Did science and technology take over humans?


This definitely is a very vast topic but there are some things that we need to ask ourselves. What would we do without technology? Would we be happier? Would it all be very simple? Would we never evolve? I mean when we think about it lots of thoughts intrude our minds. Let me break it down to you and let us figure out how our lives have been changed this much.

Right now, we have lots and lots of technologies, we can actually do every single duty in our day-to-day life online. We wake up, we go to work/college. Of course online! If we are hungry, we can buy food online! If we want to buy clothes, we can buy them online! everything has evolved. Science and technology have expanded to every single field like medical, education, manufacturing, businesses, and so on. But let us stop and think, life was much much simpler when there was no technology when everything was offline. In the race of human life, evolution has become very important and everyone is running for it.

Now I would like to break down the advantages and disadvantages of technology to you.


  • The disadvantages are quite obvious. We are sunk into this virtual world and fail to notice the real world.
  • We rely on all these inventions and fail to accept that we have become so lazy. Of course, not everybody, People who make wise use of technology will never become lazy.
  • The human mind has both negative and positive sides. Such negative humans even misuse science for their own good. We are always told that the internet is not a safe place which is very true. As you become more of an internet person, you should not fail to look after the real world. We use the phrase “science took over humans” because one should never let science get possession of them.
  • Introducing science to children is a horrible concept according to me. Mobile phones have become pacifiers for children nowadays. The other day I was at a store and a child was crying. Her mother literally said to her other kid “Take her outside and give her a mobile phone”. This concept scares me the most. First of all, screen time should be completely avoided for kids. They shouldn’t get so fond of the virtual world even before they enter the actual world.


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  • Life becomes simple. Yeah I said before that life is simpler without technology. Either way it is simple, but one is nothing and simple, other is we have everything and technology makes it simple for us. To look on the brighter side, evolution of human life is very important. Technology really made a great contribution to that.
  • Technology improves our lives in a lot of other ways. Everyone in this world is getting benefited because of this.
  • I put disadvantages first and advantages second to let us remind ourselves despite all the disadvantages how much science has helped us improve ourselves. It is all about how efficiently we use this and not misuse it.


This article’s main purpose is to pause and think how much we are sunk into technology. We must update ourselves according to the pace of evolution as well as use it wisely. There is good, there is bad, our duty is to stay on the good side and make this world a better place to live in.