The law of attraction

It is a philosophy that suggests that positive thoughts bring positivity and negative thoughts bring negativity to your life. It is basically a belief that when we tell the universe what we want in life, it delivers it to us. The positive energy from us attracts success in all aspects of our life like health, relationships, career, etc.

The theory was put forth by a book “The Secret”. But there is no scientific evidence for the claims. Many people in the world follow the law and claim that it is actually true.

How does this actually work?

It suggests that if we focus on positive things in our life it will attract it, likewise, if we focus on negative things, negative situations will be attracted towards us. So basically we must focus on what we want and not on what we don’t want.Another law suggests that if we ignore the negative thoughts, we give more space to positivity in our lives, which gets delivered in our day-to-day lives.

How can I implement this?

You can practice the law of attraction every second of your life by following a few things. Let me creates scenarios for better understanding.

One day, you are getting up from bed in a bad mood. You have lots of work on that day so you are a little frustrated with it. The first thing you can do there is, before doing anything, tell yourself that the day is going to be awesome and you will complete all your work by the end of the day. This simple thought will motivate you and make you feel positive right after you get up. People believe that a positive start to a day will give you the strength to survive the day no matter what comes in your way. Now, let us create another scenario.

You want to buy something, let’s say a bicycle. This law suggests that you should push yourself into thinking about how it will feel when you possess it and how you will enjoy it. Feel like you already own it. Focus your mind completely on it. Wake up to it. The universe will make ways for you to get it. But again, you also have to work to get it. Just simple thoughts cannot bring it to you. It is just a way of motivating you and making you believe that you can own it, everything I said now is about the positivity you are creating. This is one of the theories of the laws of attraction.

In another scenario, let’s say you are about to attend an interview and you are nervous about it. Instead of thinking “I hope I don’t mess this up”, you can think “I hope I do well in this interview”. This is basically an example of using positive affirmations. Again, this is one of the ways you can ignore negative thinking.

To conclude I would say, the law of attraction is not the only solution for all your life problems but it is definitely going to create a different perspective for you if you practice it daily. It is all about perspective and whatever we do is for our happiness so why not start it with a happy note?

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