Journalism is a study of research, collection, preparation, and distribution of news and stories and features this material through print and digital media, in a form of blogs, newspapers, magazines, books, podcasts, webcast, social media sites, and also through radio, television, e-mails. Earlier, the word ‘Journalism’ was to be meant for those who used to report special events and used to write upon them. But with the evolution of television and radio and not forget about the internet, it coming more in the Digital format with a motion pictures. The 20th century includes all printed and digital formats of communication to spread the voices and stories.  In the new era, journalism seems to be a hardcore professional field of interest. With the advent of radio and television aka digital media, the press has suffered a great loss because digital communication has introduced us with the news bulletin to the public as soon as possible. The speed limit is too high, practically print media could not hope to match. We do not wait for the news like in Earlier times, we tend to know about it as soon as the incident occurs, we people do rely on these sources. Journalist puts public good above all and uses a specific method of investigation to follow the lead on the story so that it can be put in front of the public to know. It benefits the people and they check the stories and lead up to it regularly.

There are a few positives of journalism:

1. It explores the deep areas, unbiased journalism can break society’s laws and can bring the Stories from top to bottom and the deepest secret of it. It speaks about the evilness and darkness of society, which can develop people’s minds.
2. There were many ups and downs in the society due to this, but the benefit it has is to provided people an insight into economic, social, and political theories of the city, state, country, and the whole nation. Because of them, people can gather important information across the globe.
3. the government as journalists needs to help them to keep a political track of ongoing movements throughout the country and the world.

Negativity has gotten into people’s minds. The continuation of journalism is a need of an hour now. people need to differentiate the biased and unbiased journalism, as people can’t doubt and express their views on any religion, culture, or story. They are always on the urge to break the story first, with all the right data and facts. So that we don’t have to check upon it. Studies in journalism have improved and are being the priority subject. There are many types of Journalism, travel journalism, in the movie ‘Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani’ the role of Ranbir Kapoor is as a travel journalist. He travels the whole world and works along with the different channels and explores them. Another is lifestyle journalism, which has every bit of genres, magazine journalism, investigative journalism, business journalism, celebrity journalism, etc. These all have meaning inside their names.
Every type of journalism has its way of acting out and functioning. For some, a person should be extremely focused on and some are kind of chill. So, it’s up to you which kind of Journalism will suit you.