Seto Dharti

The literal meaning of the word Seto Dharti is Seto (White), Dharti (Actual meaning is land, but writer has used the term to signify the “world”) in Amar Neupane’s novel “Seto Dharti” (2068, first edition). The issue of early marriage and early widowhood of a village girl is discussed in the book.

The book was praised not only by its readers, but also by critics, who gave it a positive review in a short period of time. It’s remarkable that the writer, despite being born a man in our traditional and male-dominated society, was able to express the struggles and feelings of a bereaved lady. This simply demonstrates the writer’s imaginative and creative talent, as he was able to see and grasp the discrimination, challenges, and feelings of widows in our country, which are often disregarded by most people, especially ladies.

The story is based on the life of a girl named Tara ( meaning: Stars ). ( meaning: Stars ). She is a simple girl living in her village spending her time playing with other children of same village. As the story progresses, she marries at the age of seven, despite the fact that she has no understanding of what marriage entails.Tara’s spouse is had to travel to Banaras for his studies, where he dies, leaving Tara to live the rest of her life as a child widow. As the novel progresses, Tara’s life is beset by a series of challenges. She returns to her father’s house after visiting her spouse.

She attempts to live a quiet life, attempting to forget all of the suffering she had as a youngster. Her mother dies later, and she is forced to assume full responsibility for the household.She leaves her father’s house after she reaches adulthood and relocates to Devghat, a Hindu pilgrimage site. She builds a little hut there and begins a long, monotonous life. The story primarily aims to expose the heinous cultural practice of child marriage, which is carried out in the name of religion. This narrative also depicts the agony of a child widow who has been alone her entire life.

As a reader, I propose that everyone read a book at least once if they are truly interested in learning more about the topic of early marriage and early widowhood. The meaning of the book’s title is masterfully linked to the plot by the author. In this society, widows are expected to dress in white and refrain from wearing bright colors. After being widowed, the story depicts the life of a widow girl in her white world, i.e. Seto Dharti.