Why Shame Periods?

At present times, people still do not prefer to talk about periods openly in public. It is still considered something that women should be shy of. But why? Why do people see menstruation as taboo? It is a natural and must-needed phenomenon of a woman’s life. A woman is also a part of growing the generation and bringing life into existence. And periods are extremely important for this process to take place. We all love our mother and sister. Everyone wishes to have a girlfriend. Everyone wants to get marry, have a wife, have children with her. Then why is it so in our society that a woman has to be ashamed of something which is natural and god gifted? Instead, why do women not accept the fact publicly and talk about it openly?

Why is it so important?

We are now in the 21st century. And if still, this is the scenario then there is no point in technological advancements if people are not broad-minded. Menstruation is a serious matter and it is important that everyone is aware of it. For this, one should know the significance of periods in a woman’s life. 

As a woman, monthly periods are the way of removing unwanted tissues from the body which are no longer needed. Body release eggs regularly that are responsible for the pregnancy. But if a woman does not get fertilized within some span, then the eggs get perished. If these are not removed from the body on time then, it will affect the health of a woman adversely.

Some orthodoxy ritual to be followed

As a woman, especially being an Indian woman, she has to follow a lot of rules and regulations while on menstruation. But why is it needed? Is it a necessity in present times? No, it is not. Women during menstruation are isolated and asked to stay different from everyone. They have to choose a corner in a room and spend few days in that corner itself. They are not allowed to touch things or go near things that are used by other members in the room. It is prohibited for a girl to enter a room where gods are worshipped. Women are not allowed to visit sacred places these days. All these things do not sound good right. But every single thing has a reason for its existence.

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In older times, there were no proper hygiene practices available for periods. There were no sanitary napkins or tampons or anything like that available to maintain hygiene. The women would make the surroundings dirty during these days. And as a result, she was kept in isolation. Because there were no proper hygiene practices, she was not allowed to enter sacred rooms or temples. She would lose a lot of blood and hence, she was asked to take a rest instead of working with other family members. But nowadays all these things are not needed to follow. There are proper hygiene practices available. Plus, why should a woman stay away from someone (God) while he himself is the creator of all this. 

Summing up

To sum up everything, I believe periods should not be treated as taboo. Instead, it is something that no one should be uncomfortable or ashamed of talking about. It is a natural process that is highly important for a girl’s health. And also, it is one of the important assets for bringing the next generation into this world.


Robotics is one of the fast growing industries in modern times. The scope of this field is vast and can assist us in our daily house chores, automobile sectors, education, healthcare, and many more. The Robot Institute of America, 1979 defines a robot as a reprogrammable, multifunctional, manipulator designed to move material, parts, tools, or specialized devices through various programmed motions to perform a variety of tasks. Robots are seeming to be an important aspect of our life helping us to produce more quality products in lesser times. Robotics has made an immediate and huge impact on the world in recent times. A cafe in Japan is staffed with humanoid robots for waitressing. These robots are controlled by paralyzed people or people with different disabilities. Looking at the present scenario we can expect robotics expansion in the above field in the near future.

  1. Public security: AI technology can help us predict and detect crime in the future. With this technology, the safety rate for the common public will increase and it can also be a great help for law enforcement officials to take actions against crimes faster and in an efficient way. There are camera based security systems available in the market that can automatically recognize suspicious activities.
  1. Education: It is not possible for a single teacher to meet the needs of personalized learnings of every student present in the classroom. E-learning is helping us to overcome this problem by letting the students learn in their own space. Robots can act as an alternative for teachers. A humanoid robot NAO has already started forming bonds with students around the world. This humanoid machine also has important senses of natural interactions that include moving, listening, speaking, and connecting.
  1. House chores: Cloud connected robots have already become a part of our lives. We can set up the vacuum cleaners for cleaning. There are multifunctional robotic cookers that can automatically steam, bake, slow cook, and perform many other actions without manual intervention. 
  1. Employees: Robots can be seen as our coworkers in the future due to the speed and quality of work produced by them. Due to their multifunctional abilities and accuracy, they might become a replacement for human employees. 
  1. Automobile: At present, there exist automatic cars that can perform activities automatically without manual efforts. But still, they need human intervention to some extent. But in the future, there can definitely be fully automatic cars that won’t need any kind of manual work at all.
  1. Health: Pharmabotics is a term coined for robots in the healthcare sector. Instead of talking to a stranger regarding our medical issues robots will act as an ATM for medicines. 
  1. Entertainment: Virtual reality will surely enter our homes in the near future. It is even possible to interact with our home automation systems with the help of conversations that will respond to our attempts.

