What are memes? Memes are build up upon pop culture and recent issues, current affairs, memes work as a social commentary. It is an idea, usage, and style or an amusing video or photo captioned with an interesting comment that spreads from person to person in a fraction of seconds through social media platforms. Consideration of memes may vary from person to person and from community to community. Memes were considered as the concept of catchphrases but they somehow evolved into elaborate Structures like gifs, video viral, challenges. Memes are the tiniest thing on the internet which has now become a full-blown cultural phenomenon and are part of our lives in the digital world. It is a free form of entertainment and can influence the way of communicating and interacting with others. Memes are made for the reason to entertain people, viraling a message, or maybe made on purpose.
The social world has gone crazy and sometimes these memes may offend persons a community’s religious and social beliefs. Though meant for fun we have seen instances that let us tear apart in the name of community, religion. What should be done? Whether there should be regulations and restrictions, but again who decides them, who assesses them. We have seen stand-up comedians going to jail for a joke. The meme is something a type of joke or rather a variety of it using the same variant. It lightens up the mood and is relatable to a group of people. The concept of memes has grown so drastically that every person using social media follows the memes. There are various apps for creating personalized memes Indeed memes make a group closer You school mates, college buddies get an opportunity to come closer and laugh over.

This form of joke is new and builds a good sense of humor. But it has to be maintained at the right place and used in the right places to be on a safer side You never know who gets offended on the internet Many of the comedians and celebrities while posting on their social media handles think a lot and when not handled properly they may receive consequences. But at the end of the day, a joke is a joke and it should be taken as a joke.