Never think less of yourself!

I am sure there were times you tried so hard to get something but you never got it. You felt like a failure. You saw people around you growing higher and higher, so you felt inferior. Everyone in their life goes through this phase. Let me stop you right there. I am not here to remind you about all those feelings. I am here to tell you that you are amazing.

You may think it is so easy to talk positively. But when someone is actually going through hard times, it is hard to implement positivity in their life.

Let me tell you, mindset is what matters in the end. I am going to list out things that you can instantly do in order to bring positivity.

Before that, I would like to include something about myself. Positive thinking is a very difficult concept for me. Even though I know how important it is and how it helps us get so much better when we are down. So I tend to feel inferior to others. I tend to feel that I am not good enough. I am still having a hard time. But I always try to do something (anything) to make myself happier and to keep myself busy. No matter what it is (except binge-watching series XD).

Whenever you feel inferior,

  • First of all, YOU ARE NOT INFERIOR. It is just a feeling, not a fact. So stop thinking like that.
  • People gave me the advice to communicate with others. That’s actually a good idea if you are a people person. Since I am not, I always did everything by myself. I isolated myself during hard times to come back stronger.
  • Try doing something that you really really love, no matter how SMALL it is! You got to do it if it makes you HAPPY.
  • Ask yourself this question. Why do I feel inferior? If you get an answer, that’s your answer! For example. If you don’t have a job but others do, which in turn makes you feel like a failure. Just keep trying. Seriously keep trying. It can take weeks, months, or even years. But keep trying with passion. Keep trying to get something that you really want to do. Keep working on that. One day you will get it, that would be the happiest time of your life. All of a sudden your inferiority complex will vanish, you will feel stronger. You will be proud of yourself. Doesn’t matter if you get less salary than others, at least you got something that you have been waiting for for a long time. Something that you love. That’s what matters. Keep it simple.

  • Most times it’s not you who actually feel bad about yourself, it is your surroundings. The questions like, what would my relatives think if I don’t get a job by this year? What would my parents say? What would people around me think about me? Will they think I am useless? Well, even if they do. YOU DON’T HAVE TO CARE ABOUT IT. Only YOU know what you are going through. Only YOU know how much u tried and what you really want.
  • So never ever give up on yourself. It is okay to let bad feelings out at times. But you don’t have to feel like that all the time. You deserve happiness. Keep yourself happy. Keep trying, keep learning.