Tips to build movement in your day

Sitting for long hours and not moving physically can eventually become a habit that can affect both the brain and body. Here are five tips to improve your movement.

Digital Breaks

Because of the pandemic, most of our work and academics have revolutionised into digital format. Which has resulted in all of us staring either at our laptops or mobile. Having digital breaks and moving around the house or maybe on your balcony would not only help in physical movement but will also help in reducing the eyestrain caused by the blue light from the digital devices.

Give Yourself a Break

Give yourself a digital free break. Done attending your online classes? Or finished an office meeting? get up and walk around. You may not believe but just walking around the house is much better than sitting on a chair.

Stand or Walk

Want to surf some Instagram feed? Try standing up and watch it. The same applies to calls. If you are on a voice-call ‘walk & talk’, try walking around the house while you are talking to your friend. This will not only improve your movement, but you will also get both the work done at the same time.

Pep Stretch

After working for long hours straight, try to get off the chair and stretch your body. Try stretching your arms, wrists, neck etc it would not only cause some movement but will also improve blood circulation.

Walking in Nature

Walking in nature not only causes movement physically but also makes you happier and significantly improves your mental health. Also, the body’s melatonin secretion is also improved by walking in nature, which helps to sleep.