Conversion therapy might be a new term for some of them. So, let us get started by knowing what conversion therapy is exactly about. It is a scientific practice of changing an individual’s sexual orientation from homosexual, bisexual to heterosexual. It is done by using psychological, physical, or spiritual interventions. Conversion therapy is a serious offense to an individual with different sex identities, although it is said that there is no evidence of changing one’s sex orientation via conversion therapy. Medical Institute itself declared that performing this task is inappropriate, not healthy, and is harmful in means of mental health.

Many countries like parts of Australia, Canada, Malta, Mexico, etc have banned these foul practices. In Germany, those below 18 aren’t allowed to have this kind of therapy session. 20 US states have also banned it. It is said that the LGBTQ community is treated like this because it is some sort of mental disorder a person is going through.
Transgender who had undergone these wild, unethical practices of gender conversion therapy is more often attempt suicide.

Techniques of changing an individual’s orientation can he worse from talking therapies through to aversion technique. Such as electroshocks, injecting chemicals, and dedication treatments. The report says that there are approx 22,715 transgender adults who live in the US, the report is from 2015. They lived across all 50 states, the District of Columbia, American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, and US Military overseas. On the contrary, they were around the age of 31 and 42.8 percent were assigned male at birth. Into that, 14 percent were been exposed to conversion therapy. Undergoing therapies, likely place a person under a lot of stress by worsening how society makes them feel about their gender equality.

As I wrote gender inequality in my previous article, this therapy would come under the causes and why people have such type of mindset, and why aren’t we developing on this gender-equality thing. India itself is facing major backlash from its LGBTQ community people over the use of conversion therapy.
Last year in May, there was a tragic incident happened in goa. Anjana Harish, a 21-year-old bisexual woman in his, took her life. She posted an online video before her suicide describing herself, she was given 40 injections, and used to be locked in a cell which left her traumatized. This is how she was subjected to conversion therapy in Kerala, which is also her home state. Her family forced her to be in this therapy to become heterosexual. This incident led activists to call for an urgent ban on these unethical practices.

This kind of action just makes this community very uncomfortable. Spreading awareness should be made more normalise, as its high time we accept the fact that homosexuality or queerness is not a mental disorder, in fact it is normal.