Angular Developer: A Complete Guide

Angular developers are responsible for writing JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Moreover, they settle on plan and specialized choices for AngularJS projects. Therefore, it is essential for Angular developers to know about Angular JS. Both the terms should be familiar along with the difference between Angular and Angular JS.

The capabilities needed by associations change contingent upon the need. The accomplished engineers need to feature more range of abilities and capability subtleties. The middle person and fresher applicants should have essential capabilities.

  1. A bachelor degree in computer science or engineering. Post graduate degree in similar field is an added advantage.
  2. In depth knowledge of Angular framework
  3. Strong expertise in HTML, CSS with good understanding of AJAX and JavaScript Dom manipulation techniques.
  4. Experience in JavaScript build tools
  5. Knowledge with testing frameworks
  6. Knowledge on complex Angular JS applications, controllers, applications and services.
  7. Experience with RESTful services
  8. Knowledge of adjacent technologies( Webpack and Node) to make app development process effective and simpler
  9. Knowledge of web markup
  10. Good command of TypeScript

Companies using Angular in 2021

With tech kings like Samsung and Microsoft utilizing Angular, the stage has acquired overall standing. It has gradually been brought to the spotlight with large organizations like PayPal, Deutsche Bank and Upwork. The quantity of different organizations which utilize Angular has expanded dramatically over last decade.

Below are the top companies which use Angular in present day

1. Microsoft

2. Deutche Bank

3. Autodesk

4. Freelancer

5. Gmail

6. PayPal

7. Samsung

8. MacDonald’s

9. Nike

10. Cisco Solution Partner Program