Symptoms of Insomnia

Something that most of us are familiar with and struggling to get out of it. Insomnia, a sleeping disorder which basically makes it difficult for us to fall asleep. Even if you sleep, you may not be in a peaceful deep sleep, you may find yourself getting up in the middle of the night which is caused by insomnia.

Insomnia leads to many health issues. It can be acute or chronic. Acute insomnia lasts for few days or weeks while chronic insomnia lasts for few months.

Acute insomnia maybe the result of temporary stress in a person. The person will recover after the stress is gone. Chronic insomnia maybe the result of long term depression or stress. It can also be because of medical conditions.


Symptom for insomnia is pretty straight forward. If you have trouble with sleep or your sleep schedule. You might be having insomnia. Some other obvious and direct symptoms are,

  • not being able to get peaceful sleep
  • waking up in the middle of the sleep
  • trouble falling asleep at night
  • being tired all the time because of lack of sleep
  • anxiety, depression
  • medical issues like headache or eye pain

These are some of the symptoms that I know and have experienced. Now let us get into the ways to prevent or to recover from insomnia disorder.

Causes and Prevention

  • One of the main causes for insomnia is the stress that we go through. It is like a part of our day to day life but we can do some things to get far from being stressed all the time. Try doing meditation to clear your mind and get some peace as well as sleep. Work, school, college are all important but being sunk into work 24/7 is definitely a way of inviting stress into our lives. While you make time for work, make time for self care as well. With that you can avoid lot of stress and get a good night sleep.
  • Not having a proper sleep schedule will lead to insomnia. If you get used to sleeping late at night there is no going back. So always fix a proper time for your night sleep and stick to it. Avoid mobiles and laptops for a minimum of 30 mins before sleeping. Messing with your sleep schedule will ruin your sleep and makes it very hard to bounce back to proper schedule.


Robots – Basic research

Robotics is a combination of the two academic disciplines which are computer science and engineering. Robotics field includes design, construction and operation of robots. Robots are designed for particular purposes and they are programmed with necessary requirements to do the given work. The ultimate motive of robotics is to create machines that can perform humanly activities and assist humans. Despite of these two academic disciplines, robotics combines many fields of engineering like computer engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, information engineering, software engineering mathematics etc.

They are mainly used in manufacturing industries to do repetitive activities. They are also used in dangerous environments nowadays such as bomb detection, bomb deactivation etc.


Initially robots were designed to do a particular work which was hard for humans to do. But as of now there are many industries that make use of robots for various types of work where one kind of robot is particularly designed do that particular work and not anything else. So this can be classified into many sectors. They are,

  • Military robots – These robots are used for many military applications. Some applications are detection of explosive materials, Sniper detection, surveillance etc.
  • Industrial robots – These robots are used in industries with manufacturing works where the machine would do repetitive human tasks. They also reduce the use of labors in the factory. Robots are increasingly used in this field.
  • Agricultural robots – These robots are deployed for the purpose of agriculture. In this field also, robots replace humans by doing their tasks like seeding, harvesting, soil analysis. Initially, agricultural robots were invented with the motive for deploying it in the harvesting stage.
  • Medical robots – It is a risky field to deploy robots to perform medical tasks.
    •  The da Vinci Surgical Robot – There has been many deaths in the US due to surgical errors. In order to avoid it, surgical robots are used. The da Vinci surgical robot is a multiarmed robot used during surgeries. The arms of the robot is nothing but various tiny, accurate precision instruments that can be used during surgeries in order to decrease surgical error deaths. Surgeons make use of this multiarmed robot, move the hands and perform surgery. It also has great range of motion.
    • The Xenex Germ-Zapping Robot – This is another robot that is used in hospitals. Hospital acquired infections has became a thing now, and it requires a proper solution to avoid it. This robot is used to clean and disinfect the hospital rooms by using pulsed, full spectrum UV rays. The Xenex germ-zapping robot is as important and useful as the da Vinci surgical robot. These are just two examples but there are many other robots that are used in the medical field.
  • Domestic robots – As the name suggests domestic robots are robots designed for domestic purposes to perform simple household activities. Some examples are ironing robots, robotic vacuum cleaner, robotic lawn mower. These are not those kind of robots used for sensitive and dangerous situations but simple robots that just replaces humans with household works.


  • Robots are meant to replace humans but it not just replace humans but does the work better and faster than humans.
  • They are predictable as they don’t have emotions. They are programmed to behave in a certain way so we know what we can expect while humans on the other hand are complex creatures.
  • They don’t take rest. As long as the power source for the robot is available, the robot can’t refuse to do a certain work.


  • The advantages may turn as a disadvantage at times, robots work without taking rest as long as it has it’s power source. But what if there is not power, that is when we become helpless, without it the robot is just a machine that does nothing.
  • They are programmed in a certain way and that is a disadvantage too. Because the robot can’t behave beyond what is programmed, it sticks to it’s job which may lead to failures when the situation becomes way different than what is programmed.
  • They are expensive. There is a lot of work done behind a robot and it is way more expensive than we think. If it was cheap we would be having robots all over the world.