We can see that the scope of robotics is now growing with a speed. People use robotics in a lot of sectors or we can even say in almost of sectors. Some countries’ people have started using robots in their daily life as well. Robotics will surely help the technological development of a country and it will ease a lot of human efforts as well. 

Myth Or Science?

We have come across a lot of myths our entire life. You might have heard your parents saying if a black cat crosses your path then it is a bad omen. If you cut your nails at night then evil spirits will attract you. But did you ever imagine from where do these beliefs got their existence? People say these are just superstitions and have no scientific background. But it is not true. The people who made these beliefs were actually more scientific than us. Every ritual we follow always has some science or a valid reason behind it. Today we will be exploring the reasons and science of some of these myths or rituals. 

Black cats and bad omen

Top Black Cat Names

A lot of countries believe in the fact that black cats when cross your path bring bad omen. Nowadays it has just been a superstition. But at ancient times there existed a valid reason for this. In older times, people used to travel on bullock carts or horse-driven carts. When a black cat with its glowing eyes would come in between the path it will spook the animals. As a result, to calm them down the riders would take a break and feed them water and food. 

Opened umbrella inside the house

Things in Your Home That Could Be Bringing Bad Luck

It is said that if an umbrella is kept open inside the house brings bad luck. The actual reason behind this myth is, the umbrellas in older times were made of hard pointy metals. So if anyone keeps an umbrella open inside the house, there were chances that someone might get hurt. And this is how the myth came into existence. 

Chilies and lemon will avoid misfortune

What is the scientific reason behind hanging lemon and chilli ?

People usually hang 7 chilies and lemon outside their workplace to avoid misfortune. According to superstition, the goddess of misfortune will not enter the shop or store if they do this. They believe that the goddess of misfortune likes sour, spicy flavors and if we hang lemon and chilies then she will eat it and will lose the urge of entering inside the workplace. The real reason behind this ritual is, in ancient times, chilies and lemon were used as DIY insecticides. As a result, they used to hang it outside their workplace to avoid insects and pests. 

Cutting nails at night attracts evil spirits

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The main reason this belief got its existence is that back in those days there was no electricity. If we cut our nails at night there were chances that we will cut a small area of our skin as well. To avoid this, cutting nails at night was prohibited.

Haunted Peepal trees

Can we sleep under a peepal tree at night? Why and why not? - Quora

Many people still agree that Peepal trees at night are home to witches. But this is not true. There is a very basic scientific reason for this myth. We all know that at night time, trees absorb oxygen and emit carbon dioxide in the air. Peepal trees are very large in size and as a result, the amount of CO2 emission will also be higher. CO2 is not good for human health and as a result, there were made restrictions to go near Peepal tree at night. 

Sleeping in north direction is harmful

Vastu Tips: घर की इस दिशा में सोने से बढ़ सकती है कलह! जानें किन बातों का  रखें ध्यान - vastu shastra tips for home south east direction vastu tips in  hindi

Earth has magnetic fields around the north and south poles. Likewise, our body also has poles where the head is considered as the north pole and the leg as the south pole. Also, it is obvious that opposite attracts and similar repels. So, if we sleep with our head in the north direction then the magnetic forces will repel causing disturbances to the brain. As a result, it is said that we should not sleep in the north direction. 

To conclude, there are proper scientific reasons for all the myths and practices. Though some of them need not to be followed at present days. But there are some that will be good for our health if we follow them. The practices performed in ancient times had valid reasons but were spread in a wrong way. And that is why we find them superstitious now.

