Hi beautiful’ s.

Today I am going to share few ways which I am using to vent out my anger and stress.

1.Speak out: when you are angry, speak out directly or else speak to yourself. It will help you to calm down.

2.Just go to an open place: when you are feeling stressed, just go to an open place. Getting fresh air will make our mind cool and calm.

3.Drink water: Many of us may be following this method. So, just drink a glass of water, when you are angry or stressed.

4.Divert yourself: Diverting yourself from stressing situation will help you a lot. Do anything that will help you to relax.

5.Speak to your favorite person: sometimes speaking to your favorite person will help you to feel at ease.

6 Scribble: Take a paper and start scribbling,. Until you feel good keep scribbling. And I am pretty sure, it is the best way to feel better.

And I am following these ways to vent out my stress and anger.And it is helping me to handle myself. And I recommend you all to follow this.

Hope so, it will help you.

Have a positive day.

Keep smiling ❣️


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