Things to do when you are bored

There are times when you feel like doing nothing. You just want to sit there and stare at the wall. It feels like the time stopped flying. When you encounter such situations where you literally have nothing to do but you want to actually do something, there are certain things you can try to pass the time. I will give some ideas on how you can utilize that time to spend it in a better way.


Journaling is the act of writing about you or anything you like. It is used to express your thoughts or get your negative thoughts out on a diary. Journaling is a habit that we will pick up at some point in our life. I would say it is a great practice that one should do whenever they get time. It helps you clear your mind, a piece of paper will act as your friend to whom you can express everything, pour everything and clear your mind. If you are stuck without knowing what to do, go and take a notebook or paper and start writing about your life or about how you feel at the moment. Writing organizes your thoughts and paves way to new thoughts in your mind.


You ever think that you don’t have time to organize your work or plan your schedule beforehand? This free time is what will help you with your plan. Whenever you find yourself bored, make a todo list and plan your schedule. Plan the next day and organize your work. This is a great use of time and you are also being ready for your upcoming works.

Learn something new

Learning or picking up a new habit when you are free is going to help you for a long time. It can be very small thing or it can be a long time thing to do whenever you are bored. Learning language will make you exercise your brain. Your knowledge in language expands, which will help you somewhere in future. Apps like Duolingo works best for learning short phrases and words. It will also help you pass time without getting bored.

One more tip I would give is that when you are busy and something pops in your head. Let’s say you are watching a series and you want to know the meaning of some word or phrase, quickly note it in a paper or mobile notes. You can utilize this free time to go through that work. It can be anything little that you postpone to do later, you simply note it down and do it when you are free.


What could be the best time to start working out than when you are extremely bored and looking for doing something interesting. Grab this time to start your workout and make it a habit. It is a really healthy habit and you are not wasting any time there.


Explore your hobbies. There may be hobbies that you left at some point of your life and you may want to pick it up. Start exploring your interests and start doing them when you are free. They are like helping hands when you are bored. Start exploring new things too and pick up new habits.


This is a simple article to give you ideas on the opportunities that are around you to learn because it is never over, we keep learning every single day. Using our time to do something useful gives immense happiness because of the fact that we are not simply sitting. Being productive every single day is a key to happiness and feeling good about yourself.

A guide to internships


Internship is an opportunity for you to get real time experience in a field that you are interested in. It is a program that helps you improve in a particular field. Internships are short-term jobs. Internships are mostly done before securing a permanent job or done by college students to add it as an experience in their resume. Internships can be paid and unpaid. Either way you will work for a particular organization and get experience.

Requirements for an internship

This is just the basic requirements for any internship you get. The particular organization will have particular requirements for the internship anyway. These are the things that you need to have before you apply for an internship

  • A well built resume. As internship is actually a job that you are going to do, the organization need to know your education details and other interests. So you need to have your resume ready.
  • Experience. Don’t forget to add your experience details in your resume if you have any, because that acts as one of the factors to hire candidates. Some organizations do not expect any previous experience from you. And some will require work samples related to your work. If you can do your work samples and keep them ready, there are chances to be hired since they can see if you are capable of doing the job or not.
  • Why should we hire you. This is one important question that requires a neat and precise thoughtful answer. Be prepared for that. Make sure you show your interest towards the work you would be doing as well as towards the organization. Mention your experience in it if you have any.
  • Research. Research about the organization you are applying for and get to know them. This is not very much necessary but you need to know this in order to know about the company and develop interest. The company most of the time is not going to ask questions about them but it would be good if you mention some of it during interview.
  • Assessment. Some organizations do not ask for work samples instead they give you assessment to get to know your knowledge in the field. Do the assessment with full dedication and be punctual and submit it before deadline.

Find the internship

Next step is to look for internships. I will list down some internship websites I know.

  • LinkedIn
  • Internshala
  • Glassdoor
  • LetsIntern
  • InternWorld
  • HelloIntern


Once you get an internship offer, do it with full dedication even if it is unpaid. Make contacts with the employees to increase your professional circle. Some organizations provide letter of recommendation. It will help you in future to get a permanent job.


If you are a college student and have interest in some field with little knowledge in it, go ahead and find an internship to develop it! It will definitely help you to get a job after internship by developing yourself. When you are free and has nothing to do, you can simply join for a 1 month internship to get exposure.

Health and fitness

Health is an important aspect in anyone’s life. Fitness is a proof for a healthy person. By achieving a healthy body, we can achieve a healthy mind. Small habit changes in our day-day life will change our life completely in a healthier way. Food is the first thing to take into considering when we talk about health. There are lots of aspects to having a healthy life. I will share with you the small steps that you need to take to start your healthy journey.