Wings Of Fire

You have heard of the name Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. The entire world is aware of this great human. A human without any haters. A human whose only aim was to flourish his motherland. That human who breathed all of his life only for science and humanity. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam was one of the most loved and respected the President of India. But before that, he was a highly talented scientist. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam did a lot of struggle in his young days. But his firm will and love for his country did not stop him from succeeding. ‘Wings Of Fire’ is a biography of Dr Kalam written by Arun Tiwari. It is one of the finest works by the writer.

The book begins with the early life of Dr Kalam from Rameshwaram in the year 1930. Dr Kalam’s family had his parents, four brothers, and one sister. This book also describes the role played by the family, relatives, society, and friends in Kalam’s life. Kalam says there was no religious discrimination in his village at that time. He says the highest priest of Rameshwaram temple was very close friends with his father, a Muslim.

At first, Dr Kalam aspired to join the Indian Army. But due to his poor physique, he couldn’t join. Instead of being demotivated, he focused on his studies and did Aeronautics. Later, he developed a hovercraft for which he was invited to NASA on a training program. But his love for his country pulled him back to the nation. He joined ISRO and there he met Dr Vikram Sarabhai. the book also sheds light on the leadership quality and teamwork of Dr Kalam and his team. He has always been an excellent leader in success and in failure. Dr Kalam said, “Great leaders absorb the failures instead of putting the blame on others.” When the space launcher was failed, Kalam took the entire blame on himself. On the contrary, when the project was successful, he gave the credits to his entire team. This reflects the greatness of this man. 

APJ Abdul Kalam Quotes

The book also includes a detailed description of his work in the fields of missiles and rocketries. Some people may find this part boring but it is an important storyline of their life. It shows the success path of Dr. Kalam. His dedication and love for his country are described in one incident. When his father died he went to Rameshwaram. But he was supposed to return the other day after his father’s death. In the book, he said, he felt really bad looking at his mother and wished to stay with her for few days. But his mother herself insisted to leave and go back to his work saying the country needs you more. We cannot deny the fact that we got such a dedicated scientist not only because of his talent but also because of the support he got from everyone. 

At the beginning of his career, he served the nation by bringing missiles for the safety of the nation. After his retirement, he became the President of India so that he can and he did his best for his country till his last breath. Overall, the book covers leadership behaviour, religious equality, dedication and hard work, positive approach, and patriotism of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. There are also a lot of poems by Dr Kalam included in this book. He motivated young minds by saying  “If you want to become unique, defeat fear and become the captain of the problem. You want to become unique but the world around you is making its best efforts to make you just anybody else”. 

Winners are not those who never fail but those who never quit.

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

Learning Disability (LD)

A child with a learning disability finds difficulty in reading, listening, speaking, understanding mathematical concepts, and with general comprehension. It is a neurological condition that affects the brain’s ability for sending, receiving, and processing information. It is important to make a note that LD is not a cause of physical or mental illness, economic or cultural background. Neither indicates that the child is weak or lazy. Some children that begin with slow learners but cope with their studies in the future don’t fall under LD. Children’s approach to a specific type of learning is not LD but a child’s interest. 

Causes of Learning Disability

There is no specific cause of LD. However, there are certain factors that can lead to learning disabilities.

  1. Heredity: It is seen that the child with parents who had LD is likely to grow the same as well. 
  2. Illness during pregnancy or after birth: If a child had injuries during or after birth is likely to grow LD. Other causes such as drug or alcohol consumption during pregnancy, physical trauma, poor growth in the uterus, low birth weight, and premature or prolonged labor also result in LD. 
  3. Stress as an infant: If an infant had a stressful incident after birth such as high fever, head injury, or poor nutrition, then the child can grow LD. 
  4. Environment: Excessive exposure to toxins such as lead can be a cause of LD.
  5. Comorbidity: Children with LD have higher chances of attention problems or disruptive behavior problems. 25% of children with reading disabilities also have ADHD. Similarly, 15 to 30% of children with ADHD have a learning disability.

During regular physiological development, children acquire basic sets of basic cognition and motor skills. If the child has any delay or gap in this development then it can be a sign of LD.

