Audio-visual aids in language teaching

Audio-visual aids in language teaching help the teachers to bring a positive change in the class environment . Verbal and visual communication will help the learners to pay more attention in the class. The main purpose of the use of audio-visual aids is to enable the teacher to make lessons effective and interesting. There are some abstract things in language which cannot be explained verbally. So the teacher can use audios and visual images as a way to support their verbal teaching. Use of such aids enhance discussions and interactions, which is important in language classes and forms an active group of learners. These devices give a clear image of the ideas by increasing understanding and retention of the learners. LSRW skills of the students can also be developed by this Instructional method.

Even teachers can improve their language skills by providing a variety of experiences to the students. This method is useful for a group of people who doesn’t know a particular language; Audio-Visual Aids make learning easier. They are also time saving because they explain the idea easily and precisely. As a result, the use of audio-visual aids seems to be benefited for both the teachers and the learners.

Audio visual aids are those devices which are used in classrooms to encourage teaching – learning process and make it easier and interesting. Students are always benefited by this method. They can learn the concepts clearly through a better environment. It provides a direct experience for the students and it removes monotonous aspects. It improves the vocabulary and knowledge of the students by providing a concrete base for conceptual thinking. Audio and visual aids like radio, television, ppt etc will give more information about a specific topic and they can connect with their teachers easily. Also students can store the study materials for so long. It helps students to improve their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Different audio visual materials are available for providing the learners with native language exposure also. By gaining an interest in learning, students can enhance energetic interactions also. This method is a provider of positive transfer of learning.