Is getting a job in India a major task? Millions of young working people from the age group of 20-30 years are in the toughest spot of employment opportunities declining and disruption in India due to coronavirus pandemic and frequent lockdowns. Well, a large portion of employed people is unemployed in April in the previous lockdown. It has been difficult since many people are homeless and many have returned to their native places. It has been tough for them to be back on the payroll as getting a job is been difficult and most of the companies, offices has decreased the staff to 50% quantity for cutting down the salaries of employees and many companies are also cutting cost to maintain the economic slowdown. According to the monitoring Indian economy, 1.8 Crores of salaried people have lost their jobs since 25th March 2020, and 50 lakhs were reported in July.

One of the major issues of employment in India is poor infrastructure, and lack of skill-based schools and colleges. The highest number of unemployed have in Guwahati which is almost 3 lakh. Our education system is mainly concerned with the quality, knowledge, and written examination more than practical knowledge. Because of these reasons, even after graduation getting a job is a difficult task while interviewing many of them face issues regarding confidence and skills. But as we all the world has been changed in few months because of noble corona virus. We all know how students have given their exams, from home and online exams are known to be the easiest as there is no invigilator to check upon kids. Though all are not the same one point we, do know. For example, Today there was this ad in the newspaper regarding hiring new employees. In that ad,  it was 2021 pass-outs are not allowed for this job requirement. This clearly showed what will be the impact on students on not getting any jobs. Another example is, one of my cousins applied for the job in a very big and renowned ad company in Mumbai, perhaps having a good CV and smartness she didn’t get the job there. She’s interning in that company itself but not on the level she deserves. This clearly explains how corona virus has got all of us into it. Within a month, unemployment increased 6.7% in March to 26% in April. It is reported that 45% of the households have been dropped.

Most of the Indian population won’t be able to handle this because there will be no savings for future purposes if the situation continues, which will affect the future generation. All in all our education system is vague and even after one dedicates 15 years of its short life he struggles to get a 15,000 salary. We need to rethink this, the system needs to be changed, our thoughts and beliefs need to be changed.