Sings and symptoms

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To diagnose this condition a series of well-researched and proven tests and assessments have to be conducted. Generally, 5% of school children have LD. A child with a learning disability might also have ADHD as well. The symptoms of LD may vary from person to person during every stage of childhood. Commons signs of LD are listed as,

  1. Problems with reading and or writing
  2. Difficulty with mathematics
  3. Weak memory
  4. Difficulty in being attentive
  5. Trouble to follow directions
  6. clumsy behavior
  7. Unable to understand and tell time
  8. Unorganized

A child with LD will also have one or more of the following symptoms.

  1. The child might make impulsive decisions
  2. Isolate themselves
  3. Get easily distracted
  4. Unable to say a word correctly or express 
  5. Poor performance in school
  6. Unable to speak properly or complete sentences
  7. Lack of concentration
  8. Unable to go with changes in schedules or situations
  9. Difficulty in understanding words or concepts


LD is diagnosed after multiple tests conducted by a group of specialists. They include child psychologists, special educators, pediatricians, or child psychiatrists. A clinical psychologist will conduct special intelligence tests that determine whether the child’s intellectual functioning is normal or not. Special educator assesses the child’s academic achievements with the help of standard education tests. These tests assess the areas of reading, spelling, written language, and mathematics. The counselor focuses on the behavioral issues that a child might have. When LD is detected, a pediatrician will enquire about the child’s performance in school and provide guidance to parents to get their child’s psycho-educational assessment done. Child psychiatrist checks whether there exist any symptoms of ADHD as there are higher chances of its coexistence. All of these, together contribute to treating children with learning disabilities.

Last words

A child with a learning disability is no different than any other child. It is just a neurological problem that can be treated with professionals help. It is important to give attention to this problem as it might be a big problem when the child is grown up. A number of medical and professional treatments are available to cope up with this issue. We should not ignore this matter and treat the issue as soon as possible. Because if it is left untreated then the children may lose the ability to cope up with the disability when they grow old.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is one of the most common neurological development disorder. This problem is usually common in childhood but it may last till adulthood as well. Children with ADHD find difficulty in concentrating, might make impulsive decisions, and even be overly active. This neurological disorder can be seen between as early as 3 to 6 years of age. This can continue till adulthood. Adults when are left undiagnosed may have a history of poor academic performance, problems at work, or failed relationships. Though it is a quite common problem still not many people give importance to ADHD. To avoid future problems for your child it is important to treat this issue. But for the treatment, one should be aware of the signs and symptoms. 

Signs and Symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

ADHD Symptoms | Kids World Fun Blog

Majorly ADHD has 3 key symptoms. Some people might possess only one of the symptoms while some may have more. Generally, children have combined types of ADHD. Preschool children with ADHD are usually hyperactive. Inattention, unfocused motor activity, or impulsivity is normal but ADHD people find it quite often and more severe. 

Now let’s understand the 3 key symptoms distinctly.


  1. easily distracted
  2. unable to follow directions or complete the tasks assigned
  3. don’t pay attention, don’t listen, and make careless mistakes 
  4. easily forget about daily activities, and are unorganized
  5. don’t like sitting still and tend to lose things quite often


  1. can’t sit quietly
  2. don’t play calmly
  3. always running, climbing, or doing things that demand hyper activeness
  4. excessive talking
  5. always ready to do work
  6. lack patience 
  7. causes interruption

Adulthood symptoms

  1. are often late and easily forget things
  2. anxiety, mood swings, and depression
  3. unorganized, trouble at work, unable to control anger and easy frustration
  4. make impulsive decisions and easily gets boredom
  5. addictions, depression, and relationship problems
  6. Unable to concentrate while reading

Causes of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Generally, ADHD tends to run in family bloodline. As a result, it is present in the genes of a child as well. Unbalanced release of brain chemicals is another cause of ADHD. Areas of the brain that are responsible for controlling brain actions are less active in these children. Lack of nutrition, infections, smoking, drinking and substance abuse during pregnancy can affect the baby. Toxins such as lead can affect a child’s brain development. Problem with the frontal lobe of the brain results in uncontrollable impulses and emotions. 

How to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder?

