Symptoms of Insomnia

Something that most of us are familiar with and struggling to get out of it. Insomnia, a sleeping disorder which basically makes it difficult for us to fall asleep. Even if you sleep, you may not be in a peaceful deep sleep, you may find yourself getting up in the middle of the night which is caused by insomnia.

Insomnia leads to many health issues. It can be acute or chronic. Acute insomnia lasts for few days or weeks while chronic insomnia lasts for few months.

Acute insomnia maybe the result of temporary stress in a person. The person will recover after the stress is gone. Chronic insomnia maybe the result of long term depression or stress. It can also be because of medical conditions.


Symptom for insomnia is pretty straight forward. If you have trouble with sleep or your sleep schedule. You might be having insomnia. Some other obvious and direct symptoms are,

  • not being able to get peaceful sleep
  • waking up in the middle of the sleep
  • trouble falling asleep at night
  • being tired all the time because of lack of sleep
  • anxiety, depression
  • medical issues like headache or eye pain

These are some of the symptoms that I know and have experienced. Now let us get into the ways to prevent or to recover from insomnia disorder.

Causes and Prevention

  • One of the main causes for insomnia is the stress that we go through. It is like a part of our day to day life but we can do some things to get far from being stressed all the time. Try doing meditation to clear your mind and get some peace as well as sleep. Work, school, college are all important but being sunk into work 24/7 is definitely a way of inviting stress into our lives. While you make time for work, make time for self care as well. With that you can avoid lot of stress and get a good night sleep.
  • Not having a proper sleep schedule will lead to insomnia. If you get used to sleeping late at night there is no going back. So always fix a proper time for your night sleep and stick to it. Avoid mobiles and laptops for a minimum of 30 mins before sleeping. Messing with your sleep schedule will ruin your sleep and makes it very hard to bounce back to proper schedule.