Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Autism is a developmental disability that can lead to significant social, communication, and behavioral challenges. People with ASD are no different than other people. But these people might find difficulties in communication, learning, and interaction. ASD people might or might not need any special help during their developmental phases. Before we learn ways to overcome this problem, let us first understand the signs and symptoms of ASD.

What are the signs and symptoms of people with autism?

People with autism usually find difficulty in socialization, communication, and emotional skills. Signs of ASD begin at the early stages and even last for the rest of their life as well. People with ASD show the following symptoms.

  1. They might face difficulty pointing at certain objects and show interest.
  2. They might not look at objects when someone points to them. 
  3. ASD people might not be interested in other people at all.
  4. They mostly avoid eye contact and prefer being alone.
  5. Sometimes, they are unable to understand other people’s feelings or express themselves.
  6. They sometimes seem to be unaware when people talk to them and respond to other sounds.
  7. At times, they might be really interested in people, but they find difficulty in interaction. 
  8. These people tend to stammer while they talk or even repeat things said to them as well. 
  9. They are unable to adapt to routine changes.
  10. They even lose skills they had before.
  11. Sometimes, they may give unusual reactions to some smell, taste, look, feel, or sound.

ASD is usually detectable from 18 months or even younger. When the child reaches age 2, a diagnosis from an experienced professional is very reliable. Diagnosis for ASD children is quite difficult. There are not any sorts of blood tests or other medical tests to identify autism. Doctors concentrate on the behavior of children. 

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Treatment for autism

At present, there are no official or standard treatments for ASD. But there are different ways with which we can minimize this condition. If they get proper treatment, then people with ASD can use all their abilities and skills thoroughly. 

Therapies that can be taken by an ASD person are,

  1. Behavioral therapy: This type of therapy usually focuses on identifying and changing self-destructive or unhealthy behavior. 
  2. Play therapy: This type of therapy is used to treat children. Here, therapists use playtime to observe children’s behavior, identify problems, and help them cope up with those. 
  3. Operational Therapy: This type of therapy helps people of all ages to overcome their physical, sensory and cognitive problems. Therapists help people with the use of regular activities, exercises, and other therapies. 
  4. Physical Therapy: Physical therapists work with very young children on their basic motor skills such as sitting, rolling, standing, and running. 
  5. Speech Therapy: Speech therapists helps people use their voice properly. They help to use muscles properly to make the right sound.

All these are some of the treatments that are useful to treat autism. It is better to detect this problem at the child’s early age. If treated early the child can surely overcome this disability. If it is left untreated, this problem will last for a lifetime. 

ASD is just a disability of certain people to do certain things. These people are not any different from others. With proper care and treatment, ASD people can live their life like any other normal person would do. Also, people should understand that there is nothing to feel ashamed of. A person needs to express themselves to get help. Treating this disability at the right time will totally cure autism and help people live a life as they want.