Proper diet

The first thing that comes to our mind when we think about being healthy is being on a proper diet. It is not just about what we eat, it is also about when we eat. Healthy food aside, having your food at the right time every day will cut off lots of health issues. Many of us skip breakfast and eat straight at lunch time. You haven’t had anything for the past 12 hours so your stomach is literally empty with stomach acid in it. There are many risk factors when high stomach acid is secreted. The main function of this acid is to digest the food that you intake so better give it some food in the morning otherwise it will cause some serious health issues.

Keep specific timings for your breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you take food at proper timings, it will solve many health issues. Breakfasts should be taken around 7 to 9 AM. Lunch should be taken around 12 to 2 PM. Dinner should be taken around 7 to 9 AM. So make sure you stick to the timings and have a healthy diet!

Next comes the healthy food. Make sure you take vegetables thrice a week and fish twice a week (if you are a non vegetarian) and one cheat day to eat your favorite junk food. Intake of all kinds of food is important. Junk food and outside food from time to time would be fine but making it as a part of your diet would cause major health issues.

Sleep schedule

Another important factor that ruins your health is lack of sleep. I know most of us have issues with falling asleep at night time and that becomes a routine. The first step to do is to not make it a routine and not normalizing the sleep schedule. If you can only sleep at 1 then consider it a serious issue and work towards changing it.

Ways to stabilize your sleep schedule

  • Push in all your work within 11 PM and make yourself completely free at night. If you are a work from home dude then plan it accordingly, you require 6 to 8 hours of sleep, that’s all matters.
  • Avoid using mobile phone or laptop after 11 PM. Make sure you have at least 30 mins gap without screen time before sleeping.


Fitness is achieved by exercising your body regularly. It can be anything that you do. A simple 1 hour walk in the morning will keep you active throughout the day. There are many forms of exercises that you can do. You can workout everyday with simple moves. The ultimate goal is to exercise your muscles and not make them lazy. Some forms of exercise are,

  • home workouts
  • Going to gym
  • Morning/evening walk
  • Cycling
  • Dance workout
  • yoga

Meditation helps you exercise your mind. It calms and clears your mind. If you start doing it you will definitely see the results in your day to day life.


These are some factors that affects our health and if we bring more concentration into all of this, we can be healthy mentally and physically. Make time to focus on your mind and body.

Gaming – pros and cons

All of us at some point of our life have played some game, at least candy crush. So why not we know what the pros and cons are. We see Indian parents being against gaming and thinking it as a sin or something but is it really that bad? I have seen streamers play for 25 hours for their 25th birthday, is it that good for health?

Pros of gaming

  • Gaming is not actually that bad. There is good as well as a bad side for everything in this world just like gaming. Gaming improves our logical thinking and reflexes. As a gamer myself I can say that I have seen improving in the particular game by learning all tactics and stuff. So it is not a waste of time.

  • Social skills – Gamers can easily develop their social skills. If it is a multiplayer game, you need to communicate with your teammates. You will be communicating with people from various places and over time you will find yourself making a bunch of gamer friends online.

  • I am not sure about physical health but it does improve your mental health. My go-to mood changes is always gaming. It is like you sunk into the virtual world, so obviously you forget your life problems and have a good game. You will be inside the virtual world thinking how to kill this guy, how to win this match etc. and that would be your major problem at that time.

  • Increases brain function. You give your brain exercise by thinking deeply about how to win this match or something. Video games gives us a reason to implement reasoning and logical ability.

Cons of gaming

  • Health issues – I am not a doctor to find out what exactly it does to our eyes or health but I do know it is not good for our eyes to sit and play for more than 3 hours. For me 3 hours is the maximum, if I play beyond that I tend to get headaches. Obviously screen time should be reduced as everything now is done online. So it is better if we start playing outdoor games.

  • Too much of anything is good for nothing. Addiction is bad no matter what is it. That too addiction towards gaming is going to affect you mentally and physically as well. You can play games daily for a limited time but you can’t play the whole day.

  • The amount of negativity in the gaming community is more than negativity in any other place. I encounter with toxic players everyday. It is just easy for them to be toxic and hurt you as they are hiding behind a fake identity “game name”.

  • Not concentrating on other works. Going into the virtual world and never coming back to the real world is another problem. Again we need to know our limits of when to stop gaming. Anything in limit is not harmful according to me.


The only reason why parents are against gaming is that we tend to play for hours and hours and spoil our health which our parents obviously don’t like. So let them know that few hours of gaming is good and not going to affect anyone and have fun!

Importance of time

We don’t realize the importance of time when we are passing it. It all strikes only when everything becomes the past. This article is to make you realize that every single second matters and sometimes it feels okay to waste our time and do nothing but it is us who will regret it later. Let us not do that mistake anymore. Things will come into place when we start realizing that time is the most important thing in anyone’s life!

