advertising us a promotional activity for marketing a commodity.

In the present day world of mass production and distribution, advertising serves as a powerful tool in the marketing machinery.

Advertising means a Non-personal stimulate of demand for a product. It is activity through which visual or moral message are addressed to the general public.

objectives of advertisement:

  1. To make an immediate sale
  2. To build primary demand
  3. To develop overseas markets
  4. To built overall company image
  5. To increase market share
  6. To introduce a price deal
  7. To inform about a products availability
  8. To build salesman by creating an awareness of a products among retailers
  9. To help salesman by creating an awareness of a products among retailers.
  10. To increase the number or quality of retail outlets.


BENEFITS TO MANUFACTURERS: it helps easy I introduction of products In the markets.

BENEFITS TO WHOLESALERS AND RETAILERS: it helps quick sale of the products and increase the turnover. Thus, there is no question of old stocks. It reduced the expenses on overhead chargers.

BENEFITS TO CONSUMER: advertising gives information about the prices and quality if a commodity . It guides a consumer to choose the products.

BENEFITS OF SALESMAN: advertising creates a background for a product among the consumer.

demerits of advertising:

  1. Economic objections
  2. Social objections
  3. Ethical objections

Some example of advertising:

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