Robotics is one of the fast growing industries in modern times. The scope of this field is vast and can assist us in our daily house chores, automobile sectors, education, healthcare, and many more. The Robot Institute of America, 1979 defines a robot as a reprogrammable, multifunctional, manipulator designed to move material, parts, tools, or specialized devices through various programmed motions to perform a variety of tasks. Robots are seeming to be an important aspect of our life helping us to produce more quality products in lesser times. Robotics has made an immediate and huge impact on the world in recent times. A cafe in Japan is staffed with humanoid robots for waitressing. These robots are controlled by paralyzed people or people with different disabilities. Looking at the present scenario we can expect robotics expansion in the above field in the near future.

  1. Public security: AI technology can help us predict and detect crime in the future. With this technology, the safety rate for the common public will increase and it can also be a great help for law enforcement officials to take actions against crimes faster and in an efficient way. There are camera based security systems available in the market that can automatically recognize suspicious activities.
  1. Education: It is not possible for a single teacher to meet the needs of personalized learnings of every student present in the classroom. E-learning is helping us to overcome this problem by letting the students learn in their own space. Robots can act as an alternative for teachers. A humanoid robot NAO has already started forming bonds with students around the world. This humanoid machine also has important senses of natural interactions that include moving, listening, speaking, and connecting.
  1. House chores: Cloud connected robots have already become a part of our lives. We can set up the vacuum cleaners for cleaning. There are multifunctional robotic cookers that can automatically steam, bake, slow cook, and perform many other actions without manual intervention. 
  1. Employees: Robots can be seen as our coworkers in the future due to the speed and quality of work produced by them. Due to their multifunctional abilities and accuracy, they might become a replacement for human employees. 
  1. Automobile: At present, there exist automatic cars that can perform activities automatically without manual efforts. But still, they need human intervention to some extent. But in the future, there can definitely be fully automatic cars that won’t need any kind of manual work at all.
  1. Health: Pharmabotics is a term coined for robots in the healthcare sector. Instead of talking to a stranger regarding our medical issues robots will act as an ATM for medicines. 
  1. Entertainment: Virtual reality will surely enter our homes in the near future. It is even possible to interact with our home automation systems with the help of conversations that will respond to our attempts.

We can see that the scope of robotics is now growing with a speed. People use robotics in a lot of sectors or we can even say in almost of sectors. Some countries’ people have started using robots in their daily life as well. Robotics will surely help the technological development of a country and it will ease a lot of human efforts as well.