Reasons why time is precious

  • Time is precious because we cannot get it back. Once it is gone, nothing can be done.
  • If you keep running at the same pace of time, you will feel a lot better. Of course you can take small breaks, but never let time outrun you. Make use of every second in improving yourself and nourishing yourself.
  • Time is precious because it has the power to make you a better person if you use it.
  • The best proverb that says perfectly about time is “Time and tide wait for none“.

What can I do to not waste time?

You can do literally anything instead of wasting time. I sometimes find myself doing useless things like simply scrolling Instagram feed with no motivation. I could have done a lot more in that time right? It is okay to take breaks but if you find yourself taking that break very often, you need to come back on feet.

If you are a student, it all feels right when we sit and do nothing but believe me, we will regret it in future. For students, time management is very importance and if we don’t realize and act accordingly, it tends to lead to failure. So instead you can do SOMETHING. You can watch a useful video. You can do something that you love. You can even watch series or movies! as long as it has something to teach you of course. You can even play for sometime to develop your gaming skills.

In a day, if you want to make the best use of the next 24 hours, plan your day first thing in the morning and go with that flow. It will help you get your work done, will make you productive, will make you feel good about yourself. What else do we want?

When we have the good health and better energy, it is best if we use it right now. When we become old even if we want to go out and play it will eventually become difficult. Work on improving yourself.

Time is the biggest gift of all, try to spend time with your family and friends too! We don’t know what the next sec is going to bring us so instead of wondering about it we can live in the present and spend our time happily.


I am not insisting you to spend time on learning or improving alone, but of course to make yourself happy. Spend every sec of your life happily. After all, time spent on enjoying is not a waste.

Learn to say “no”

You can save yourself from lots of problems if you learn just one thing which is “a way to say no”. Yeah, I am not asking you to be harsh by saying a hard no but if you can be honest with people about how you feel about something and tell them you can’t do something, it will save you a lot of time and energy.

We often tend to accept anything that people tell us because for us it may be hard to say no to their face or we don’t know how to be honest with them. This one simple thing will change your life. We don’t have to please people every time, in fact it is impossible to satisfy everyone around us and make them happy. Sometimes we have to stand for ourselves and think about our own good and peace.

I want you to pause here and think about the times when people said “no” to you. Why did they not hesitate to say “no”? Did you feel awfully bad when they don’t say yes to you? No, right? You are not hurting others by saying no, you are just looking after yourself when you do that. So there is absolutely no reason to feel bad about saying no.

Nobody can be nice all the time and you are simply hurting yourself by attempting to be one. You are not always responsible for others well being and happiness. I have caught myself saying yes when I was so not interested in doing something or even when I was busy I refused to say no.

This is actually a serious problem, when you put your mental health at risk and accept everyone’s request around you, it will definitely make you feel bad and sometimes people won’t even consider your efforts or in what position you are when you accept their requests so I would say anything that costs your mental health is not worth it.

The bottom line is, if you don’t want it, don’t do it. Being nice will allow some toxic people to get advantage on you. They will think “he/she will never say no so we can use them to complete the work”. I am sure you don’t want to be treated this way. For that, you should learn to put your priorities first before pleasing others. Learning this will benefit you in lot of ways by hurting no one. But every time you say yes, you are hurting yourself. “Saying no is one of the best forms of self-care we can engage in” Washington says. When you say no, you let people know that you are strong enough to put your thoughts first and that you are not there to please anyone. Also you are not hurting the other person. Most times the person is going to understand your situation.

How to say no?

It is not as simple as it sounds but once you start doing it. you will feel really good about yourself.

Imagine, someone comes to you and asks for some help. But you are busy at the moment and you have lot other works. You really want to help that person but you can’t. You can tell the person, “I really wish I could help but sorry I can’t, I have to do another work”. Saying this simply makes it all easier than saying yes to anything that comes to you.

Practice it every time when you really want to say “no” to save yourself from any big responsibilities.

Happy day!

Why are cats amazing…

Cats are awesome pets. Although some people disagree with this, I am not backing off with my opinion. I am very much eligible to talk about why cats are the best because I have come across and lived with 9 different cats throughout my life. Each cat had something to teach me and gave something for me to miss about. I have decided to not have cats anymore because of the abundant love I have for them and because I lost many precious ones. I don’t think I can bear that pain.

Cats love you

Cats can seem to be mean at times. Sometimes, they ARE mean and that is the most attractive trait in a cat. But they love their owners abundantly and they have different ways to show it. Only people who can understand cat language can feel their love. Cats are loyal too. Cats are lovable too.

They live in their world

If you have lived with cats, you will know that they live in their worlds. They sleep and eat when you feed them. Sits on your lap and purrs for hours. Their lives are very simple. They may seem like they don’t show as much attention to you as much as dogs do. But no matter where you are they will search for you just to sit on your lap and sleep.

They are the cutest

You can simply adore them for the way they are, physically as well as mentally. Like I said before, you can simply watch a cat roaming around or playing or sleeping or just living in their cute little world. You can watch that all day and never get bored.

