Raj kundra sent to police custody

A magistrate court in Mum-
bai on Tuesday sent Raj
Kundra, businessman and
actor Shilpa Shetty’s hus-
band, to police custody till
July 23 for allegedly pro-
ducing and circulating por-
nographic videos through
social media. The Mumbai
police said, “Through in-
vestigation it is clear that
Mr. Kundra is involved in
making nude and vulgar vi-
deos, uploads them on so-
cial media and earns mo-
ney.” He was arrested by
the Property Cell of the
Mumbai Crime Branch on
July 19 in connection with
the pornography racket
busted in February.
When the police raided
a bungalow at Madh village
in Malad on February 4,
2021, some boys and girls
were found flming and re-
cording nude and vulgar vi-
deos and uploading them
on various online plat-
forms. Investigation re-
vealed that these videos
were going to be uploaded
on a website and mobile
app. Actor Umesh Kamat
confessed that Mr. Kundra
is involved in broadcasting
such videos on apps and
has also made WhatsApp
groups to stay in contact
with the app.
A witness told the police
that Mr. Kundra and his
aide Saurabh Kushwah es-
tablished Arms Prime Me-
dia Private Limited on Fe-
bruary 5, 2019, and the
said company sold the app
to a company named Ken-
rin Limited for $25,000.
On December 11, 2019, Mr.
Kundra resigned from the
company. The police said,
“It is clear that Mr. Kundra
is involved in making the
videos and earns money by
establishing Arms Prime
Media Private Limited
which took over the app.