Naturopathic Treatment Options for ADHD – Naturopathic Doctor News and  Review

According to the research, the multimodal approach is considered the best way to treat ADHD. This method includes multiple approaches for treatment. It is very important to keep close contact with doctors, teachers, parents, and therapists. Medications are available to treat hyper activeness, impulsive behavior, and improve attention span as well. Though there are some controversies regarding the overuse of these medications. This is because mostly stimulants are commonly prescribed medicines for this purpose.

Final words

To conclude, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is an important issue. We must not ignore this problem and give proper treatments at an early stage of life so as to avoid future problems in your child. With proper treatment and medical care, a child can easily and entirely overcome this issue. Without treatment, it is difficult for children to develop social skills. Adults find troubles in relationships and can even get addict to substances. 

Not Without My Daughter

To be honest, I believe the book is a must read. The book narrates an amazing story of courage, determination, and on the top mother’s love. This book is an autobiography of Betty Mahmoody and her struggles to escape from the traps of her husband. The writer of the book was BettyMahmoody herself. This book also had a sequel “Lost without my daughter” written by her husband Dr. Sayyed Bozorg Mahmoody. You might wonder what was the logic behind naming this book as “Not Without My Daughter”. But as you will go on reading the book you will understand the title in a better way. 

So basically, this story is an autobiography of the writer itself. The writer and an American woman, Betty married an Iranian man named Dr. Sayyed Bozorg Mahmoody in 1977. Both of them lived in America and these two also gave birth to a baby girl and named her Mahtob. Everything was perfect and they were having a happy family until the year 1984. This year was just the beginning of a dark period in Betty’s life. In 1984, Betty along with her husband and 8 year old daughter Mahtob went on a two week vacation to Iran. Or should I say a vacation which was supposed to be for two weeks? A vacation that was supposed to be a happy holiday? Alas, it was not the scenario here.

Betty Mahmoody and Mahtob Mahmoody

What is exactly there in the book that makes the vacation terrible?

During these days, it was wartime going on between America and Iran. Iran was highly unsafe to live in because nobody knew when will a bomb hit their houses or the roads they are walking on. When Betty and her family arrived at the Iran Airport, the very first thing that happened to her was that she and her daughter’s passports were taken by Moody’s (Betty’s husband) family. So the two weeks passed happily and finally time to depart from Iran arrived. Sooner Betty realized that instead of a guest she was a hostage in Iran. And then, from here the real story begins. 

Betty didn’t want to spend the rest of her life in Iran. She started finding ways to escape. It was the dark period of her life. She lived in Iran for over a year where she didn’t even have the freedom to leave the house without Moody’s permission. She got a lot of opportunities to escape Iran but they didn’t let her take her daughter along with her. And hence, she always denied saying one thing i.e. “not without my daughter”. She took help from a lot of people who were actually kind to her and wanted to help her. And finally, she met the angel of her life who could get her out of the jail.

The final escape

While Mahtob (Betty’s daughter) was busy playing in the park, Betty encountered Judy. Judy was another American woman married to an Iranian man living in Iran. Judy promised Betty to help and invited her to a party where she can arrange a meeting with Rasheed. Rasheed knew a few smugglers who could help Betty’s escape and asked Betty to call after 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, Rasheed on a call with Betty and said that the smugglers are unwilling to smuggle a kid. After some time Betty got into contact with an unnamed individual who instructed her to meet Amahl. Amahl was trying to find ways to help Betty and one day he planned an escape plan. 

The smugglers took Mahtob and Betty to a small village beyond Tabriz. Finally, they crossed the mountainous range of the Turkey border and finally reached Ankara. From there, they met the American embassy, got their passports, and finally, found their way back to America. 

Last words

Sayyed Mahmoody said that a lot of incidents in the book were false claims and irrelevant. He also wrote a book ‘Lost without my daughter’ wherein he said that he was not a terrible father as shown in the book. But undoubtedly the determination of Betty and the courage she took are absolutely appraisable. She took some real-life risks but somehow her will and courage didn’t stop her from achieving success. I recommend everyone to read this book because everyone should appreciate the struggle of an independent woman and a mother. 