As I write this I am getting tons of memories about my cats flashing before my eyes and filling my eyes with tears. Losing a cat is the worst thing that could happen to a cat lover.

Before you judge me based on this article that I have only encountered with sweet cute cats I would like to stop you. I have an experience with an evil cat, like Mr. kat. I still couldn’t figure out what the cat’s mentality was but he doesn’t want to be touched. When I did he would scratch me and leave me bleeding. Yet I could never stop loving him and tried showing how much I loved him. He will catch my leg and scratch it even if I just walk past him. Not all cats are cute and silent. They all have their personalities and I have learned that we should respect that. That cat needed a trained professional who could handle him. Sadly I couldn’t handle him that well. We gave him away.

Another encounter is the complete opposite. I had this cutest and the smartest cat. She was potty trained and she knows her name too. She was the best cat I would say. One day at night during a power cut she ran away and we couldn’t find her. She left a big scar on my heart. Losing her is the worst thing that happened in my life.

I still love cats. I am just not ready to raise another cat on my own. Cats are beautiful inside out if we can understand them well. If you ever get a chance to provide a home to a cat, please do 🙂

The law of attraction

It is a philosophy that suggests that positive thoughts bring positivity and negative thoughts bring negativity to your life. It is basically a belief that when we tell the universe what we want in life, it delivers it to us. The positive energy from us attracts success in all aspects of our life like health, relationships, career, etc.

The theory was put forth by a book “The Secret”. But there is no scientific evidence for the claims. Many people in the world follow the law and claim that it is actually true.

How does this actually work?

It suggests that if we focus on positive things in our life it will attract it, likewise, if we focus on negative things, negative situations will be attracted towards us. So basically we must focus on what we want and not on what we don’t want.Another law suggests that if we ignore the negative thoughts, we give more space to positivity in our lives, which gets delivered in our day-to-day lives.

How can I implement this?

You can practice the law of attraction every second of your life by following a few things. Let me creates scenarios for better understanding.

One day, you are getting up from bed in a bad mood. You have lots of work on that day so you are a little frustrated with it. The first thing you can do there is, before doing anything, tell yourself that the day is going to be awesome and you will complete all your work by the end of the day. This simple thought will motivate you and make you feel positive right after you get up. People believe that a positive start to a day will give you the strength to survive the day no matter what comes in your way. Now, let us create another scenario.

You want to buy something, let’s say a bicycle. This law suggests that you should push yourself into thinking about how it will feel when you possess it and how you will enjoy it. Feel like you already own it. Focus your mind completely on it. Wake up to it. The universe will make ways for you to get it. But again, you also have to work to get it. Just simple thoughts cannot bring it to you. It is just a way of motivating you and making you believe that you can own it, everything I said now is about the positivity you are creating. This is one of the theories of the laws of attraction.

In another scenario, let’s say you are about to attend an interview and you are nervous about it. Instead of thinking “I hope I don’t mess this up”, you can think “I hope I do well in this interview”. This is basically an example of using positive affirmations. Again, this is one of the ways you can ignore negative thinking.

To conclude I would say, the law of attraction is not the only solution for all your life problems but it is definitely going to create a different perspective for you if you practice it daily. It is all about perspective and whatever we do is for our happiness so why not start it with a happy note?

Career in Psychology

Psychology is a study of human mind, behavior and how it influences their overall personality. If you are a person who loves to know about every aspects of human mind, then you should definitely go for a career in the same. Psychology is something that most people has interest in but refuse to make a career out of it thinking that there is no scope! Let me tell you, no career is any lesser than other careers if you are truly into it. Let us know some basics about career in psychology.

Types of job roles in psychology

  1. Career counsellors – Career counsellors are people who gives advice on choosing the right career paths for students who are in need of them. Choosing a career is one of the important decisions that we need to make in our lives and we need career counsellors to properly guide us towards the right path. You may think anyone can do that, even my aunt can do that. The difference is these people focus more on the suitable path for you rather than comparing jobs based on salary. They will first conduct tests to analyze your personality, interests, skills, intelligence level etc. You can opt for this job role if you believe you have enough knowledge about different career paths.
  2. Forensic psychologist – Forensic psychologists are professionals who work with police investigators. They are taken along with the investigators to crime scenes where they are needed for crime investigation and law cases. Psychologists are much suited for investigates since they know how human brain works, they know how to get the truth from the criminal.
  3. Clinical psychologists – Clinical psychologists have their own clinics or they work in hospitals. They deal with patients with mental illness and emotional disorders. They are professionals whoa are highly trained in diagnosis and psychological treatment. They conduct research and experiments on various psychology related topics to get better understanding of clinical psychology.
  4. Educational psychologists – Educational psychologists learn about the learning process of our brain, and differences in learning of individuals. They are professionals who work in schools or colleges where they help the students who are suffering with mental issues. Educational sector can be hectic at times and makes the students suffer with random disorders. We have always needed people to talk when we feel suffocated from school/college works. Well, that is why educational psychologists exist.

