Things to do when you are bored

There are times when you feel like doing nothing. You just want to sit there and stare at the wall. It feels like the time stopped flying. When you encounter such situations where you literally have nothing to do but you want to actually do something, there are certain things you can try to pass the time. I will give some ideas on how you can utilize that time to spend it in a better way.


Journaling is the act of writing about you or anything you like. It is used to express your thoughts or get your negative thoughts out on a diary. Journaling is a habit that we will pick up at some point in our life. I would say it is a great practice that one should do whenever they get time. It helps you clear your mind, a piece of paper will act as your friend to whom you can express everything, pour everything and clear your mind. If you are stuck without knowing what to do, go and take a notebook or paper and start writing about your life or about how you feel at the moment. Writing organizes your thoughts and paves way to new thoughts in your mind.


You ever think that you don’t have time to organize your work or plan your schedule beforehand? This free time is what will help you with your plan. Whenever you find yourself bored, make a todo list and plan your schedule. Plan the next day and organize your work. This is a great use of time and you are also being ready for your upcoming works.

Learn something new

Learning or picking up a new habit when you are free is going to help you for a long time. It can be very small thing or it can be a long time thing to do whenever you are bored. Learning language will make you exercise your brain. Your knowledge in language expands, which will help you somewhere in future. Apps like Duolingo works best for learning short phrases and words. It will also help you pass time without getting bored.

One more tip I would give is that when you are busy and something pops in your head. Let’s say you are watching a series and you want to know the meaning of some word or phrase, quickly note it in a paper or mobile notes. You can utilize this free time to go through that work. It can be anything little that you postpone to do later, you simply note it down and do it when you are free.


What could be the best time to start working out than when you are extremely bored and looking for doing something interesting. Grab this time to start your workout and make it a habit. It is a really healthy habit and you are not wasting any time there.


Explore your hobbies. There may be hobbies that you left at some point of your life and you may want to pick it up. Start exploring your interests and start doing them when you are free. They are like helping hands when you are bored. Start exploring new things too and pick up new habits.


This is a simple article to give you ideas on the opportunities that are around you to learn because it is never over, we keep learning every single day. Using our time to do something useful gives immense happiness because of the fact that we are not simply sitting. Being productive every single day is a key to happiness and feeling good about yourself.