A Vacation To an Unknown Heaven

During the lockdown period, most of the people have spent their lives indoor. Don’t you think that it is boring? Obviously, a lot of us might be planning to plan a trip once the lockdown is over. Are you a person who likes to be closer to nature? You are at the right corner! Today I will tell you about a beautiful place to plan a long vacation after the lockdown to get freshen up. It is Malvan. A lot of people are unaware of the place as it has not yet become a tourist attraction. But I believe that people should visit the beauty of this place at least once.

Malvan is located in the Southwestern part of Maharashtra with a long beautiful coastline. Along with the number of tourist places worth visiting, it is also a great option for outdoor activities at cheaper rates. For beach lovers, Malvan provides a long and beautiful coastline along with crystal clear water. If you enjoy living near forests, then too Malvan is surely a good choice. If you like to live in a place with a tint of ruralness then it is a sure shot. Despite Malvan has some awesome tourists attractions it still gives you the feeling of living in a village area. It is an excellent option for trekking as well. 

Vacation planning in Malvan

You can plan a long vacation in Malvan as it provides you with a lot of different activities and tourists attractions. Let us see some of the places that are the must of a visit. 

Sindhudurg Fort

temple inside Sindhudurg fort Archives - PixelVoyages

Sindhudurg is a beautiful fort built in the 17th century by the great warrior Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The fort occupies an Island in the Arabian sea and it is just off the coast of the Sindhudurg district. Your trip to Malvan is a waste if you will not visit Sindhudurg. The fort has a temple of Shivaji Maharaj. It also has footprints of this great warrior. The area is so windy that even if you visit the top of the fort when the sun is high, you will not feel the heat. The view of standing at a place surrounded by the sea is itself a beautiful experience. 

Tsunami Island

Tsunami Island | Adventure activities, Island, Tsunami

For beach lovers, Tsunami Island is an excellent place to visit. If you ask me, I have never seen such a clean beach in India. It is basically a small island off the Devbag beach formed due to a Tsunami. It offers you a lot of water sports that too at cheaper rates. 

Tarkarli beach

Planning a Pune to Tarkarli Road Trip? Here is How You Can Get There

This is another beautiful beach to visit in Malvan. It is a remote area so for the people who seek peace this is the right place. If you want to get rid of the city noise and go someplace quieter and close to nature then it is Tarkarli.

Rock garden


The rock garden is another beautiful location to visit in Malvan. The best time to visit this place is in the evening. It will give you an enigmatic view of the sunset. The place has huge rocks where you can click a lot of pictures and it ends with the sea. Do you need any more reason to visit this place?


Seaside story - Itchy Feet

Sawantwadi is a hill station with lush green forests that brings a lot closer to the ecosystem. It is also famous for its wooden toys and handicrafts. If you love to collect souvenirs from the places you visit then no other place in Malvan can be as best as Sawantwadi.

Sangam beach

Beach Resort - Tourist Places

Just ahead of the Tsunami island is the Sangam beach. The beach got its name because of its unique feature. Sangam means mixture. Here, the Karli river meets the Arabian sea. And as a result, this beach got its name as the Sangam beach. Don’t you think it is worth a visit?

To conclude, I will recommend visiting Malvan at least once. It gives you a lot of opportunities to explore and experience the beauty of nature. Parasailing over Sangam Beach, scuba diving along with the corals near Devbag are some of the memorable experiences one can have. The seafood of Malvan is one of its enigmas. When I visited this place for the first time, I fell in love with it. As the tourist industry has not much developed here, people are unaware of this beauty. Thus, it allows having a peaceful vacation in these less populated beaches having sunbaths. 

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Autism is a developmental disability that can lead to significant social, communication, and behavioral challenges. People with ASD are no different than other people. But these people might find difficulties in communication, learning, and interaction. ASD people might or might not need any special help during their developmental phases. Before we learn ways to overcome this problem, let us first understand the signs and symptoms of ASD.

What are the signs and symptoms of people with autism?

People with autism usually find difficulty in socialization, communication, and emotional skills. Signs of ASD begin at the early stages and even last for the rest of their life as well. People with ASD show the following symptoms.

