The view of this magnificent place, which is a part of India.

Looking for a paradise to travel? Here’s what I have for you today. ANDAMAN, yes you’re right a Union territory. What it feels like to be on Andaman and Nicobar island? I would love to tell you about this with my experience, me being a travel passionate had an amazing and rewarding experience in Andaman. Living in Andaman is all about nature-nature-nature, it is all about dense forests and wast island including flora and fauna. This place enjoys a moderate climate as there is no boiling weather nor chilly & frosty weather. It is a place of the rich biodiversity of people. Besides being home to the Indian population, it is also home to Sentinelese people and many such unknown tribes. Sentinelese is the much-known tribe.

Andaman and Nicobar Island are a Union Territory of India which consist of 572 Islands, out of which 38 Island are colonized at the interface of the Bay of Bengal and Andaman sea. The territory is in the north of Aceh in Indonesia and separated from Thailand and Myanmar from the Andaman sea. It is divided into two islands, 1- Andaman Island and 2- Nicobar Island. The capital of it is Port Blair.


The main atraction of this places is beaches, you’ll ought to find many beautiful beaches and here. The most famous ones are here :-

Port Blair is the capital gateway to visit Andaman and Nicobar Island. It is known for historical museums and beaches it is the entry way for the variety of flora and fauna. It is connected to all sorts of beautiful island through land and by the water ways obviously. The main attraction here is firstly Cellular jail, its been a crucial historical part of port blair.Unforgettable fighters such as Veer Savarkar, Yogendra Shukla, Batukeshwar Dutt, were some of the prisoners here. This the places where all the freedoms fighters were treated very inhumanly, staverd,tortured and britishers used to isolate them till there last breath. One can roam around in day and can hire a guide for the history and in night dont miss the light and sound show. Its’s one of an amazing sound and light show. There are some museums, a shopping place, and water sports too. Ross Island was too one of the places to reside in Andaman for Britishers. It is situated in the east-central of Port Blair. it was a headquarters for the British colony. There are numerous amount of churches, houses, clubs which explained British life back then. North Bay island is a few minutes away from Port Blair. It is a fascinating place to enjoy the serenity of nature with its cold brew and enjoying a variety of water sports and has beautiful coral reefs. This place the one magnificent underwater view.

The Cellular Jail/ Kala Pani.

Havelock Island is a few hours away from Port Blair. The only way to reach havelock is by water, by the air-conditioned ferry. There are also 2 kinda ferries, the government ferry, and the private ones. My personal choice is the government ferry and it takes 2.5 hours to reach. The journey from Port Blair to Havelock Island was one hell of a beautiful and memorable journey in my whole trip. Havelock is known for its beaches like elephant beach, Radhanagar beach with its coral leaves. Havelock is the best place to water sports and scuba diving, it is natural and pleasant. Elephant beach is for water sports and it is a good trek from havelock to elephant beach, the trek is reckless and is full-loaded adventurous. Radhanagar is a crescent-shaped beach with a view of the beautiful sunset. Stunning Kalapathar beach is embedded embedded in the corner of havelock with a cloudless, sky-blue, and crystal clear water with the white sand shore. Scuba diving is a wonderful experience, diving underwater with all the marine diversity. The water is so crystal clear that is make certain for divers to dive in with a beautiful view and great visibility.

Kala Pathar beach, Havelock Island.

Baratang Island is a very beautiful island in north and middle Andaman. It takes almost 3 hours to reach Baratang by cab from port Blair. It is known for mud volcanos, caves, and mangroves. This place divine nature and a quiet place through adventures.

So to conclude, here what I had for you guys. Andaman Island is a must-visit place with stunning tourist attractions mentioned over with a modest budget. must say a pocket-friendly trip whole lot of luxury amenities.