Online shopping or Offline shopping?

Who doesn’t love shopping? Shopping is therapeutic. Everytime we go for shopping, our mood changes. We get excited when we get our hands on the things we have wished for. The sense of happiness that we experience is something so different. Human wants are endless and so are the reasons to shop.

These days there has been a debate going on, whether online shopping is better or offline shopping. However, both modes of shopping has its own pros and cons. People have not taken over just one mode of shopping rather they prefer both based on their convenience. Of course, it cannot be denied that online shopping has quite a bit threatened the functioning of offline retail stores.

Online Shopping

With easy access to Internet, we are just a few clicks away to get what we want. Online shopping is undoubtedly a relaxing and convenient mode of shopping. Right from clothes to groceries, digital gadgets to crafted products, almost everything can be purchased online. Especially in the time of pandemic, online shopping has bloomed greatly. People prefer to use online shopping platforms to get their essentials delivered rather than going out and risking their lives. However, online shopping has its own pros and cons.

Pros of online shopping

When shopping online we can get our hands on a variety of products at the same time. We can buy clothes, ornaments, shoes etc at once without having to hop here and there.

We can easily find branded and imported products online without any difficulty.

There is no particular time to shop online. We can place our order at any time of the day and at any day of the week.

Sometimes, in different shopping applications the prices of the same product varies. In that case we can make a comparison and buy from the pocket friendly app.

When shopping online, the ordered products gets delivered right at our doorstep which definitely is a great advantage of shopping online.

We can filter our choices and preferences to narrow down the search so that we can view only those types of products we are looking for.

In online shopping platforms, some or the other discounts goes on everyday that allows the buyers to shop at a lower price.

A buyer can confirm the quality and authenticity of the products by looking at the reviews and ratings provided by other buyers of the same products.

Cons of online shopping

The products takes a long time to get delivered. Sometimes, due to prolonged delivery the buyer might face certain problems.

Because we cannot touch or see the product we are buying in real, there might be some issues with the quality or size of the product. Every brand has different size and quality and so it is difficult to identify the quality and the accurate size of the product we order.

Sometimes, the picture of the product that we buy may be deceptive. We might receive something which not at all look like the one we have seen online. Getting what we didn’t order would be a disappointment. The disappointment would be worst if no ‘return’ facility is provided for that product. It would be a sheer waste of money.

With increasing rates of cyber crimes online shoppers have become the soft targets of the criminals. The bank details of the online shoppers might get hacked which indeed creates a big problem.

Offline Shopping

Offline shopping is the traditional mode of shopping. This mode of shopping has its own unique charm. Despite the popularity of online shopping, offline shopping has still survived. People often roam around the streets with their friends and families adding life to the shops and social relationships are established between the customers and shopkeepers. Offline Shopping too has its own pros and cons.

Pros of offline shopping

When we buy from a physical store, we can buy the products after closely inspecting the quality of it. We can take a trial of the things be it clothes, shoes etc that we wish to buy so that we don’t regret the purchase.

If by any chance, after the purchase we do not like the product, we can easily return or exchange it.

We need not wait for a long time to get the products we buy. We can immediately get it after we pay the price of the product to the shopkeeper.

No offline shopper buys something without bargaining. The customers enjoy it.

If we suddenly get an invitation to attend an event and we want to look presentable, the only option that strikes our mind is to shop from an offline retail store. We can immediately rush to the market and buy a dress, shoe, jewellery or any such things that we need without any delay.

Cons of offline shopping

Offline shopping can be tiresome. Sometimes people spend their whole day hopping from one shop to another to buy the product they want and still not find it. In that case, it would be a waste of time and energy. To return home empty hand after spending hours in the market can be frustrating.

Markets are a crowded area. Too many people getting into a shop can disrupt shopping fun. Waiting at a shop for a long time to get bills paid is not liked at all. People generally prefer to shop in a peaceful environment without much hassle.

Limited branded clothes are accessible in offline stores.

Buying from an offline store can be expensive most of the times. Customers find the same product online at a much lower price.

Inter – relation between online and offline shopping

Although both the modes of shopping has its own advantages and disadvantages yet there is an inter – relation between the two. Some offline retail store put up their products online for the customers to purchase. This way they earn a good amount of profit.

No mode of shopping can completely overpower the other. Both plays their unique role in providing services to people. People use both the modes as per their preferences and convenience. However, be it online or offline, it cannot be denied that shopping brings a smile on the face of the people. Yes, it is no less than a therapy.