F.R.I.E.N.D.S – The learning

How many of you have watched the series “F.R.I.E.N.D.S”? If you haven’t and if you are above 18, go watch it right now. I am a diehard friends fan. I can watch the series all day. I can watch from the middle, I can directly watch the last season and the 6 of them never fail to make me the happiest. I am sure there are haters and the main reason for hating the show is because of the on and off relationships or some meaningless dates. Yeah, some things don’t make sense to me too but there are so many other things that I could learn from the show.

I’ll be there for you

Each and every character in the show is well created with perfect personalities and with perfect balance. If I was asked to choose between any 2 of them it would be so difficult because everyone is balanced. The show never failed to make me cry. There are so many emotional moments that make the viewers cry. I can write whole another article to show my love towards the show but I am now here to list out things that I have learned from the show (list down reasons for you to watch the show)

It is never too late

I learned that it is never too late to get back on your feet, never too late to follow your passion.

Rachel Green

Be it Rachel Green, the spoiled little girl who was going to get married, who then realized that that is not what she wants in her life. That one thought can change everything. She started as a waitress. Later she found a job for her passion (fashion). She escalated step by step, at the end she was capable enough to get a job in Paris. The way she gets hold of her life and works towards her passion will never fail to inspire others.

Chandler Bing

On the other hand, we have Chandler Bing, the king of sarcasm. Chandler was in this job statistical analysis and data reconfiguration the whole time. When he realized that this job is not what he really likes, he quits. In an episode he says that he hates his job whereas everyone else says that they love their job. In another episode when he can’t be with his wife on Christmas, he quits the job without a second thought. He finds his passion and gets a job as a writer.

These two people showed that it is never too late to follow your passion and you can change you fate and career whenever you want if you work hard.

Never care about what others think

Phoebe Buffay

Who comes to your mind when you read this? Of course Phoebe Buffay. I absolutely adore her for her attitude towards her surroundings, her confidence, her weirdness. She simply does whatever she wants to do without even thinking about what others will think of her. But she doesn’t forget to check on her friends or take care of them because friends are very important to phoebe. She managed to keep herself happy even though she had a terrible childhood. She plays guitar for herself and only for her happiness despite the negative comments she have got. She did not have long term relationships, because she did not want to get to attached to some random dating guy. Whenever she did, she was left hurt. Except for when she found the love of her life Mike. The package of Phoebe Buffay’s personality amuses me and I can aww about it all day. I simply love her.

She has taught me that you can change your traumatic day-to-day life to a fun filled beautiful life if you have the right attitude and mindset. She doesn’t speak much about her bad experiences form childhood and that is why she has always been a mystery.

You can always be nice

Ross Geller

The nicest person in the show would be Ross Geller. He doesn’t hold grudges and he has a pure heart. There are many situations where Ross could have simply walked away but he chose to be nice. Be it the time he helped Rachel get ready even though he had a big thing going on in his life (He was going to get featured in discovery channel, poor Ross). His friend seemed very important to him. The way he supports his sister’s life decisions and takes care of her. He has always been a great buddy to Chandler and Joey. How he supports Rachel with the whole pregnancy thing. He struggles to make her stay by getting her job back at Ralph Lauren but when he realizes that moving to Paris will make Rachel happy. He genuinely accepts that.

I will not forget to mention the time when he got Phoebe her first bike. That is the nicest thing someone could do. It takes very small things to be nice to others but we fail to understand the importance of that.

Cherish the people around you

Monica Geller

This would definitely be Monica Geller. I mean, as chandler said “She is a mother without a child”. That is one of those emotional moments that made me cry. Monica has always been the hostess. Taking care of others made her happy. What more can you learn from a person. The utmost generosity is taught to us by Monica. Right from season 1 to season 10.

All 6 of them hang out in Monica’s apartment and she never really thought bad about it. She wanted them to be around her. As she did not have many friends when she was young, she loved to keep the closest people and take care of them no matter what. She let Rachel stay with her without any second thought. She let Joey take food from her fridge whenever he wants. She hosted thanksgiving dinner every single year and made everyone so happy and so full. She is definitely a mother without a child.

Bring humor out of every problem

You are right, this is Chandler Bing. He taught us that no problem is bigger than you happiness. You don’t have to feel down because of the problems. You can still make fun of them and face them with humor. Something that is very difficult to do but Chandler Bing is very smooth with that. His humor is one of the best things in the show or should I say that he is the king of sarcasm.

He too had a terrible childhood, he dealt with parent’s divorce. That is when he found sarcasm to deal with all this. He waited for the right girl and when he found Monica he grew into whole other person who is mature, responsible and who no longer has commitment issues. Seeing chandler grow is one of the best parts of the show.

Keep following your passion

Joey Tribbiani

Joey is an actor in the entire show. He doesn’t get any big breaks. He doesn’t get so many opportunities but he kept trying and staying in the same field just because he loves it. No matter what others comment about his acting skills, he kept doing it. That is the kind of confidence that we all should have.

To conclude I would say, hold on to people who care about you. Take care of them, be supportive and be nice. Being nice takes nothing but gives you happiness that anything could ever give. Chandler selflessly took care of Joey like his kid. Only real friends can do such selfless act. Personally I am not very fond of friends (I’m an introvert), but I do believe in people who genuinely cares. Even if they are not nice to you, you can still be nice. Be the bigger person. But don’t please anyone.