Myths about career in psychology

  • You can’t become a psychologist if you are an introvert” – It doesn’t matter whether you are an introvert or an extrovert if you have enough knowledge and the ability to cure patients with mental illness, If you can communicate your thoughts and give advice to your patients, then you can totally pursue that.
  • Psychologists can read minds” – Absolutely not, they have greater understanding of human personality and behavior with which they can infer your state of mind but they can’t read minds!

My Fav Quotes—

Quotes are simple words that make sense which in turn motivate us. I am sure we all have our favorite quotes. Some people would want to wake up to quotes in order to make their day better and positive. Some others make sure they remember their favorite quotes whenever they are demotivated. I am here to share with you some of my favorite quotes and how they never fail to motivate me.

Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced

We get lots of problems in life but we should not label it as a problematic life. If you ask me, I would say that there is nothing to solve. We must go through all ups and downs to get the experience and maturity to deal with the problems so that you get trained enough to face anything that life brings you. We don’t have to solve it, we just have to face it and figure out a way to deal with it, find a way to bring back the happiness that we wanted. It is all about perspective and if we change our perspectives towards our life and problems, we will be the king/queen of our lives by taking control of it.

There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy

This one right here is literally true but all we think about is the problems and hardships that we have. If we can spend lots of time thinking about bad moments and problems to make ourselves sad, then we can spend time thinking about beautiful times and cherishable memories. We are not realizing the importance of this. This should be an important part of the day where we sit and think about reasons to be happy and motivate ourselves with positivity. I hope you all practice this everyday.

The best way to avoid disappointment is to not expect anything from anyone

Expecting things is human nature but we can win over that if we master the act of self love. If you love yourself enough there will be nothing to expect from others. Expectations bring us nothing but disappointment. We tend to expect more from our loved ones forgetting the fact that sometimes we may not get what we expect and that is going to affect us on a different level. Best way to avoid that is to love yourself and keep in mind not to expect anything from others.

You will never understand the damage you did to someone until the same thing is done to you

Understanding this quote will teach you many things and stops you from getting into unwanted problems, especially in relationships. Anything you say or do, before doing it, take some time to put yourself in the other person’s place. You can avoid many unwanted conflicts. Not only that but it will make you grow as a person. You can see yourself becoming more mature.

Learning to ignore things is one of the greatest paths to inner peace

Someone who can ignore other people’s opinions scares me the most. That is one great quality one can have. That is not useful for others but it will help us reach a different level of inner peace. You will see yourselves stop worrying about unwanted things and you will start focusing on yourself more. So stop focusing on useless opinions and start focusing on yourself and your inner peace more.

Hope you follow these basic things in life and make your everyday life better 🙂

How to learn anything!

We all want to learn something in our life. It can be a language or a skill or a technology, it can be anything. There are some steps that we need to follow in order to learn it because we can’t simply sit and wait for a miracle to happen. So, I am going to help you all with what I know on how to learn something.

  • First of all, keep the habit of writing down things, I don’t know who needs to hear this but writing things down will really helps us to organize our thoughts and helps us figure out what we are going to do with it.
  • Next step is to write down what you already know about it or what you can do in order to learn it. If you don’t know that you might want to do some research and put things down on a paper or a document. Writing things down simply helps us to collect our thoughts and remember them in a text format, so that you don’t miss out on anything. For example, If you want to learn French, you can write things like “I want to learn the French language. I have learnt the basics of it. I can recall them from ABC website. I will register a language course on ABC website and start learning it.
  • The next step is the most important while learning something. Make sure you schedule your timing for learning the particular skill. Start off at a slower pace like an hour a day and then slowly increase it as you get used to the study time. Put the timing down on a piece of paper and stick it to your study table so that you don’t forget.

  • Be serious about it. Even if it is a very small thing, it is you who wanted to learn it. It will give you happiness when you achieve it. So don’t skip it thinking that it is not required, unless you have some other important work to do.
  • Set a daily goal for yourself. Setting goals will push you to learn more. You will tend to see yourself actively learning without getting bored. I would say keep a check list for every day. Wake up early and write down a to-do list and make sure you check all of them by the end of the day.
  • Setting bigger goals sometimes can be overwhelming and suffocating so keep your goals smaller and achievable. You will see yourself progressing in learning the particular thing.
  • Practical knowledge is very important when you learn something. You can see yourself making very little progress when you just attend courses and take notes. you need to apply it somewhere and practice. That is why they say “Practice makes a man perfect“. Best example for this is learning a new language, only if you practice it by speaking in that language with someone you will get good at it. Otherwise by time, you will forget the things that you have learnt.

Happy learning!

F.R.I.E.N.D.S – The learning

How many of you have watched the series “F.R.I.E.N.D.S”? If you haven’t and if you are above 18, go watch it right now. I am a diehard friends fan. I can watch the series all day. I can watch from the middle, I can directly watch the last season and the 6 of them never fail to make me the happiest. I am sure there are haters and the main reason for hating the show is because of the on and off relationships or some meaningless dates. Yeah, some things don’t make sense to me too but there are so many other things that I could learn from the show.

