Teen struggles.

Teenage years are a time of rapid growth and change, physically and mentally. Teenagers are between the age group of 13-19 from puberty to adulthood, this is where the crucial stage of people’s life begins where they either make a bad decision or a good one’s. This is the time of adolescence, which may be a rough time for parents to control them with this furious and frustrated nature. Teenage life is difficult to understand as it’s more towards finding themselves out, it’s a period of the span where kids try to indicate themselves. This is due to hormonal changes in them, it changes their set of mind, behavior, frustration, angriness and whatsoever. This may sound crazy but it is okay to be like this in these particular years. It shows the transitional stages in a kids life, but it is a physical, psychological, cultural stage of expression may start soon and end as later as it can be.

Youngsters make early decisions about their schooling, subject, and career which is a lot of pressure for them. Some even think their secondary marks decide the whole future and career.

A major issue faced by teenagers:

Suicide, as we all know teen period is very stressful. They are filled with major changes which include hormonal changes, changes in behavior, and in feeling too. This leads to more confusion, stress, fear, and doubt in themselves. 

For some teens, normal development may be a bit harder when are combined with different events like:- 


change in the families behavior

loved one’s moving out etc. 

This problem doesn’t seem easy to handle or overcome, it leads to suicide in the teenage generation as they are not very developed from the mind and thinking.

Here I have a story for you about the latest suicide in India.

  • 18-year-old boy committed suicide for losing money of 15000 rs while ordering a smartphone from an online site.
  • 16-year-old girl died after committing suicide. She was popular on social media and had many followers.
  • A 14-year-old girl died after being raped by 3 men in Madhya Pradesh.

Depression is common at a young age. It says that 20% of the kids are affected by mental depression at adolescent age and many of them suffer from a year or more.

Depression is a very serious issue, not only in teenagers but also in adults. Depression leads to suicide, depression, and suicide revolves around each other. In simple words, depression or any other harmful action which can not be bared leads to suicide.

Bullying is another thing that hurts an innocent mind and personality. It happens when one particular thing is repeated in front of the same person which is way offensive for the person and is’nt able to handle the insult. Bullying is a deliberate behavior.

Here I have some incidents related to it:-

  • Riddhi Oswal, age 16, resides with her parents in Switzerland. She was traumatized by the same bullying in her school which made her leave the school, and the same thing continued in the next school. Her parents even filed the complaint in court, but nothing happened in particular. So Riddhi and her sister Vasundhra at the age of 22 started with an anti-bullying campaign for those who were bullied and to stop the bullying in general.
  • Here’s the story of an 18-year-old girl, who resides in Ahemdabad, she was cyber-bullied by her best friend. The culprit was her friend, so used to make fake accounts of the victim and used to chat with the boys in a very inappropriate way and there were very weird messages in it and to give victims phone number. Later it got to know that it was all out of jealousy and for fame.

These are not the only problems teenagers are facing. There’s more in it, these were the major part of it. But if the child is facing issues and having stress about thinking negativity, then you must help the child to how to appreciate the good stuff, positive thinking, and gratitude which will change the criteria of thinking. Instead of thinking ‘why didn’t’, will think ‘why and how ‘ things went well.