You all must have heard about Mumbai and its dramatic episodes. Yes, Mumbai, the ‘city of dreams, is this place where all come around to make their dreams come true. It is said that this is a city that never sleeps and not allows us to sleep. Life here is so fast and particular, one should be very adaptive. It is India’s most densely populated and popular city. Mumbai is formally called Bombay and is the financial capital of India, here are some famous and expensive real estate, it is an important centre for commerce & trade, and also for textile industry.

Mumbai, it’s just not the city, it’s a vibe of life. At first, Bombay is the dream for every newbie student, business company, or worker but when we are here, we get to know what is so special about this city.Mumbai is the first city to start with aย  railway, It carries 2.2 billion population of passengers in a year. Mumbai has the best train networks (local trains) it helps us reach the right location. Trains were installed in late 1925. The climate here is to live for, it is so blissful around here in the rainy season, the food around here is irresistible, Mumbai is a major tourist attraction, and also the way Mumbai brings all the culture and religion together is amazing. everything is soo good about Mumbai, it just feels so right to be in.

There is a list of many incidents that took place in the past few decades.

1. On 12 March 1993, India’s most populated city was attacked by 13 bombs blast across the city. The first bomb took place in the Bombay stock exchange and continued with many cars and the scooter blast went on regular intervals for 2 hours straight. Which lead to the death of 260 people and 700 people were seriously injured. It was the biggest and major terrorist attack in India.

2. In 2002, another bomb attack was planned by the Pakistani terrorist. The bomb was placed under the BEST bus near Ghatkopar station. It blasted there and there and casualties were, 2 people died and over 50 people were injured.ย  Later the police defused another bomb in other BEST in Andheri.

Many blasts occurred in the year 2003,
1st was when Atal Bihari Vajpayee was the PM and came to visit Mumbai. The bombing took place near Vile parle Station. It killed 1 person the and other 30 were injured.
2nd one took place on 13 March, The bomb was placed under the seat of the ladies compartment of a local train. The bomb blasted near Mulund Railway station.
3rd one took place in July. The location of it was again in Ghatkopar, Lal Bahadur Shastri Nagar. The bomb was placed on the BEST bus. 4 people died and 28 were injured.
4th one took place on 25th August, it was planned as twin bombing,54 were killed. One was near the gateway of India and another one in the jewelry Bazar, near Mumba Devi temple.

3. Another terrorist took place in Bombay in 2006. It was the 11th of July, series of 7 bombs were fit in pressure cookers in a local train on the suburban side. It all blasted in 11 minutes. Casualties were the same as the Bombay blast, above 200 people were killed, and 700 or above were severely injured.

4. You all must know about the 26/11 serious tragedy, in 2008, Mumbai was again got under a major terrorist attack. 10 Pakistanis entered the country through the Arabian sea, in the city of Maharashtra.ย  They planned the coordinated shoots and bomb blasts in the city of Mumbai, there were 12 places in total including Taj, the main hub- Chatrapati Shivaji terminals, and a hospital.
Many people were ruthlessly killed. Casualties were 206 were killed and 300 and above were injured.

So, this was the major incidents that took place in Mumbai during this period. The ‘city of dreams’ is not the title, it does make your dream come true. But this attacks have created a major impact and fear in our lives. So let’s stay positive and safe.