I’ll be there for you

Each and every character in the show is well created with perfect personalities and with perfect balance. If I was asked to choose between any 2 of them it would be so difficult because everyone is balanced. The show never failed to make me cry. There are so many emotional moments that make the viewers cry. I can write whole another article to show my love towards the show but I am now here to list out things that I have learned from the show (list down reasons for you to watch the show)

It is never too late

I learned that it is never too late to get back on your feet, never too late to follow your passion.

Rachel Green

Be it Rachel Green, the spoiled little girl who was going to get married, who then realized that that is not what she wants in her life. That one thought can change everything. She started as a waitress. Later she found a job for her passion (fashion). She escalated step by step, at the end she was capable enough to get a job in Paris. The way she gets hold of her life and works towards her passion will never fail to inspire others.

Chandler Bing

On the other hand, we have Chandler Bing, the king of sarcasm. Chandler was in this job statistical analysis and data reconfiguration the whole time. When he realized that this job is not what he really likes, he quits. In an episode he says that he hates his job whereas everyone else says that they love their job. In another episode when he can’t be with his wife on Christmas, he quits the job without a second thought. He finds his passion and gets a job as a writer.

These two people showed that it is never too late to follow your passion and you can change you fate and career whenever you want if you work hard.

Never care about what others think

Phoebe Buffay

Who comes to your mind when you read this? Of course Phoebe Buffay. I absolutely adore her for her attitude towards her surroundings, her confidence, her weirdness. She simply does whatever she wants to do without even thinking about what others will think of her. But she doesn’t forget to check on her friends or take care of them because friends are very important to phoebe. She managed to keep herself happy even though she had a terrible childhood. She plays guitar for herself and only for her happiness despite the negative comments she have got. She did not have long term relationships, because she did not want to get to attached to some random dating guy. Whenever she did, she was left hurt. Except for when she found the love of her life Mike. The package of Phoebe Buffay’s personality amuses me and I can aww about it all day. I simply love her.

She has taught me that you can change your traumatic day-to-day life to a fun filled beautiful life if you have the right attitude and mindset. She doesn’t speak much about her bad experiences form childhood and that is why she has always been a mystery.

You can always be nice

Ross Geller

The nicest person in the show would be Ross Geller. He doesn’t hold grudges and he has a pure heart. There are many situations where Ross could have simply walked away but he chose to be nice. Be it the time he helped Rachel get ready even though he had a big thing going on in his life (He was going to get featured in discovery channel, poor Ross). His friend seemed very important to him. The way he supports his sister’s life decisions and takes care of her. He has always been a great buddy to Chandler and Joey. How he supports Rachel with the whole pregnancy thing. He struggles to make her stay by getting her job back at Ralph Lauren but when he realizes that moving to Paris will make Rachel happy. He genuinely accepts that.

I will not forget to mention the time when he got Phoebe her first bike. That is the nicest thing someone could do. It takes very small things to be nice to others but we fail to understand the importance of that.

Cherish the people around you

Monica Geller

This would definitely be Monica Geller. I mean, as chandler said “She is a mother without a child”. That is one of those emotional moments that made me cry. Monica has always been the hostess. Taking care of others made her happy. What more can you learn from a person. The utmost generosity is taught to us by Monica. Right from season 1 to season 10.

All 6 of them hang out in Monica’s apartment and she never really thought bad about it. She wanted them to be around her. As she did not have many friends when she was young, she loved to keep the closest people and take care of them no matter what. She let Rachel stay with her without any second thought. She let Joey take food from her fridge whenever he wants. She hosted thanksgiving dinner every single year and made everyone so happy and so full. She is definitely a mother without a child.

Bring humor out of every problem

You are right, this is Chandler Bing. He taught us that no problem is bigger than you happiness. You don’t have to feel down because of the problems. You can still make fun of them and face them with humor. Something that is very difficult to do but Chandler Bing is very smooth with that. His humor is one of the best things in the show or should I say that he is the king of sarcasm.

He too had a terrible childhood, he dealt with parent’s divorce. That is when he found sarcasm to deal with all this. He waited for the right girl and when he found Monica he grew into whole other person who is mature, responsible and who no longer has commitment issues. Seeing chandler grow is one of the best parts of the show.

Keep following your passion

Joey Tribbiani

Joey is an actor in the entire show. He doesn’t get any big breaks. He doesn’t get so many opportunities but he kept trying and staying in the same field just because he loves it. No matter what others comment about his acting skills, he kept doing it. That is the kind of confidence that we all should have.

