If only I could hold you again.

Cats never lose the drive to get up and try again, no matter how many times they fall. They have a resilient attitude, and they probably know better than we do that making a few mistakes doesn’t rule out the possibility of reaching the long-term success you desire. There’s a reason they have nine lives.

I had my baby “meow”. I’d love to share my joyous tale about how our youngest family member became a member of our family! Every pet has a unique tale, and our sweet “meow” is no exception. During the winter 2018, in my balcony a cute cat came for the sunlight of course. She had given birth to her baby earlier as well. She used to sleep and sun bath in our balcony. Sometimes she also used to demand for food and I loved to feed her. Few months later she suddenly stopped coming to my house. I kept some chicken where she used to sleep before going to college. But after I came back, I knew that she didn’t come. After 20days she came back to my house and I could see her front limb injured.

Oh God, humans are real monster.

I took her inside the room. She was hungry. I brought cat food for her. It was the day I was satisfied the most.

To feed a needy should not be a novel task instead should be normal as breathing.

Then she regularly to come to our house. During December, she felt so cold that she came to my bed to sleep. Earlier she only came to eat but now, I know she chose me, she loved me. From that day after coming from college she was the first whom I search for. Moreover, my parents and brother too got attached to her. Every time I think of my “meow”, I get a nice feeling in my heart.


It’s a joy to be with a cat! It appears to be reciprocal. I can’t imagine going a day without my “meow”. Neither do she, nor do I.

Because we’re so intertwined. It’s a mystical phenomenon. It’s difficult to put into words. Beyond the realm of possibility. Beyond the realm of reason.I feel spiritually linked while I’m holding her. She extended out when I begin scratching her backs, indicating that she is enjoying it. This is a good sign that I should keep going.She stared at me with her enigmatic eyes. Her stares were difficult to decipher. She did, however, tell me a lot of stuff. She let a flood of emotions out. From me to them and back again. She didn’t have to be able to communicate. Those small meows are understandable to me. Those sighs, those sighs, those sighs, those Even those inconspicuous smiles. And it’s all due of our exceptional friendship. She added happiness to our family.

When I got my first job, she was my stress relief therapy. She begin to fuse her body with mine the moment I touch her, warning me not to let go. When I played with her, the deep joy she brought me is unrivaled. Cats may not be as energetic as dogs, yet their gentleness warms my heart. She could be distant at times. Her snobbish demeanor amused me. Especially when she asked for something and I refused to give it to her. I return the stare. “No,” I tell her. Nonetheless, her gaze was drawn to my soul. It’s impossible to say “no” for an extended period of time. She was aware when I was not feeling well. She took a seat next to me. She kept her distance from me and remain silent. Cats are attempting to cure the sickness. They are caregivers and sharers.

Worst day of my life

After that, there was the dreadful month of 2020. My most cherished children died in lockdown of the year 2020. I was heartbroken. My sadness was palpable. It was unprocessed. It was excruciating.

If only I could hold you again.

If only I could hold you again.

I began to doubt the concept of kindness and life’s fairness. What makes the cosmos so cruel?

How can humans cope with sadness that strikes unexpectedly? Is it possible that our lives will never be the same?

Is it possible to heal from the overwhelming sentiments of sadness and reclaim the joyful feelings of unconditional love?

How is it possible that the source of my delight is now the source of my grief?

How is it possible that the reason for my existence has now become the cause of my extinction?

You could think I’m exaggerating. It’s just a cat, a pet, a living creature. You can always swap out one for another.

But believe me when I say that’s easier said than done. Having a pet is like having a small human for those of us who are animal lovers and live alone. Many individuals will be perplexed by this. It could be difficult to grasp. It’s difficult to accept. But, in many cases, our animals can take the place of humans for comfort and reassurance.But, hey, that’s life. The circle of life progresses in this manner. It just goes on and on. It is up to us to accept the situation and go on. We must release at some point. To relinquish control. Otherwise, we may become engrossed in the pain of loss.

Although the path to recovery is difficult, there is no other way to avoid it. After that dreadful loss, I even promised myself that I would never get another cat. I found myself hugging two fur babies again four months later. They’ve been my medicine as I’ve worked my way back to full health.

I’ve returned to my former self. Someone who enjoys nuzzling cats. That individual who enjoys spending time with cats. That individual who considers cats to be members of their family.That’s how the circle of life works, I just understood. Some of us lose, while others gain. We love and we injure each other. We experience discomfort, but we eventually find relief.I came to the realization that I needed to accept life as it is.