Rain is one of the most beautiful moments of nature. Rain is the falling of water from the clouds coming back to the earth, which is taken indirectly by the sun. Rain is a very beautiful moment that can enhance any person, and is able to make many people to admit it as a great blessing of God bestowed upon man by him in some specific time. Nature is beautiful and it has many forms, and scenes, each of which is different to one another and varies in their beauty. Rain is one of them that give a real feeling of happiness and gratitude in a sad or mournful time. There are various ways to enjoy rainy days. You can sit in your balcony and sip on tea while enjoying the whether. Moreover, you may go in the garden or terrace and bathe in it. Make paper boats and take a long drive on the road as well.

Rainy days are different from any other day. They hold great importance for everyone differently. People have different reasons to wait for the rainy season. No matter what the whether may be, a rainy day relaxes and soothes our soul. There are no age limits to enjoy rainy days people of almost every age enjoy it equally.

As stated earlier, rainy days are enjoyed by people of all ages. The kids are probably the most excited lot of all. Rainy days bring pleasant weather and uplift the moods of kids. Moreover, it gives them a chance to step out and play in the rain, jump in the puddles and make paper boats. Similarly, for students, a rainy day means a break from school. It gives them a break from their monotonous routine as the school declares a holiday. The joy of giving to school on a rainy day enjoying the weather and then realizing the school is closed is one of a kind experience. The students become relaxed and spend their day doing other activities like going out with friends and more. Most importantly, we see rainy days are of utmost importance for farmers. It is quite essential for the production of crops. It provides them with adequate water to make their crops flourish which will eventually benefit them.


A fresh, afternoon shower soothes our soul and rekindles our enthusiasm. The rain drops resting on the trees and flowers, and the chirping of a thousand unknown birds provide a surreal feeling to our minds. The sound of rain on tin roofs and the refreshing petrichor acts as a balm for our tired souls. Something is astonishing and beautiful in observing cats and dogs as they run inside sheds to shelter themselves from the torrential downpour. Rainy days are like recesses between our exhausting routines. We are all creatures of Mother Nature, and it takes very little to bring out our anarchic selves. Rainy days are those rare times when we take our eyes off our phones and gadgets and experience nature in all its glory. Few people can resist running to their balcony to take in the smell of rain. It fills our mechanical hearts with a strange warmth. The small raindrops on windowpanes and dandelions shine like pearls in the late sunlight. Rain comes with thunder and lighting. The grey clouds darken the usual azure palate and guard the sun. Every dark cloud has a silver lining, and that renews our hope and inspires us.

Rainy days are perfect for introverts. They would cuddle up with blankets and a warm cup of coffee and their favorite book. They would plug in their earphones and listen to songs.