To conclude I would say, hold on to people who care about you. Take care of them, be supportive and be nice. Being nice takes nothing but gives you happiness that anything could ever give. Chandler selflessly took care of Joey like his kid. Only real friends can do such selfless act. Personally I am not very fond of friends (I’m an introvert), but I do believe in people who genuinely cares. Even if they are not nice to you, you can still be nice. Be the bigger person. But don’t please anyone.

Never think less of yourself!

I am sure there were times you tried so hard to get something but you never got it. You felt like a failure. You saw people around you growing higher and higher, so you felt inferior. Everyone in their life goes through this phase. Let me stop you right there. I am not here to remind you about all those feelings. I am here to tell you that you are amazing.

You may think it is so easy to talk positively. But when someone is actually going through hard times, it is hard to implement positivity in their life.

Let me tell you, mindset is what matters in the end. I am going to list out things that you can instantly do in order to bring positivity.

Before that, I would like to include something about myself. Positive thinking is a very difficult concept for me. Even though I know how important it is and how it helps us get so much better when we are down. So I tend to feel inferior to others. I tend to feel that I am not good enough. I am still having a hard time. But I always try to do something (anything) to make myself happier and to keep myself busy. No matter what it is (except binge-watching series XD).

Whenever you feel inferior,

  • First of all, YOU ARE NOT INFERIOR. It is just a feeling, not a fact. So stop thinking like that.
  • People gave me the advice to communicate with others. That’s actually a good idea if you are a people person. Since I am not, I always did everything by myself. I isolated myself during hard times to come back stronger.
  • Try doing something that you really really love, no matter how SMALL it is! You got to do it if it makes you HAPPY.
  • Ask yourself this question. Why do I feel inferior? If you get an answer, that’s your answer! For example. If you don’t have a job but others do, which in turn makes you feel like a failure. Just keep trying. Seriously keep trying. It can take weeks, months, or even years. But keep trying with passion. Keep trying to get something that you really want to do. Keep working on that. One day you will get it, that would be the happiest time of your life. All of a sudden your inferiority complex will vanish, you will feel stronger. You will be proud of yourself. Doesn’t matter if you get less salary than others, at least you got something that you have been waiting for for a long time. Something that you love. That’s what matters. Keep it simple.

  • Most times it’s not you who actually feel bad about yourself, it is your surroundings. The questions like, what would my relatives think if I don’t get a job by this year? What would my parents say? What would people around me think about me? Will they think I am useless? Well, even if they do. YOU DON’T HAVE TO CARE ABOUT IT. Only YOU know what you are going through. Only YOU know how much u tried and what you really want.
  • So never ever give up on yourself. It is okay to let bad feelings out at times. But you don’t have to feel like that all the time. You deserve happiness. Keep yourself happy. Keep trying, keep learning.

Did science and technology take over humans?


This definitely is a very vast topic but there are some things that we need to ask ourselves. What would we do without technology? Would we be happier? Would it all be very simple? Would we never evolve? I mean when we think about it lots of thoughts intrude our minds. Let me break it down to you and let us figure out how our lives have been changed this much.

Right now, we have lots and lots of technologies, we can actually do every single duty in our day-to-day life online. We wake up, we go to work/college. Of course online! If we are hungry, we can buy food online! If we want to buy clothes, we can buy them online! everything has evolved. Science and technology have expanded to every single field like medical, education, manufacturing, businesses, and so on. But let us stop and think, life was much much simpler when there was no technology when everything was offline. In the race of human life, evolution has become very important and everyone is running for it.

Now I would like to break down the advantages and disadvantages of technology to you.


  • The disadvantages are quite obvious. We are sunk into this virtual world and fail to notice the real world.
  • We rely on all these inventions and fail to accept that we have become so lazy. Of course, not everybody, People who make wise use of technology will never become lazy.
  • The human mind has both negative and positive sides. Such negative humans even misuse science for their own good. We are always told that the internet is not a safe place which is very true. As you become more of an internet person, you should not fail to look after the real world. We use the phrase “science took over humans” because one should never let science get possession of them.
  • Introducing science to children is a horrible concept according to me. Mobile phones have become pacifiers for children nowadays. The other day I was at a store and a child was crying. Her mother literally said to her other kid “Take her outside and give her a mobile phone”. This concept scares me the most. First of all, screen time should be completely avoided for kids. They shouldn’t get so fond of the virtual world even before they enter the actual world.


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  • Life becomes simple. Yeah I said before that life is simpler without technology. Either way it is simple, but one is nothing and simple, other is we have everything and technology makes it simple for us. To look on the brighter side, evolution of human life is very important. Technology really made a great contribution to that.
  • Technology improves our lives in a lot of other ways. Everyone in this world is getting benefited because of this.
  • I put disadvantages first and advantages second to let us remind ourselves despite all the disadvantages how much science has helped us improve ourselves. It is all about how efficiently we use this and not misuse it.


This article’s main purpose is to pause and think how much we are sunk into technology. We must update ourselves according to the pace of evolution as well as use it wisely. There is good, there is bad, our duty is to stay on the good side and make this world a better place to live in.