Periods, why don’t we ever talk about periods? Why every women are treated as disgust and impure while they are in periods? today, I’m here to talk about Periods.
periods are marks of feminity and fertility and hug part of women’s life. It is a natural part for women. Its other name is Menstruation, which is normal vaginal bleeding from the female body in every monthly cycle. Though periods are nothing but just bleeding, still they are shamed, just because they bleed. Women and girls in India are taught to hide their periods, it’s just the mentality of people that those who are in periods are untouchables and should be away for few days.

This affects the mental health of women and girls because from an early age itself they are being taught something different which makes them feel there is something wrong with the body. As above I said women are untouchable and said to stay away because there is some sort of weird restrictions held for women in periods. Such as, you can’t go in the kitchen, you can’t return touched stuff, they are not allowed to bathe during three days of their periods, they aren’t allowed to enter the premises of a temple, touching the pickles and many more such restrictions are on the women. In rural areas, after childbirth women are not allowed to meet the child’s father, it continues around 2 months. Sex during periods is also another myth, it’s not about infection or any other hygiene issue but it is a cause of men’s longevity. It is also believed that menstrual blood is used for witchcraft and black magic to cast some spells. These all are devoid of any logic and also the religious myths and superstitions that have disbanded women from all such activities.

Menstruating is not just only bleeding but it is also about the pain, headaches, body aches, bloating weight gain, and many more such things they bear for the next 7 days. It’s just not easy and unerring for the women to handle such mental trauma and such ruthless behavior, they don’t deserve such a thing. Many women in rural areas don’t have proper sanitation and cleanliness, because they have no idea what to do and how to work upon. The prices of sanitary pads are too high, so they tend to use rough/rags for periods, they aren’t able to afford such things and then it leads to infection and diseases. But now our government has made menstrual-related strategies to combat the situation of women’s health. Empowerment of women through educating such things and also the increase in the role of their decision making. The movie ‘Pad Man’ has shown similar problems in it, it showed that women were having issues during their menstrual days, so the man named Muruganatham made his machine for the affordable pads. He travels with his machine from village to village to spread some awareness on this. ‘Padma is the first feature movie that talks about women’s situation during periods.

In India, 8,000 million girls/women are menstruating, and a million of them have dropped their schooling due to periods of poverty and shame. The government is doing a great job in spreading awareness in rural areas so that girls and women stay healthy. So let’s spread the word, break this channel of nonbeliefs and help each other out.