Are you also reading, “Satyanarayana & Chakrapani’s Book?

Yeah, you heard it right I am talking about the book that is used by most of the”PHARMACY” novices and other fields students also referred to this book.

The authors of this, book are “U. Satyanarayan and U.Chakrapani”.

Let’s talk in detail about this novel.

Why should we use this book, it’s a major question that arises in our mind, so the simplest key is that it includes clinical concepts along with its case studies, which will be helpful in the coming academic year.

we are pharmacy students, we should know about various clinical concepts alog with its case studies . So this book should be our perfect choice.

The silent features of this book are the –

    -It encompasses basic knowledge about biochemistry.

  –  It includes seven domains in the hierarchical order of biochemistry, which will be useful for us to study smoother.

  – Each chapter in this book is a carefully colour portrayal along with headings and subheadings to facilitate quick understanding.

      –  This book also incorporated knowledge about the various applications of biochemistry in our daily life.

“Why should we read this book?”

There are myriad boons of this book, for everyone it may be a student or it can be a teacher also.

This book amasses a variety of different things related to our syllabus, that fascinate everyone for reading.

    This book elucidates the important application of biochemistry to human health and disease are put together as biochemical or clinical beliefs, that are useful in the next year of our educational openings.

    The icons are used at appropriate places to serve as a ” landmark.”

The origin of the biochemical words, practical biochemistry, biochemistry in the laboratory and case studies with biochemical correlation, given in this book very properly, makes its book appropriate for various types of references studies.

    We never thought that the advances in biochemistry have a tremendous effect on human welfare and they have largely benefited mankind & their lives, that known to us after reading this book.

Now, we simply have to look at the organisation of the book:-

Section 1:- It deals with the chemical constituent of esprit that includes carbohydrates, lipids, proteins etc.

Section 2:-  It includes the physiological chemistry.

Section 3:- It embodies all the metabolism (carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, amino acids, nucleotides& minerals )

Section 4:-  It shrouds hormones, organ function tests, water, electrolytes etc.

Section 5:-  Is solely devoted to molecular biology and biotechnology.

Section 6:- Gives relevant information on the current theme such as the human genome project, gene therapy, bioinformatics etc.

Section 7:-  It deals with the basic aspects of learning and understanding biochemistry.

    Through looking the various sections of the book, you have came roughly idea about what is included in this book and its organisation.

I am also a pharmacy student, so according to me, it is the best reference tale for learning and understanding biochemistry.

Not only me but the professors have also suggested this book as a reference for students.

Finally, we can say that:-

 “The book is so organized as to equip bibliomaniac with a meticulous knowledge of biochemistry”.

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