5 Reasons Being a Makeup Artist Is Amazing

Being a makeup artist is about so much more than just knowing how to do a face of makeup. Whether the world of YouTube beauty gurus has suddenly introduced you to something that you find fascinating, you know someone who loves being a makeup artist, or you’re just interested in the job, your interest in the makeup industry can lead you to a very promising career. You should consider numerous things before becoming a makeup artist, but here are five reasons why it’s a great career path.1. A flexible scheduleIf 9-to-5 jobs just aren’t your cup of tea, you’ll be right at home in the makeup world.

It’s true that individual gigs can sometimes be time-consuming and require a lot of energy, but you get to decide when you’re able to work and when you’re not. When someone contacts you and asks if you’re available, you can always say no if you wish, rather than being obligated to write it into your schedule. You can set your own hours based on whatever is happening in your life currently, and that freedom is priceless.2. Boundless creativityMakeup artists can have a variety of specialties, and you can decide what to do based on what you love doing. You might create special effects for movies, help brides look perfect for their big day, or style models for long shoots. Even better, the specialty that you pick when you first start out doesn’t have to be your only specialty. The skills you learn in a makeup artist program are applicable to a wide variety of specialties, so if bridal makeup starts to bore you, then you can easily move to model styling! It’s endlessly versatile, and that’s what makes it fun.3. A constant stream of interesting peopleEven if you’re not working with celebrities or doing special effects for the next blockbuster, you’re still going to meet all sorts of people as a makeup artist. The wide variety of people that you’ll meet ensures that your job will never be boring. If one of your clients grates on your nerves, you can rest easy in the knowledge that you won’t have to deal with that individual for very long. On the other hand, if you really hit it off with someone, you can exchange information and stay in touch with each other.4. Discounts on makeup suppliesunique discounts for makeup artistsnazarovsergey – stock.adobe.comAs a makeup artist, you have to supply your own makeup. That can definitely get expensive, but to offset some of those costs, many makeup companies offer discounts to people who’ve enrolled in or graduated from a makeup artist program. You can apply those discounts to your professional makeup collection, but your personal collection will benefit just as heavily from the steep discounts you can find at high-end makeup brands.5. Leaving an impact on peopleIt’s true that you’ll get criticism sometimes; some people will object to the way you’ve done something just because it doesn’t fit their personal tastes, and that can be difficult. However, for many makeup artists, the best part of the job is seeing someone’s face light up when seeing the finished makeup for the first time. No matter what your specialty is, how famous your client is, or what you’re styling for, seeing the smile on your client’s face will make all the work worth it.So, why should I become a makeup artist?Being a makeup artist requires a substantial amount of dedication, but it absolutely pays off in the end. You’ll get to see new things, meet new people, and embark on new

Photo by kinkate on Pexels.com