to the railing for their remembrance. there were hundreds and thousands of locks on it which encouraged tourists and couples to click selfies with it which led to some serious accidents. This bridge was constructed in 1801 and connects the institute de France and the central square of Louvre.
  3. The French language is known as the romantic language of the world. This language is so mesmerizing and every phrase of it is romantic and soothing in its own way. henceforth, French is an expensive language. This language is quite attractive, it says that those who speak french has different facial expression while speaking and has hand gestures while speaking.
  4. The best thing about France is its food. The baked goods served around are the best things. It smells so good and seductive, one can’t resist stopping by a patisserie. The aroma of vanilla and caramel is wholesome and spread around the city. The famous of all are:- bagauttes, macarons, croissants, eclair, etc……..
  5. The calm and soothing atmosphere makes afternoon or evening date best and perfects at Parisian bistros, the outdoor sitting gives the essence of liveliness. Most bistros have red or dark lovable themed interiors.

So, guys this was my queue. Do like and share. And yess Paris is a beautifull place to travel for the ones, those who are in search of love, art, culture, and romance.