Big Sur is a very famous tourist place in the whole world. It comes under the top 35 tourist destinations in the whole world. Big Sur is known for its intact scenic views and natural beauty. It is called the longest and the most scenic stretch of the coastal line of the United States. Bigs Sur is located on California’s central coast between Carmel and San Simeon, and also surrounds to the east of Santa Lucia and west of the pacific ocean. Research says that this place has the same number of visitors as Yosemite National Park, but this place provides limited services of bus, restrooms, etc. The traffic and congestion here are so normal because of the large number of visitors. This place is incorporated in a village which makes this place more authentic and cultural. Big Sur is an all-season place, every season shows the beauty of the place in its.

There is an iconic and most attractive tourist place to roam around, from hikes to historical sites and waterfalls to scenic views. It is a great weekend trip from San Francisco, this place is absolutely for nature lovers. It is one of the marvelous road trips of California and it comes under the many romantic places.
1. McWay FALLS
It is the best photographic waterfall on the sandy shores of McWay beach. It originally flows straight into the Pacific Ocean but in 1983 an incident occurred, rocks dropped into the water which created a beach. The waterfalls also provide water to McWay creek. Gray whales, seals, and birds like oystercatchers and pelicans can be seen between December to April at the shore.

McWay falls.

2. Pfeiffer Beach
There is a narrow and twisted road to reach Pfeiffer beach, it is a mile from the entrance of Pfeiffer state park. there’s a short walk from the parking lot to a breathtaking sea view, better than any other coast and beach. It just gives the vibe of awesomeness. The main and famous attraction of this beach is Keyhole Rock. This place has a natural arch in between. A popular place for enjoying the sunset view. Seating here at this beach and relaxing is a major vibe check.

3. Point Lobos State Natural Reserve
This location describes the whole marine life. Here there is an abundance of wildlife and marine life which includes hundreds of habitats of sea creatures and is popular with photographers, scuba divers. This place is located at the north end of the coastal line. Hiking is very popular over this place which also navigates the incredible scenic views of the Ocean.

4. Ragged point
For tourists, this is probably the first spot. It will be a great experience at a Ragged point by pulling over at Ragged point inn and resort, it is top of a 300-foot cliff, the view from this place is unbelievable and the feeling of lush greenery and sound of water splashing over stones. Tourists can also have a look at the wildlife habitat within Piedras Blancas State Marine Reserve. In the coastal area, there is this amazing place elephant seal Rookery which provides hundreds of very large and loud elephant seals.

5. Partington Cove
It is a hiking spot, people usually part the vehicles outside go through a metal gate to hike which is a route of the ocean, the route is from between the forest.

6. Point Sur State Historic Park
20 miles south of Monterey and north along the coast from Andrew Molera State Park, the historic park is centered point lighthouse it is there since 1889, the historic lighthouse, which has guided many visitors through waterways to the states.

7. Andrew Molera State Park
It is the largest state park, it is best to explore a variety of things like coastal redwoods, High bluffs, and yes, beaches too. It is a very confusing trek but an adventurous one.

8. Garrapata Park
It offers beautiful beaches, hiking, and it is accessible from Highway 1. Garrapata is on the South end of the park near mile markers 17 and 18. Hiking extends to Soberanes Point, which has less crowd than other beaches.

Garrapata State Park.

9. Henry Miller Memorial Library
this place introduces countless artists, including poets, writers, musicians, etc. This place shows the artistic side of Big Sur with live performances, rotating artwork, etc.

10. Limekiln State Park
This place highlights much of what Big Sur is so special about. It had around 700 acres and provide plenty of things to do like hiking, picnic spots, a campsite, and three historic kilns.

Limekiln State Park.

The one who’s in love with nature and beaches, should this place as it says it’s a romantic place to be in.