Why Shame Periods?

At present times, people still do not prefer to talk about periods openly in public. It is still considered something that women should be shy of. But why? Why do people see menstruation as taboo? It is a natural and must-needed phenomenon of a woman’s life. A woman is also a part of growing the generation and bringing life into existence. And periods are extremely important for this process to take place. We all love our mother and sister. Everyone wishes to have a girlfriend. Everyone wants to get marry, have a wife, have children with her. Then why is it so in our society that a woman has to be ashamed of something which is natural and god gifted? Instead, why do women not accept the fact publicly and talk about it openly?

Why is it so important?

We are now in the 21st century. And if still, this is the scenario then there is no point in technological advancements if people are not broad-minded. Menstruation is a serious matter and it is important that everyone is aware of it. For this, one should know the significance of periods in a woman’s life. 

As a woman, monthly periods are the way of removing unwanted tissues from the body which are no longer needed. Body release eggs regularly that are responsible for the pregnancy. But if a woman does not get fertilized within some span, then the eggs get perished. If these are not removed from the body on time then, it will affect the health of a woman adversely.

Some orthodoxy ritual to be followed

As a woman, especially being an Indian woman, she has to follow a lot of rules and regulations while on menstruation. But why is it needed? Is it a necessity in present times? No, it is not. Women during menstruation are isolated and asked to stay different from everyone. They have to choose a corner in a room and spend few days in that corner itself. They are not allowed to touch things or go near things that are used by other members in the room. It is prohibited for a girl to enter a room where gods are worshipped. Women are not allowed to visit sacred places these days. All these things do not sound good right. But every single thing has a reason for its existence.

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In older times, there were no proper hygiene practices available for periods. There were no sanitary napkins or tampons or anything like that available to maintain hygiene. The women would make the surroundings dirty during these days. And as a result, she was kept in isolation. Because there were no proper hygiene practices, she was not allowed to enter sacred rooms or temples. She would lose a lot of blood and hence, she was asked to take a rest instead of working with other family members. But nowadays all these things are not needed to follow. There are proper hygiene practices available. Plus, why should a woman stay away from someone (God) while he himself is the creator of all this. 

Summing up

To sum up everything, I believe periods should not be treated as taboo. Instead, it is something that no one should be uncomfortable or ashamed of talking about. It is a natural process that is highly important for a girl’s health. And also, it is one of the important assets for bringing the next generation into this world.