  1. They might face difficulty pointing at certain objects and show interest.
  2. They might not look at objects when someone points to them. 
  3. ASD people might not be interested in other people at all.
  4. They mostly avoid eye contact and prefer being alone.
  5. Sometimes, they are unable to understand other people’s feelings or express themselves.
  6. They sometimes seem to be unaware when people talk to them and respond to other sounds.
  7. At times, they might be really interested in people, but they find difficulty in interaction. 
  8. These people tend to stammer while they talk or even repeat things said to them as well. 
  9. They are unable to adapt to routine changes.
  10. They even lose skills they had before.
  11. Sometimes, they may give unusual reactions to some smell, taste, look, feel, or sound.

ASD is usually detectable from 18 months or even younger. When the child reaches age 2, a diagnosis from an experienced professional is very reliable. Diagnosis for ASD children is quite difficult. There are not any sorts of blood tests or other medical tests to identify autism. Doctors concentrate on the behavior of children. 

Free Vector | Kid with puzzles to autism awareness day

Treatment for autism

At present, there are no official or standard treatments for ASD. But there are different ways with which we can minimize this condition. If they get proper treatment, then people with ASD can use all their abilities and skills thoroughly. 

Therapies that can be taken by an ASD person are,

  1. Behavioral therapy: This type of therapy usually focuses on identifying and changing self-destructive or unhealthy behavior. 
  2. Play therapy: This type of therapy is used to treat children. Here, therapists use playtime to observe children’s behavior, identify problems, and help them cope up with those. 
  3. Operational Therapy: This type of therapy helps people of all ages to overcome their physical, sensory and cognitive problems. Therapists help people with the use of regular activities, exercises, and other therapies. 
  4. Physical Therapy: Physical therapists work with very young children on their basic motor skills such as sitting, rolling, standing, and running. 
  5. Speech Therapy: Speech therapists helps people use their voice properly. They help to use muscles properly to make the right sound.

All these are some of the treatments that are useful to treat autism. It is better to detect this problem at the child’s early age. If treated early the child can surely overcome this disability. If it is left untreated, this problem will last for a lifetime. 

ASD is just a disability of certain people to do certain things. These people are not any different from others. With proper care and treatment, ASD people can live their life like any other normal person would do. Also, people should understand that there is nothing to feel ashamed of. A person needs to express themselves to get help. Treating this disability at the right time will totally cure autism and help people live a life as they want. 

Latest Information Technology Professions in demand

It is a fact that Information Technology and other computer fields have a limitless career in the future. These are one of the increasingly growing fields along with new development in technologies. As IT professionals, we have a lot of options to go for after graduation. IT is really a vast field. But not many are aware of the subfields or the variety of jobs that it provides. If anyone asks the job options in IT and computers then many of the people’s answers will web developer, software engineer, programmer. But IT and computers are a lot more than these basic fields. Nowadays companies such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft recruit employees that know more than just coding and design. They want people to know different latest technologies in this field. In this blog, you can find some extensive career opportunities as an IT professional. 

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Here are 5 career opportunities to make your career in Information Technology

Do you want to be a regular programmer or web developer? Don’t you want to distinguish yourself from others? If yes, then here are some of the jobs that you can choose to have a successful career.

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Data Science

As a successful company, your approach to problem solving should be data driven. Some of the large companies in the world look forward to data science. Companies such as Google, Amazon, Facebook use data science to create algorithms. This eventually leads to customer satisfaction. If the competitors are using this technology while you are not then they will surpass you. As a result, you will have to adapt this technology to survive in the market. All these reasons, together contribute to the limitless nature of this field. 

AI and ML

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have always been in limelight for a very long time. Nowadays, AI is used in all sectors of life. This field is not only limited to Information technology or Computer science. It has a high demand in other sectors as well such as hospitality, teaching, etc. We can also use this in understanding the customer behavior patterns that help us understand developmental needs. 


Robotics has been in the public eye for a very long time. It is used for reducing human efforts. Tasks such as automatic process management use robotics technology. Japan has a restaurant where instead of humans there are robots for waitressing. As an IT professional, you have a lot of career opportunities that include jobs like analyst, solution architect, developer, and many more. 

