Mental Health and Lockdown

Lockdown has affected a lot of lives in various different ways. The situation has worsened than before. During this pandemic period, everyone irrespective of their financial standards is facing a crisis in their daily life. People are majorly focusing on the financial problems that people are facing nowadays. But who’ll stand for the people who are suffering from mental illness? Society must understand that along with physical health and personal economy, mental health is also a vital part of life. Lockdown was for the people to stay healthy. But is it really working? Because even if people seems to be physically fine they are not necessarily present at a good emotional state. 

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How did lockdown affected people’s emotional well being?

The country faced huge economic decrement in this pandemic. Due to lockdown, most of the local businesses were kept close. Many companies were shut down due to less financial support. As a result of this, huge population of was unemployed. Even the newbies faced difficulties in finding jobs. We cannot deny that unemployment is a primary reason for the rise of mental illness during the lockdown.

As people had to stay home for a very long time, they could not get fresh air. Because people stayed home for a very long time it affected people’s mind. People started having mood swings. Domestic fights have increased and as a result, environment at home gets polluted. As a result of all this, people went into depression. Number of suicide attempts have increased than before. People who were under depts chose the option to end their lives so as to get rid of problems. Lack of physical activity resulted in other health problems.

Why is mental health important?

Before we understand the importance of emotional well being let us have a sneek peek at its importance. To stay emotionally fit, it is of high importance that society should know its significance. Here are a few reasons that shows how vital it is to be mentally healthy.

Mental health in association with physical health

Physical and emotional health goes hand in hand. If you are not happy, if you are in a lot of stress you’ll might face some physical health issues. For instance, if you take a lot of tension, your BP might shoot. You will have headache and many other physical problems. 

Life risks

Mental sickness leads to some life threatening acts. If left untreated, the person will go into depression and might take some dangerous decisions. An emotionally unhealthy person is not only a threat for himself but also for the people he is in regular touch.

Social problems

People who suffer from emotional trauma might isolate themselves sometimes. They can start drugs consumption. Violence, verbal abuse all these results in weak social relationship of those people.

Exercises to improve mental stability

Promote Mental Health by Communicating Benefits, Leading by Example

One can increase their mental stability with the help of extremely basic activities. No need of external help. Say no to medicines, psychiatrist, or any external counsellor. Follow these basic steps that are mentioned below and have a healthy mind.

  1. Discuss issues with loved ones. It is very important to open yourself in front of people. The more you keep things in your heart the more they affect you.
  2. Do meditation regularly. Meditation reduces anxiety and stress. 
  3. Maintain a diary. You should write your daily activities in your diary. This will help you understand how productive your day was. 
  4. Instead of thinking about the negativity in your life, focus on all positive things that occurs. 
  5. Spend time with your loved ones. Play games and other indoor physical activities that will reduce stress.
  6. Go for walks in your building complex and communicate more and more with people.

Lockdown has been a difficult phase in everyone’s life. Whether it be rich or poor, young or kids, employed or unemployed, everyone faced difficulties. As a part of the society it is our duty to help people in every possible way. We need to understand that our physical health is of no use if we do not have a good mental health. Countries throughout the world are facing these issues. We should understand that all this is temporarily and things will be good.

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