Why are cats amazing…

Cats are awesome pets. Although some people disagree with this, I am not backing off with my opinion. I am very much eligible to talk about why cats are the best because I have come across and lived with 9 different cats throughout my life. Each cat had something to teach me and gave something for me to miss about. I have decided to not have cats anymore because of the abundant love I have for them and because I lost many precious ones. I don’t think I can bear that pain.

Cats love you

Cats can seem to be mean at times. Sometimes, they ARE mean and that is the most attractive trait in a cat. But they love their owners abundantly and they have different ways to show it. Only people who can understand cat language can feel their love. Cats are loyal too. Cats are lovable too.

They live in their world

If you have lived with cats, you will know that they live in their worlds. They sleep and eat when you feed them. Sits on your lap and purrs for hours. Their lives are very simple. They may seem like they don’t show as much attention to you as much as dogs do. But no matter where you are they will search for you just to sit on your lap and sleep.

They are the cutest

You can simply adore them for the way they are, physically as well as mentally. Like I said before, you can simply watch a cat roaming around or playing or sleeping or just living in their cute little world. You can watch that all day and never get bored.

As I write this I am getting tons of memories about my cats flashing before my eyes and filling my eyes with tears. Losing a cat is the worst thing that could happen to a cat lover.

Before you judge me based on this article that I have only encountered with sweet cute cats I would like to stop you. I have an experience with an evil cat, like Mr. kat. I still couldn’t figure out what the cat’s mentality was but he doesn’t want to be touched. When I did he would scratch me and leave me bleeding. Yet I could never stop loving him and tried showing how much I loved him. He will catch my leg and scratch it even if I just walk past him. Not all cats are cute and silent. They all have their personalities and I have learned that we should respect that. That cat needed a trained professional who could handle him. Sadly I couldn’t handle him that well. We gave him away.

Another encounter is the complete opposite. I had this cutest and the smartest cat. She was potty trained and she knows her name too. She was the best cat I would say. One day at night during a power cut she ran away and we couldn’t find her. She left a big scar on my heart. Losing her is the worst thing that happened in my life.

I still love cats. I am just not ready to raise another cat on my own. Cats are beautiful inside out if we can understand them well. If you ever get a chance to provide a home to a cat, please do 🙂