The Perfect Career

PERFECT CAREER : Myth or Reality ?

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As the CBSE Results have been announced for class 12th on July 30, 2021 and of class 10th on August 3, 2021 many of the students have started searching for their further career fields and paths.

For many of us (the lucky ones) our interests and passion play a key role in finding our perfect career and for the others it might be difficult to find a passion that strong that can be converted into profession. As the date for admission for colleges and universities comes closer we all try to take as many as advices from out relatives, friends and fellowmates. But you see there is a very rare possibility that others will choose a right career for you.

So what can we do?

  1. Take a Notebook.
  2. Now write down your interests on that. Be it anything. Just remember there is a career for everything (unless it is illegal) and I am leaving that to you.
  3. After writing those down, just do a research on each one of them. Search for people with same profession over Google, LinkedIn, YouTube. Ask yourself is this really the thing you wanna spend the initial stage of my youth on. Trust me you will get the answer sooner or later.
  4. Just do not get too harsh on yourself and yeah you are allowed to change your career later on. Just do not be a puppet, what really matters is that whether you are happy or not. Have a look…

5. Do not let money be the sole purpose of choosing a career. I know its difficult but give importance to other factors as well.

6. Introspect more often than observation. Every minute of your life is different than that of your friend. Your thoughts might be similar but if you will go down the road of introspection you will sooner realize how unique and different you are from anyone else. That’s true.

Therefore, in my opinion, A’s career might look perfect at a point of time. But A has to deal with a lot of challenges following that career. And then A may find B’s career as perfect who might later wanna shift his/her career. So, this is a blend of myth and reality and depends on the person, conditions and time.

Love yourself, and see how you’re gonna achieve Wonders.