VR and AR

Virtual reality and Augmented reality are some other trending technologies to try your hands on. VR immerses the user in an environment while AR enhances it. This field initially was useful in the gaming industry but at present, it is also used for military purposes.

Cyber Security 

Cybersecurity has become a necessity in today’s world. The development in technology also leads to privacy and security risks as well. This field is also an undying technology. Advancements in technologies will demand advanced security systems for safety and privacy. Thus, it is not a bad idea to choose cybersecurity as your career. 

To conclude, there are a lot of career opportunities for you in the field of Information Technology. Jobs such as web developers, programmers have become common now. So as to distinguish yourself from others and enhance and explore more into the technology it is better to choose some exceptional careers. This will help you survive in the market and provide a variety of options to go in. 

“Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. I don’t think anybody can talk meaningfully about one without the talking about the other.”

Bill Gates

Mental Health and Lockdown

Lockdown has affected a lot of lives in various different ways. The situation has worsened than before. During this pandemic period, everyone irrespective of their financial standards is facing a crisis in their daily life. People are majorly focusing on the financial problems that people are facing nowadays. But who’ll stand for the people who are suffering from mental illness? Society must understand that along with physical health and personal economy, mental health is also a vital part of life. Lockdown was for the people to stay healthy. But is it really working? Because even if people seems to be physically fine they are not necessarily present at a good emotional state. 

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How did lockdown affected people’s emotional well being?

The country faced huge economic decrement in this pandemic. Due to lockdown, most of the local businesses were kept close. Many companies were shut down due to less financial support. As a result of this, huge population of was unemployed. Even the newbies faced difficulties in finding jobs. We cannot deny that unemployment is a primary reason for the rise of mental illness during the lockdown.

As people had to stay home for a very long time, they could not get fresh air. Because people stayed home for a very long time it affected people’s mind. People started having mood swings. Domestic fights have increased and as a result, environment at home gets polluted. As a result of all this, people went into depression. Number of suicide attempts have increased than before. People who were under depts chose the option to end their lives so as to get rid of problems. Lack of physical activity resulted in other health problems.

Why is mental health important?

Before we understand the importance of emotional well being let us have a sneek peek at its importance. To stay emotionally fit, it is of high importance that society should know its significance. Here are a few reasons that shows how vital it is to be mentally healthy.

Mental health in association with physical health

Physical and emotional health goes hand in hand. If you are not happy, if you are in a lot of stress you’ll might face some physical health issues. For instance, if you take a lot of tension, your BP might shoot. You will have headache and many other physical problems. 

Life risks

Mental sickness leads to some life threatening acts. If left untreated, the person will go into depression and might take some dangerous decisions. An emotionally unhealthy person is not only a threat for himself but also for the people he is in regular touch.

Social problems

People who suffer from emotional trauma might isolate themselves sometimes. They can start drugs consumption. Violence, verbal abuse all these results in weak social relationship of those people.

Exercises to improve mental stability

Promote Mental Health by Communicating Benefits, Leading by Example

One can increase their mental stability with the help of extremely basic activities. No need of external help. Say no to medicines, psychiatrist, or any external counsellor. Follow these basic steps that are mentioned below and have a healthy mind.

  1. Discuss issues with loved ones. It is very important to open yourself in front of people. The more you keep things in your heart the more they affect you.
  2. Do meditation regularly. Meditation reduces anxiety and stress. 
  3. Maintain a diary. You should write your daily activities in your diary. This will help you understand how productive your day was. 
  4. Instead of thinking about the negativity in your life, focus on all positive things that occurs. 
  5. Spend time with your loved ones. Play games and other indoor physical activities that will reduce stress.
  6. Go for walks in your building complex and communicate more and more with people.

Lockdown has been a difficult phase in everyone’s life. Whether it be rich or poor, young or kids, employed or unemployed, everyone faced difficulties. As a part of the society it is our duty to help people in every possible way. We need to understand that our physical health is of no use if we do not have a good mental health. Countries throughout the world are facing these issues. We should understand that all this is temporarily and things will be good.

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