Don’t you think, that it’s very important to know businesses before starting one? It is a yes from my side. Why is that a yes? There are millions and trillions of people who are looking forward to their startups and become an entrepreneur. But it is remarkable to be well versed on what business you wanna run, the experience of the same will help you in future. I would like to say experience is the only thing we won’t ever regret about. Experience is the kind of thing that makes the person uptight, it’s not just only about experiencing a job to start a business, it’s also about experiencing some actions in personal life that would help us to improve. prior knowledge will help you get all the appropriate and vital information on which you are planning to go on with. It will enhance your skills more, by experience you get more discipline, you can acquire the leadership skills if you do not have one you learn to be one. It is well said that, keep making mistakes until you are successful.

Many people nowadays are anticipated in starting something new or walk away to do something of own and resign from the old job. The idea seems interesting and passionate but the dreams look good while dreaming because, in reality, it is quite different from a dream which may create some trouble and also the loss of money put in for investment or setting some business up, this will happen if the person doesn’t know this.

Making a jump from employee to entrepreneur is a big move for one, it’s not only about making money but also about own mindset, also in changing a lifestyle, and the way of thinking.
What’s the thought in mind when we think about being an entrepreneur? will he be able to own a business or is being an employee is the best thing. As we all talked about mindset. Employees have a different mindset than an entrepreneur. Employees think like, they have been given this assignment and they have to finish accordingly. So that person has the level of discipline to work upon as soon as possible. Where, entrepreneurs think like, they know how to do it when to do it independently, as there are no restrictions and pressure from anyone. One can do it with whole lots of creativity and with responsibility.

There are advantages of working before starting your own business:
1. you can learn more about your idea and creativity, get more time to explore different business options and what suits you.
2. Can learn more about the industry and how’s it working and what are the ups and downs in the business. And also get to know where to invest, how much to invest.

This amazes me that everyone in the world wants to be more independent and all that stuff. But there will be some pieces of advice from parents and relatives about doing a job first rather than starting up a business first, and that’s true. But there might be a reason some people got an idea to start while they were working as a colleague. If you have the confidence of converting your ideas into a business then why wasting time.