The book “rich dad poor dad” states a quite wonderful message. It is not important how much you earn it is important how much you utilize the earned penny. One may earn in crores and if not utilized correctly and wisely may turn his revenue into zero There is a famous quote which goes by “the poor works for money and the rich make money work for them” A person if works for money consumes his whole life dedicated to earning and the day he stops his living might hinder but if a person utilizes his money along with earning in simple words if a person invests his money out of the money earned he might never hinder his and his loved ones giving money being very sensitive to us humans, investing in the right place is very important, balancing the risks and returns a person should invest after taking into consideration the drawbacks of the scheme or investment. There is an old saying in Hindi “4 paise kama lo” we would have often wondered why only 4 and not 5 paise or not 3 paises because out of the money earned the person should use his money in 4 places the first place is for his living, his daily necessary expenses The 2nd paisa is for his own business the part of the earnings earned should be again used in his own business to get greater returns in the future. 3rd paisa stands for investing in gold, in olden times when there weren’t stock markets or mutual fund schemes people used to buy gold as a safe investment which may also come at use at important events of life like marriage. Also, gold has high liquidity which, even today proves to be a promising investment. The 4th paisa stands for land, it has given promising returns in the past. In this pattern according to 4 paise, every paisa should be given equal consideration and all should be kept in balance.

A person if does not invest wisely can wipe out its whole revenue. A person should beware of faulty schemes in the market that offer unbelievable returns When a person who for fast money in the investing stages not investing he is just trading and he may suffer losses example of the same is goodwin jewelers first branch being in Dombivali attracted many customers in the next 12 years the firm introduced 12 of its branches in different cities of Mumbai firm later released a scheme giving its customer whopping 6% interest rate which is more than 100% of what bank offers (8%)  Many of its customers the firm built plus other investors due to this attractive scheme invested their hard-earned money in the firm  Also the firm had amazing goodwill in the market due to its advertising projects. Shilpa Shetty D many celebrities from the south film industry being the firm’s brand ambassador many people started trusting on the company. Thousands of people invested in the company only to know that the company declared bankruptcy and did not repay a penny. It is said that the jeweler to pays 200 kilos of gold to the market and 30crores worth of diamonds to the dealers in the Zaveri Bazar. Investors should stay away from such faulty schemes. Sock market has proved to be a promising investment if the investor knows roof esteemed easiest thee most efficient way to invest is in gold it will give you returns more than the inflation rate in the long run and is very liquid .n0’s many people due to lack of knowledge invested  FD even though banks claim to give them 6% per year they face a loss of 2-3% per year as the inflation increases by 7-8%. This may be shocking to many of us because we haven’t been taught this, w haven’t thought about this as well, one of its reasons being FD is the best income for a bank They get to use the money at 6% and further lend the same money at 9-12% giving them a net income of 3-4% per year which is in hundreds of crores taking into consideration the volume of trade and thee landlady good investment but less firm than gold. The land would stay at the same price for years plus the owner needs to pay property tax and light bills. Of course, there have been instances where people’s fortune has changed because of a piece of land but there are safer investments that rented you returns like the MF.

The fact of the matter is a person may dig his own grave if he doesn’t invest wisely. Before investing in any scheme the drawbacks should be considered and the decision should be taken accordingly Investors while managing their money should keep a balance between risks and returns. Money management, if done effectively by an individual or a firm will proceed in its financial journey.