A few years ago all celebrities were the only once, considered as influencers, they were paid to promote their brand and attach their equality. The term celebrities include actors, musicians, and athletes. This is nearly impossible to accept the change in relationship over a few years. It has changed the way of approaching the talent of people. With the change in generation, selection habits, and wants, influencer marketing is taking a high pitch with a new level of potential to navigate the leverage of third-party audiences. Influencers are the new celebrity, they are godly followed by a new generation, ‘The gen Z’s’. They have new tastes with modern twists to attract young and powerful consumers. Research says that almost all of the young crowd are following multiple influencers on social media sites.

There are tons of videos regarding fashion trends, make-up tutorials, what is in trend and whatnot, etc. The reason for watching and following them is inspirational, gaining knowledge about new trends and being exposed to fun, interesting content will increase your confidence and will also let you know about pros and cons. Another reason is people and young crowds are interested in how they live, what do they do in their lives and how much wealth do they have. Nowadays, watching all these influencers and their influencing videos is inspiring tons of people not only teenagers and young ones but also includes adults, kids. Amongst this, most of the men prefer gaming videos, the influencers of the same are also available and getting on a high pitch. And most of the women/girls here are majorly into make-ups, latest fashion trends, cooking, etc. For an influencer to impact consumer’s choice they must be authentic as in appearance, should have an engaging personality, fan following must rank high and with genuine care and interest in people’s choices. These all are the traits that ought to have in an influencer to influence.

For Gen Z, YouTube influence, an Instagram influencer is more popular than major celebrities. Influencers and YouTubers like PewDiePie, Kylie Jenner, Bhuvan Bam, Komal Pandey, Ashish Chanchlani, Mostlysane, Dixie d’amelio, etc, are quite famous for their specific genres. It does say that influencers are more trusted than celebrities. There are many pages on Instagram and Facebook, where they sell clothes, bags, footwear, bags, and many more shopping items. These are worn by Influencers and accordingly get famous and known, from where people buy as they trust the Influencers. Eighty-eight % says that consumer learns about the product through social media.
Consumer themselves has expressed to be an influencer. A category of Influencer is, one should have followers of 5,000 to 10,000 or more. Becoming an influencer is easy than a celebrity. Though no work is easy. Brand partnering with celebrities is nothing new, it is more crucial because of the rising of Influencers. Thus, the decision-making should be strong enough that how to combine both celebrities and Influencers mix.